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Getting My Blog Groove Back

During months of preparations for moving to Portland, Maine, two weeks of limbo when I lived with a friend (well, former husband), then in a hotel for a few days, and in the two weeks since moving into my new home, blogging has taken a backseat to everything else.

I’ve managed to post something on most days, but I’ve not had time to do my usual amount of homework for stories, nor to visit sites on the elderbloggers list for many weeks. I’ve neglected the Sunday “Silver Threads” since mid-April, I’m way behind on reading that’s been on my to-do list and, most disturbingly, I feel removed from the Time Goes By community – like I’ve just returned from a long trip and need to catch up – which, actually, is close to what’s happened.

And you, Time Goes By readers, have been here throughout this lengthy distraction. Your many messages of good luck and good wishes have helped me feel attached here even when I could find time to only skim your comments. Thank you all for your care and concern.

Just to prove again that no one has complete control of the blog he or she publishes, something has changed at TGB during my distraction: there are a bunch of new people joining in, leaving comments and shifting the tone of Time Goes By a bit. This is a good thing - new ideas, new points of view.

For those newcomers who have blogs: I look forward, now that I'll have the time again, to visiting them soon, checking out your space in the blogosphere. Meanwhile, welcome to the Time Goes By community. You’ll find an amazing group of smart, thoughtful people here who have a wide variety of interests and points of view who will give you a lot to think about and a reason to laugh now and again too.

A couple of new readers mentioned learning of Time Goes By in AARP The Magazine. In the July/August issue on page 15, there is a story about elderbloggers which, unfortunately, is little more that a blurb and, astonishingly for a story about an online activity, is not available on their website.

I spent a couple of hours talking with the writer, making her aware of the substantial advantages to elders of blogging and of many other elderbloggers sites. I wish the magazine editors had made room for more of that information.

But there will be other media stories about elders and blogging and that's not nearly as important at the moment as getting my blog groove back which is beginning to happen now. It’s good to be settling into it again.


I still have trouble getting my mind around blogging communities and what they are and HOW they are. I do know they will be tremendous records of our societies and cultures in the years to come and that historians and anthropologists will have a wealth of stuff to study and to use in their research.

The Portland Press Herald publishes some blogs. Check it out, I don't think they have one like TGB.
I saw the moose story in the Portland paper. We had one in our yard last night, I didn't see him but the tracks are huge!

First, let me say, I hope you give yourself the time you need to truly settle in to your new community, to fully rest up from the extended responsibilities with selling your NYC apt. long before the actual move itself, and anything before.

Also, hope you include definite scheduling of social and play time. All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl, only because it's not good for her health.
Besides, you can have fun getting to know your city which I'm sure is already high on your agenda.

As one of your regular readers, even when I should be doing other things, I realize that one thing I especially like about this blog is that it is dynamic. I can't help noticing comments from readers who are new to me and find their views, observations provide the exact kind of stimulation that helps keep me coming back.

The fact that your post, Ronni, is almost always stimulating to thought is a given for the attraction to this blog for me, whether or not it is based on matters requiring a high degree of research.

Thanks for the great work

As always, I look forward to your sharing of info with us. I can only imagine how time consuming all the research is.
So make sure you take time out to enjoy your new home and surroundings.

There for a day or two, some of us were getting withdrawal pains from having no new posting, here, Ronni. I did see the mention in the AARP publication. Like you, I was disappointed in the short shrift given. Too, I've been noticing names, appended to comments, that are unfamiliar to me. Good for you in attracting increased readership. They will gain much from reading your postings!

The photos are beautiful. If you get closer-up photos of the black birds perhaps positive ID can be made. I'll take your word on the moose. WOW!

I became aware of your blog from the AARP article on senior bloggers that was published last summer or fall. Yours was the first one I read, and then Mille, and then Ellison, and then... It's a wonderful way to start the day, enjoying my coffee and considering so many points of view.

Have fun settling in. And thanks for the first tour of the new neighborhood!

I saw the AARP article, too, and was happy to find that some other "seasoned citizens" had blogs. I just started mine a few weeks ago, and have struggled, trying to find my "voice". I'm looking forward to reading yours and others.

I haven't been distracted by a move like you have, Ronni, but distracted from blog walking nonetheless. I'm going to read my AARP magazine. Hadn't even looked at it yet. Now I'll catch up on your posts I have missed during my cut foot drama.

Ronni, I wish my ordinary blogging were like what you call your 'limbo'. I find it amazing that you have been able to carry on with blogging AND going to conferences with the moving stuff on your mind!
Just keep up the wonderful job. I love so reading your blog.

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