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Crabby Old Lady does a fair amount of corporate-America bashing here on TGB (though she believes she’s not been unfair), and she hasn’t posted anything in recent memory that isn’t a criticism of someone or something. But not today, so you may want to pay attention - who knows when this will happen again.

Eighteen months ago, Crabby took up cudgels against the manufacturers of cosmetics. Her complaint was that there is nothing at the department, drug and cosmetic specialty stores suitable for an elder woman:

“…Max, Estee, Christian, Elizabeth, Helena, Germaine, Pierre and all the rest who served her so well in her youth have forsaken Crabby in her dotage. Where is the foundation that covers nature's errors but doesn't cake in the lines? Eye shadow in matte colors of brown and gray without sparklies? Blusher and lip gloss that are brighter than Crabby's skin color, but not by much, and certainly not iridescent?

Lo and behold, one cosmetic company has heard Crabby’s lament and answered it as perfectly as if Crabby Old Lady had formulated the new cosmetics herself. Vital Radiance (from Revlon) does everything Crabby wanted and more.

The foundation glides on lightly and smoothes out Crabby’s skin blotchiness. Instead of the pervasive iridescent blue which crowds out anything more subdued at cosmetic counters, eye shadow comes in shades of taupe and tan and champagne-ish without a sparkly to be found. The blusher brightens up her cheeks just enough and not too much. The lipstick, in age-appropriate colors, glides on like silk - and stays there. Best of all, the light mascara, even in black, doesn’t make Crabby look like Betty Boop.

For the past week, Crabby Old Lady has been playing with this new line of cosmetics with as much enthusiasm as when she was a teenager experimenting with makeup for the first time. It’s the best girlie fun she’s had in ages.

An additional step in this system are primers for face, eyelids and lips. They feel as light as air and the tiniest amount is all that’s needed, but it appears to make all the difference in covering Crabby’s blotchiness making the makeup look - well, not like makeup. She tried the foundation, eye shadow and lipstick one day without the primers with less stellar results. God knows what space-age emollients or emulsions are in the primers, but those chemists came up with something that Crabby believes the younger set will soon be clamoring for.

Crabby realizes she sounds like a paid advertisement today, but how often does a mega-corporation come up with a new product that meets all your needs? According to Catherine Fisher in the press office at Revlon, they conducted extensive studies with older women in developing these cosmetics and as she told Crabby what the research subjects said they wanted, Ms. Fisher could have been reading from Crabby’s original blog post word-for-word.

And hallelujah - there are no false promises. The words “antiaging” and “youth” appear nowhere on the products or on the website. There are no insulting claims of erasing wrinkles or of instant rejuvenation.

Crabby might take issue with the models who while age-appropriate are, unlike most women, breathtakingly beautiful with their Katharine Hepburn bones. But she'll let that go. The company’s marketing people are treating elder women like the grownups they are this time, even respecting the needs of aging eyesight by increasing the usually tiny text size on the product containers.

To the company’s additional credit, Vital Radiance is available in local drug chains, priced accordingly. It’s just being rolled out now (Crabby saw part of a television commercial a couple of days ago), and you can get free samples, customized to your skin type and color, by calling 1.800.RADIANT or by ordering through their website.

Crabby doesn’t wear makeup every day anymore and that’s unlikely to change, or not by much. But when business and social events call for more dressiness, she is delighted to at last have cosmetics that suit her elder needs.


Good morning Crabby Lady......I don't think you ever go to bed.....I have yet to get up and not find a good piece by you waiting for me! And this one I LOVE.......Thank God......I like to look good but not garish and I am so pleased to hear about this new line of cosmetics....thanks for the heads up.

THANK YOU!! And here-here for a little girlie fun, at any age. Hey, let's have a pajama party and do each other's hair and make-up. God, I loved those years.

Thanks, Ronnie, I needed that! Dee

Great fun Ronni: I am just needing some new make up. Thanks for the

Thanks for the tip. I have tried some supposed foundations in the past that claimed to be instant face lifts. I got some laughs from it but that was all as I have never seen so many lines on my face. They tightened all right but when you have senior skin, that much pulling was a mistake-- might've been great for someone 50. I don't wear foundation often but it would be nice to find something for special times, as you said, and will definitely give this line a try. it sounds like the right approach with the softening not pulling method!


Yeah! I (almost)feel rejuvenated ;)

Wow...and it is even oil free for those of us who now have rosacea! Yayyyy! Thanks, Ronni!

I never wear anything but lipstick and eyebrow pencil - but I will keep this in mind for special occasions. Thanks!

I'm trying and buying. Thanks.

Yippee!!!! I can't wait to try these products. They sound right for me too. :)

Hallelujah! Just what we needed!!! Even nicer is that Revlon products aren't nearly as pricey as a lot of the stuff out there. Important to those whose income has "downsized." I'm going to give it a try!!! Thanks, Ronni!!!

Uh...does this mean that those of us who have not participated in the business of being glamorous/beautiful must buy products to encourage thoughtful producers? Hmmm... not having ever used such products (well, I do slather my skin with good, old, Ponds every morning--and pass the eyebrow pencil, Kenju), not sure that I'm up to learning; but, I hope that the thoughtful producers are encouraged by a vigorous response from beautiful elders. I'll spread the word to friends who fall into that category. Thanks, Ronni.

An older woman ,to me, is a beautifull woman !!

Thanks so much! I was beginning to think there was no hope left for this aging face in the world of make-up!

Now if someone would just address grey hair and I don't mean using color to hide it! Do they think every grey haired person is ashamed or afraid of their hair color loss. Why can't they come up with ways to enhance our grey hair to make it even more beautiful!!??

The reason issues are: (1) women look great just as they are but cosmetic companies make a fortune after convincing women they are not okay, and (2) cosmetic ingredients cause both health and environmental problems. Scientists have recently shown that hormone disrupting chemicals in cosmetics are causing birth defects in baby boys (smaller penises, undescended or unformed testicles), etc. Perfumes and air fresheners are asthma and allergy triggers. Moreover, some cosmetic ingredients may be causing Alzheimers.

NOT TOO PRETTY. Shame on the cosmetic companies. They are bad guys just as the tobacco company execs are bad guys.

Could never wear eye makeup before--oily eyelids & whatever. This stuff is fun & goes on & stays on & looks good. I love it!!

Some strangers say I look ten or figteen years younger, when they find out my age. I have been using Vital Radience for about 6 months and friends have asked me what I am doing to get such smooth beautiful skin. Of course I recommend Vital Radiance. From a 62 year old Grandma, who wants to age gracfully.

Lauren Hutton's "Good Stuff" is great makeup for "mature women". When I go out in the evening, I get home looking the same as I left, no makeup in creases, etc. The colors are great. Made by a beautiful over 50 woman for over 50 women.

Yeah, I LOVED this foundation, but now as I am close to running out, I find that it has been pulled from all the store shelves and is only available in limited quantities and shades from places like e-bay and amazon. I am heartbroken!

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