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Silver Threads - 2/26/2006

Government Secrets

category_bug_politics.gif Strolling around the web recently, I was reminded of the controversy over Vice President Cheney’s secret task force of energy industry executives in creating the Bush administration energy policy early in 2001. If memory serves, that task force included no representatives from environmental organizations.

Various journalists and interest groups sued to discover which executives met with Mr. Cheney. Eventually, a federal appeals court ruled that Cheney is not required to disclose the names (a decision that, to me, is questionable in a democracy). According to reports, some of the recommendations from the energy executives were included in the final policy word-for-word.

There are many things a government should keep under wraps. Certainly that would include anything that could jeopardize the safety of military troops, details related to negotiations with foreign governments until a accord is reached and in a post-9/11 world, anything related to security measures that safeguard the country from attack.

But names of executives who, apparently, dictated their corporate desires to the government without balanced consideration from people whose concerns go beyond corporate profits? This task force was conducted within a month of President Bush's first inauguration and in hindsight would seem to have been a signal pointing to the day-to-day conduct of this administration that we should have paid attention to.

So, as Jack Cafferty on CNN’s Situation Room would put it, here’s the question:

Can you think of a reasonable explanation for the vice president to fight so hard to keep secret the names of the energy executives who helped develop the energy policy of the Bush administration?


I think that the names of those "energy executives" should be disclosed since energy policy affects the people of our nation directly !

A related question: Why is Vice President Cheney allowed to keep secrets when he is bound-and-determined that none of the rest of us will be able to do so? Our co-Kings (George and Dick) must be contained if our freedoms are to be preserved! What profit we by the instillation of perfect security if the price is our freedom?

Could it be that there's something rotten in D.C.? What a surprise -- NOT! I resent that he can go poking into our lives but we can't access infomation that directly affects. I think we should demand to know who the people are who are dictating our energy policy. After all, we will pay -- probably dearly --for their decisions. That the environmentalist scientists were not included make that policy a travesty. But again, I'm not surprised. It's just another example of how this administration is usurping power beyond their mandate and betraying our trust.

My answer? Follow the money.

I can think of no reasonable explanation for the Veep to keep the names of those energy executives secret; no justification whatsoever.

Thank heavens this issue is not forgotten. Is anyone in the print and broadcast media still following up? They certainly should have been all along.

Maybe we need to start contacting some of those people, too, for an accounting, as well as our D.C. Reps.and Senators. There doesn't seem to be much investigative journalism left any more. Either that, or there's so much to investigate they can't get to it all -- corruption paralysis.

I'm still steaming here in CA over the deliberate manipulation of our electric grid system resulting in power outages, obscene charges for energy, and outright theft of every CA taxpayer's money to pay the bill. Enron was in the thick of it. Was Ken Lay at that meeting?

Something was rotten, when FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) did little or nothing to address our State's concerns; did as little as possible in reimbursing this State when wrongdoing could no longer be ignored. Whose policy was that?

Policy is set for all our States, so those in the other 49 should be wondering, too.

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