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Silver Threads - 2/26/2006

Claude of Blogging in Paris was the subject of a story about elderbloggers in French-language Le Monde this week. Being, unfortunately, a single-language American who knows only menu French, I can't read it, but Claude was kind enough to mention Time Goes By and Millie Garfield’s blog too. It's very cool to have been linked from Le Monde and I thank Claude profusely - it's amazing what it did for my blog statistics this week.

I know my schadenfreude is showing, but given the number of elders (and not so elders too) who lost most if not all of their retirement savings in the Enron debacle, I have no tears for the president’s friend, 63-year-old, former Enron CEO Kenneth “Kenny boy” Lay, whose net worth, as reported in The New York Times, is down from hundreds of millions to $650,000. Couldn’t happen to nicer guy. [The Times link will go behind their paid firewall before next Sunday]

There is a remarkable and wonderfully-told story from Octogenarian about how his father, in 1937, came to be considered a Jewish saint for cursing the Nazi dirigible Hindenburg as it flew over his home in The Bronx only to explode and burn later that day in Lakehurst, New Jersey. Don’t miss this terrific memoir.

Like the United States and elsewhere, Australia faces an impending shortage of workers as aging boomers retire, but it’s hard to see how prime minister John Howard helps in his call for workers to stay on the job in their later years with references like this one: "The bad news is that we are all getting older...” But the opposition party is no better when one spokesperson lumps “mature workers and people with a disability” in the same category.

Robert Brady of Pure Land Mountain has cheery news this week: according to those who believe they know, there is an 80 percent probability “that the week of March 20-26, 2006 will be the beginning of the most significant political crisis the world has known since the Fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989 together with an economic and financial crisis of a scope comparable with that of 1929.” I kinda guessed this was coming, just not quite so soon.

But before that happens, on Sunday, 12 March, I will be speaking on a panel, Respect Your ElderBloggers, at the South By Southwest (SXSW) conference in Austin, Texas. This is an old and venerable meeting of the minds that was first held in 1987, and now has three components - music, film and interactive. Find out more about the conference and about my panel.


I am sure you will have some wonderful stuff to tell us when you return from that conference.

excellent, ronni! i'm looking forward to your report. intrigued to find out who will be in your audience, their questions. -naomi

This sounds like a GREAT conference Ronni...good luck with your panel. Jory's been sending me info on it. I hope you see her there....enjoy!

Thank you for the wonderful plug on my blog posting. Are you available for PR consulting?

The Australian PM would do well to take advantage of the skills of those people who are to paraphrase him "unfortunately getting older !!

Congrats on your speaking on the SXSW panel. Will look forward to hearing all about it in future blogs.

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