Between Worlds
Portland, Maine - Day One

Next Stop, Portland Maine


Militarycemetary Today is the 62nd anniversary of D-Day – the first day of the Allied invasion of Normandy (codenamed Operation Overlord) in 1944. It culminated, less than three months later, in the liberation of Paris and eventually in the victory of the Allies over the Axis powers on 8 May 1945, ending World War II.

When people my age and older speak or hear the phrase “the war,” it still means World War II to us. There have been Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, the current Iraq War and dozens of military skirmishes in between. But “the war” is our war and it colored everything about our childhoods, even those of us who were too young to have strong memories of the war years themselves.

I was only four years old when the World War II ended, but I have little flash pictures in my mind of blue and red ration stamps, blackout curtains, letters from Daddy who fought in the Philippines and New Guinea, and that there was no chewing gum available then except what Daddy sent from overseas in those letters.

Habits of the war years hung on throughout much of the rest of my childhood. We recycled food tins for a long time after the metal was no longer needed for the war effort, and continued to hold paper drives too. Those practices faded sometime in the 1950s until, decades later, they were resurrected for environmental reasons.

Aside from the fact that is important to remember, there would be no reason to mention D-Day at TGB except that for the rest of my life, the 6th of June will also be the day I left Manhattan for a new home in Portland, Maine. I didn’t plan it to coincide with the military anniversary, but it pleases me that such an historical marker will from now on be personally important for another reason too.

I’m driving off this morning in my little red car 37 years, one month and 29 days since I arrived in New York in 1969. I couldn’t tell you why and it is kind of silly, but it seemed important this morning to work that out that length of time on the calendar.

See you soon – from Maine.


My best wishes go with you Ronni....

Bon voyage, Ronni! Can't wait to read about your new home.

Oui!!! Bon voyage!

And leaving NYC represents quite a landmark, how interesting that your new beginning coincides with the end of WWII.

NYC's loss...MAINE'S GAIN ! ! !

Safe journey...

Welcome to Maine, looking forward to your musings on your new adventure. Hope you make it in time to enjoy what looks like our one sunny day for a while!

Because I am a veteran, anytime someone can bring forth cause to remember those who served, fought, and died for our country, I find myself wanting to thank them. So I think it is quite admirable that you would choose to associate this special day for you with such an event in our history. I also was about four years old when World War II came to a close. Actually I was born some 38 days before Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. My father served in the Navy and returned unharmed safely to his family.

But as for me and my ‘strongest’ memory…..

Although our generation had obvious direct ties to that terrible war, I find that I have the most vivid memories of the ‘war’ in Vietnam because I served in it as did many others of our generation. World War II certainly had an effect on our generation because many of us lost fathers, some even mothers, in that terrible war. I was not so unfortunate from that standpoint but for many of you, that wasn’t the case. Not to mention the untold thousands who carried their war wounds for life.

But all I have to do is see a picture of the Vietnam War Memorial and I am immediately moved to tears. World War II took our mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles while Vietnam took our husbands, wives, brothers and sisters. And now with the war in Iraq, there are those of our generation who may loose grandchildren. Our generation has indeed bared their share for this countries cause to freedom.

Have a safe trip and only the best to you Ronni in your new surroundings.

Safe journey Ronni and best wishes on this new step.......

Best wishes for fair winds and following seas... and looking forward to your posts from Portland.

Have a safe trip and make wonderful dioscoveries along the way!

My best to you as you embark on this new adventure.

PS: Don't forget to pick up Ollie.:)

Thinking of you and Ollie: Road Warriors!
All the very best from He and Me,

Or, maybe Thelma and Ollie (seeing as how Ollie would hiss at being labeled "Louise"...)

May you enjoy your new home Ronni !!

Love your post on the semantics of "elder"... Had never really thought of it... I'm just pushing 50. The idea of aging is really off in our country and glad you are writing about it.
Am in Santa Fe and they are building elder housing which is a neat concept. Tried to go find the papers I picked up on it but when I do, i'll come back and post the link to their site.
It is something that should be done elsewhere. A great architectural concept.

Many wishes for a safe journey!

I am sooo excited for you! Can't wait to hear about adventures in Maine!

Best Wishes!

Safe travels. My thoughts are with you and Ollie and your little red car. How exciting!

I hope your travels are safe, Ronni. I'm looking forward to your continuing saga, with a new back drop.

Wishing you all good things in your new place!!

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