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Portland, Maine - Day One

category_bug_journal2.gif Thank you all for your good wishes to Ollie the cat and me on our travel day to Portland, Maine. The trip was easy, uneventful and the weather was glorious.

It had been several weeks since I’d seen my new home, so I walked from the hotel to there yesterday afternoon. The apartment won’t be mine until tomorrow, so I couldn’t go in, but I could look from the sidewalk and check out surroundings.

I introduced myself to a neighbor who was hanging out in the sunny weather on his porch across the street. “The block has been abuzz,” he said, “about your arrival.” I didn’t press him on what that means - I’m sure it will become evident in time. But obviously, like Bedford Street in Greenwich Village, there aren’t a lot of secrets in my new neighborhood.

The neighbor also told me that the bordello on the top floor of a building at the corner had only recently been shut down. Too bad – it would make such colorful conversation. Or, perhaps my neighbor was pulling my leg. That too will be revealed in time.

It appears from television newscasts this morning that, as Nancy implied in her comment yesterday, there are four days of rain ahead in Portland. But rain doesn’t bother an old Portland, Oregon native like me, and cannot dampen my pleasure at finally being here.


how very intriguing, ronni. perhaps your neighbors are Elderbloggers, read about you in the new york times, or are less reticent than mainers are usually portrayed. i'm looking forward to the next installment.

What a shame they closed down the bordello! I can just feel your exitement as you walked by and viewed your new apartment. How busy you will be now getting this new place settled.

Ronni, So glad your trip went well and that you have already gotten a test of "Maine humor", it can be very teasing and dry, often to get a rise out of you! Our "largest" city is a joy to we Maineiacs and we are very proud of almost sank into despair in the 70's and 80's and started digging it's way out in the 90's. Now it is our shining star! Enjoy every moment...we are so glad to have you. BTW, I live about 50 miles north in a very small town called Chelsea...outside of Augusta. Was brought up in Topsham, about 20 miles north. Can't wait to read your thoughts on your adventure in Maine!!!

Welcome Home.

Take Care

Well, I've been trying to figure out how to refer to people from Maine, now I still don't know based on the above comments.

Ronni, are you now a Mainer or a Maineiac?

What a tragedy if there was a bordello there and they closed it ... another possible source of income for a part time job down the tubes if the going gets rough!

This is just my own personal feeling about what to call us. When I was growing up (50's) we all called ourselves Maineiacs. Well, with the politically correct times that we live in, most folks don't like what that term exemplifies. Most folks who live in Maine now refer to themselves as Mainers...we who have lived here all our lives can be called either...but after being here awhile, what with the cold, taxes, et al, most will see why the ones who are born here and stay truly are Maineiacs!!! Ronni, you will have so much to write about!!! And the bordello probably just moved to better digs!!!

Ronni.. I hesitate to write this as I am naturally reticent ;) but a good comeback to the guy across the street would have been:

"The Bordello closed? Good, that will mean less competition for my "Cat House"

On a more dignified note Ronni.

Welcome to Maine!!

The first day of your journey to a brand new life.

Hi Ronni,
We're getting that rain now in Boston.


Enjoy settling in.

"No secrets"...that's a very good thing! Can't wait for more info...
much love,

Lucky, lucky Portland, Maine!!! -xo-

Welcome to Maine, glad you made it okay. Your neighborhood sounds interesting - regardless of whether there was or was not a bordello.

I agaree with Joy...lucky Portland! Wishing you beautiful rainbows with that rain.

Quite a milestone! Congrats.

So glad to hear you had an easy trip and are at your new "home" in Portland Ronni! .. the neighborhood sounds interesting...can't wait to hear more news and also looking forward to some photos of your new home and the neighborhood...and wondering how Ollie will take it all in. Good luck and enjoy!!

Glad you have arrived. Happy moving-in daze, er, days! I eagerly await the accounts of those further adventures that you care to share as well as your continued elder-blogging. I wonder what percentage of the population in Portland is seniors/elders?

Hurrah! You're there! Wow. Can't wait to hear about the next step. What an adventure.

So glad your move is going well!

May you find joy and rich blessings in your new home!

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