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category_bug_journal2.gif There are people like Claude of Blogging in Paris and others I know who do excellent photos. And then there’s me. After you see what’s below, you won’t have a lot of trouble agreeing with the first comment from yesterday. So think of these as documentary – a record of a point in time at a certain place - because they are a long way from art or, even, artful.

To place us in context, here is the apartment on Bedford Street in New York City in the early morning hours of 25 May when the movers were due any minute.


Fifteen days later on 9 June, again in the early morning, a mover carried the first box into the library of our new home in Portland, Maine.


Although a wall of bookshelves to the right of those windows must be built and installed before I can unpack the 50-odd boxes of books, by Friday 16 June, the library was usable.


It is the library and not the living room because I have always wanted a separate library and I have plenty of other space for visitors to sit or dine or hang out and talk – which doesn’t mean they can’t spill over into the library too.

Besides the shelving, I also need two deliciously comfy, overstuffed reading chairs. Which can’t be done with online shopping. Reading chairs, the kind that are meant for falling asleep in late at night, must be sat in, perhaps at some length, to be certain they are just the right fit and coziness.


The sideboard, the origin of which I’ve written about here, is on the library wall opposite the bay windows. Since yesterday, Ollie has mastered the art of opening the cupboard doors and has found within an excellent snoozing nest. He likes the second door, which is the one at the far left in this photo.


The kitchen has so much fancy equipment that I can almost believe the stove and refrigerator operate as on Star Trek: The Next Generation. All I need do is hold a glass in an opening in the refrigerator door for ice, crushed ice or cold, filtered water. The only thing missing is voice activation.

My treasured, round, oak dining table, which seemed enormous in the cramped New York dining area, is dwarfed now, but there is a lot of extra space between it and the library doors to create another sitting area.


This is the view through the sliding glass door in my bedroom onto the back deck. That wrought iron table and chairs, like the dining table, seem like miniatures now, but I’ll find other ways to fill the space.

Meanwhile Ollie, who hardly ever used the sofa when we lived in New York, now thinks it’s a lovely place for an afternoon snooze.


Little is in its right place yet, but at least all the boxes (not counting books) are emptied and the rest of settling in must await the purchase and delivery of new beds, dressers, dining chairs, library chairs and sitting room chairs along with sundry lamps and tables.


I CARE! I love the photos, and give Ollie a scratch on the belly for me.
Like you, I'm up at the crack of dawn, or earlier, and - true story - I read you first, even before the NYT. Susan

Hi Roni,
I am reading you this morning before the NY Times also. The place looks wonderful. You can get neat, cheap bookshelves at Pier One. For cozy armchairs come over and visit here, some friends of mine have a furniture shop full of cozy stuff.

What a treat to see your new place. Ollie looks so comfortable in his new snooze spot. You have done so much in such a short time ... created a beautiful new home.

Thanks for the pictures!

Beautiful digs--looks so warm and welcoming. Happy wishes for a good life there.

BTW, the comment was likely from a spammer to provide himself/herself with some sort of linkbacks or just to be a prick. I'd delete it if I were you so it doesn't cause trouble for you later.

Ollie, you sure look comfy in that sofa! Such a lot of work Ronni has done.
I love that kitchen! The library looks very good. Thanks for the glimpse of your workspace.
Thanks for posting photos. Photos of flats are sooo difficult to take, I find.
Have a nice Sunday.

Somebody is pulling somebody's leg? Those photographs are terrific! Somebody knows how to get the best out of natural lighting. It looks like home to me.

Enjoyed your photos. You are so right to make a Library a priority. I'm sure you'll spend most of your indoor time there, even though the rest looks great too.

Hi Ronni,
I too read you before I read the paper but usually do not comment this early in the morning,( before I have my coffee.)

Thanks for putting up those pictures, loved seeing your place, beautiful floors. yellow walls ( my favorite color) and that inviting library!

Wishing you and Ollie happy days in your new digs! And more pictures, please.

Thank you so much for sharing these photos, Ronni, which I think are great. You captured excellent angles for us to get a "feel" for your new place. And it's just gorgeous! LOVE those hardwood floors and bay window. Your deck is supper and I can see you sitting out there a lot enjoying the air.
What a great place. So cozy. And I love your kitchen cabinets. I'd say you made a terrific choice and wish you many years of happiness in your new home. Ollie is a hoot...seems he survived the move quite well. Enjoy your Sunday.

Ronni--What a gorgeous apartment you bought! Thanks for sharing the photos. Like everyone else I find your library, deck, and kitchen most inviting--and everything is so neat. Many happy years lay before you in this haven. Good for you!!!

What a great new home! Thanks for letting us visit.

Wow, what a lovely home you have! Thanks for the gorgeous photos, Ronni and many happy years here.

Ronni - your new place is so gorgeous! Very welcoming and warm. Thank you for sharing with us - and the photos are nice, comments aside. I don't know if they'd count as art in their own right (I think some might!), but as documentary of the warm, welcoming home you're making, which is itseful a form of art, they're perfect.

So wonderful to finally see the Portland Maine house. It is beautiful and fits your personality perfectly.

That is quite an assumption on my part because we have of course never met, but I believe personality comes through strongly in writing so guess it is okay to make my comment.

Oh, your home is lovely! The light and space look so inviting. I don't have a mental picture of your place in NYC, but these photos are evidence that your move is a great decision. It brings me aa smile to see these photos and share the experience virtually.

Thank you, thank you for the photos. A lovely place called home! I'm so happy for you & Ollie! Dee

Hi Ronni,
I love the pictures!

Your place looks great and the cat stories are funny.

We have new tenants moving in downstairs next month and htey have two cats.

I wonder if they want to be famous like Ollie?


Your new home already looks like a home. Generous of you to share pictures. Clearly you've been doing a lot of work. From what you say, you have more planned for the future. Can only wish you continued joy and pleasure in your new digs.

What a beautiful apartment you have found, I love the wonderful high windows and all the sunshine. Portland is a gorgeous city and I know you will enjoy all it has to offer. Glad Ollie has settled in and looks so contented. You will love Fourth of July, they have fireworks right off the Eastern Prom (just for you!!!)

Ronni---Such fun seeing how your beautiful home is shaping up. I bet on occasion you join Ollie on that comfy sofa for a well deserved "Cat Nap"

Ronni, I love your new home, and thanks for the pictures. I just love everything about it, the space, the library, the bay windows, and hardwood floors, and Ollie. Lucky you to be living in Maine.
Evil person to comment as he/she did.

Your new home is lovely--spacious and light, warm and gracious. What a joy to have a library and a deck! I am happy to think of you and Ollie living serenely in this home as you reflect and write and share your thoughts with us. Congratulations and best wishes.

Thanks for the insight into your new life, Ronnie. And thanks for continually making us think. Every blessing in your new home.

beautiful new home,ronni. your generosity in sharing how your newspace looks is a great model--once again for us all. ollie could be a photo exhibition all on his own.

Ronni I just LOVE your new HOME! I love the hard wood floors and the windows and what a warm, open atmosphere! You must be so pleased and I am so happy for you!!! Thank you so much for the photos and do send more when you can. What a LOVELY place to live!

What a beautiful new home you have! The floors are gorgeous, Ronni, and Ollie seems to be right at home already. I love his sleeping pose.

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