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Gone Fishin'

category_bug_journal2.gif My move is down to the wire now. The van arrives here on 25 May and the closing on my New York apartment is set for a few days later. I’ll be “homeless” for awhile. If that state lasts longer than a couple of weeks, I’ll stay with friends in rural Pennsylvania. If it is shorter, Ollie the cat and I will sleep on a friend’s sofa here in New York City.

In an hour, I’ll be off to Maine for the fifth time to look at properties and if all goes according to plan, I will return in a few days with a contract on one.

If you are so inclined, I would appreciate the lighting of candles, doing odd things with eye of newt and leg of toad, or whatever else it is you might do to influence the housing gods. I don’t relish a lengthy period of homelessness or intrusion upon kindly friends.

While I’m gone, several fellow bloggers have graciously agreed to fill in with guest blogs. Please treat them as agreeably as you always have in the past, leave them lots of comments and visit their blogs. That snazzy new laptop I ordered may not have arrived yet, but there’s an internet café in Portland and I’ll check in a couple of times.

See you later in the week…


I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, Ronni. May you come back with your dreamhouse!

Safe journey and good luck - hope you find the new home of your dreams.

Lizard tails, ewes of newts! I can do that. Best of luck in your move.

I've got everything crossed that can be crossed Ronni....stay safe, stay well, and good luck. We'll be waiting to hear....

Good luck, Ronni. I hope your house search is positive and rewarding.

Good luck - and good wishes. I hope that this time you find a home you can love (and can get). :)

My crystal ball says all will go well. We're all keeping good thoughts for you.

I join all the "Time Goes By" blogarama in wishing you good fortune and the best of luck

I hope your transition is speedy and smooth. What an exciting time this is! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts.

I'm lighting a candle right now this minute. Good luck, Ronni. You are *so* in my thoughts!

The joss sticks are lit, and my best wishes of good fortune are with you.

I wish you all the best, Ronni! Actually I lit 36 candles from Safed just last night with you in mind...I'll light another tonight for good measure. From our lips...

Am sending a steady flow of positive thoughts and wishes your way, which will follow you in NYC to Maine, PA., wherever you are, always!

My Nana used to say, 'Cross your fingers and spit', and if you wanted even more luck you had to cross everything else on your body that you could. I'll do all that for you - figuratively.

FYI, just quoted you with a link in my most recent post ( My blog is about longevity and health issues. May the real estate Gods smile upon you! George Pollock


The eye of newt is now operative; rest assured. Your ideal awaits.

Candles lit, prayers said, incense burning, cat purring. You, Ronni will find the perfect place to live in Maine this week!

Yes indeed, I am stirring the pot and chanting spells and staring into the water, conjuring up your perfect new home. May it all go very well for you, Ronni.

Keeping a good thought for you, Ronni!

Usually the eye of newt is carefully tucked away, but I have the house to myself this morning, so I'll get to it right away!

I hope you not only find the house of your dreams, but enjoy the search. I understand totally about not wanting to wear out a welcome with friends, but I don't think you need to worry. Any of us would happily host you until you were settled.

Safe travels!

MotherPie sends best wishes for your move from NYC...

You have my deepest sympathy, Ronni! I am still recovering from my move on March 31st & hope all goes well with your adventure in moving. The Tarot cards look favorable so all should be well. The only newt I could find was surnamed Gingrich & I didn't think you would appreciate his eye predicting your success. Hope you & Ollie have a safe & happy trip!!!! Kay

I'm a little worried about the effect of your trip on the environment. The accumulation of combustion by-products from all those candles and joss sticks will surely speed up global warming, and the negative effect on the amphibian population will get you in trouble with the endangered species people too.

Seriously, I hope things are going well and that you have a beautiful, sunny week.

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