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When Will the Boomers Grow Up?


And the same to all of you! My this is a grand dessert table!

All those pies for the, uh...2 of you? Ollie must be one FAT cat!

A very safe and healthy Thanksgiving to you Ronni!

Wow, if you took that picture does that mean that you single-handedly made a dozen pies? If so, would you mind some visits from your fellow bloggers? I'm getting so hungry reading about preparations for Thanksgiving feasts today that I may have to go gnaw on my still raw turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

you can never have too much pie! Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh yum! Now that's the kind of dinner I would love. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

A great looking Thanksgiving table!!
A happy Thanksgiving to you Ronni, and Crabby, and Ollie ;)

Wow what a beautiful table and so many goodies... I love the checkerboard table cloth! On my way to a delicious meal too... Happy Thanksgiving to you Ronni!

Happy Thanksgiving, Ronni :D

What a gorgeous table of pies! I hope there's something special for Ollie, too! Happy Thanksgiving, Ronni!

Happy Thanksgiving to you Ronni. May you have many wonderful blessings to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving, Ronni and thank you for all your wisdom and your great insights. Keep writing, you have a large group of readers who enjoy every word.

seeing this has gottin me hungrey ,so i shall go dig in........happy belated turkey day you guys

Your table reminds me of "Harold and the Purple Crayon" - do you remember, he got hungry so he drew himself a picnic, but only the food he wanted to eat - pies.

Then he ate a bite out of each pie and because he didn't want to waste he drew a demented moose and a porcupine (I think) to eat the leftovers.

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