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Silver Threads - 6/25/06

Sunday Silver Threads has been neglected since mid-April when, because of preparations for and then moving to Portland, Maine, I ran out of time to see what elders are doing online. Life is settling almost into a routine and so, Silver Threads returns today.

Controversy surrounding The DaVinci Code has raised interest in the art museum here in my new home town. It seems they own a Mona Lisa that may have been painted by the master himself. The Portland Giaconda has been dated to the 16th century when Leonardo was painting, but experts are not sure if he painted it or it is a copy by a contemporary.

Naomi Dagen Bloom of A Little Red Hen blog has been visiting the other Portland in my life, the one in Oregon where I was born. She has posted two sets of nice photographs here and here.

AEplaque3_small She says she missed the annual Rose Festival, but that give me an opportunity to tell you that 82 years ago, my great Aunt Edith was Queen of the Rose Festival. Last year, honorary elderblogger, Laura of Kyrielle, was kind enough to send a photo of Aunt Edith’s plaque in the rose gardens in Portland.

Don’t miss Edifice Rex, a beautifully told, bittersweet story by Mick Brady of The Blog Brothers, about how then-governor Nelson Rockefeller spent a king’s ransom to destroy the heart of the city of Albany, New York, displacing thousands of people from their homes for a sterile, kingly mall. It’s a timely story to keep in mind since the Supreme Court’s Kelo decision last year; your home could be next.

janinsanfran of Happening-Here recently returned from a couple of weeks in the Middle East speaking with Iraqis who have been forced by the war or fear for their lives flee their homes in Iraq. Her reports here, here, here and more are eye-openers you won’t see from mainstream press on television or in newspapers.

According to Time magazine, older Americans are healthier than they’ve ever been – so much so that 20 percent of the runners who finished last year’s Boston Marathon were older than 50. It’s a good reminder to get off your duff. You don’t have to be a marathon runner to gain the benefits of lower cholesterol and blood pressure, weight reduction and less risk of dementia that even light exercise can produce.

On the other hand, if you are older than 50, losing your job can be hazardous to your health – being fired at that age can double your chances of stroke and heart attack, according to a new study from Yale University.

I heard from honorary elderblogger Jeanne of Cooksister! this week and since I was on my way to the store anyway, I picked up the ingredients for her Chocolate Sauce recipe which I can endorse with enthusiasm.

However, if you follow my lead on this, it’ll cost more than the chocolate and ice cream on which to put it. You’ll need one of these new digital cameras that have an automatic slimming effect – up to 10 pounds. What will the youth and beauty police think of next… [Hat tip to Body Impolitic.]

Anyone who follows Milt’s Muse blog knows that Milt, of Idaho Falls, lives with cancer and has been fighting depression. No matter how much pain he's suffering or how badly he feels, Milt has managed to post – including his signature, lead-in, local weather report – almost every day. But now, there has been nothing from him since 30 May. Has anyone heard from him?

There hasn’t been time for me to check into it thoroughly yet, but Tamarika seems to have forsaken that blog for her new one, Mining Nuggets. There is some excellent stuff there - and gorgeous photos - about her recent trip to the Meditteranean island of Rhodes.

Oh, no! Mr. Limerick Savant, who comments on the political and social scene of our day entirely in rhyming limerick is doubting his ability to continue. Please stop over there and let him know that the blogosphere needs him. Maybe give him some inspiration with a suggestion or two for a limerick topic.

Just so you know I didn't invent the story of a moose trotting down my street last Monday, here is a local report of the moose – two of them – loose in Portland, Maine, complete with photographs. The sad ending is that one was hit by a truck and had to be destroyed.


Thanks so much for the link! It's always an honor to be included in your Silver Threads. I, too, am concerned about Milt and hope someone let's us know something soon.
The nugget miner!

Thanks for the 'heads-up' on "Limerick Savant" Ronni. Perhaps the infamous 'writer's block' has raised its ugly head. I left the him a limerick of encouragment.

Ooops... My nice comments about Naomi Dagen somehow went on your yesterday post. I like her blog, too.


ronni, loved the inclusion. did not mention on the dark side of portland, oregon about the number of older, homeless women seen there. with signs asking for money--highway entrance, nighttime, downtown in pearl district. very troubling.

thanks, h.a. page at momma pie! this seems to be the time when we are all tipping the hat to one another. was just at a women's writing conference where i amazed many with the notion of Elderblogging.

Thanks for putting out a call on Milt's Muse. I just recently linked to him thru your blog and am very touched by what he has to say...also concerned about him and hope someone responds with info on how he's doing. It's the wonder of blogging - you have more friends out here than you realize.

Ronni, thanks for the link, the kind words, and the valuable community you've created on this site.

Thanks for the great links, Ronni. Boy o boy! Those Brady brothers can write. I spent all afternoon on their sites---a real pleasure.

I'm also very concerned about Milt. I check in almost every day but have no information. Hope someone does.

It's so good to be reading Silver Threads again!

I did finally read the AARP Magazine elder blogger article. Sorry it was so short, too, but that's that particular magazine's style. I guess they have researched and did focus groups saying we have short attention spans, as a whole. So glad you are enjoying your new town so much.

Hi Ronni and thanks for your endorsement of my chocolate sauce! The taste is certainly is worth another pound or so on the hips... ;-) And thanks for reinstating Sliver Threads - always full of interesting stuff.

Am checking out some links I previously didn't get a chance to read, as I take advantage of playing catch-up during your temporary irregular hiatus on those days when you have no new post.

About that Mona Lisa painting there in Portland, I hope you're going to follow-up on what they learn in the future about it's true history. Wouldn't that be something if Leonardo was the painter! Look out Paris and the Louvre!

I enjoyed following up on your Great Aunt Edith as Queen of the Rose Fesitval in Portland, Oregon.

Janinsanfran's accounts re life for Iraq people are more than disturbing, but we do need to know.

Good motivation to continue efforts for a healthy life style to review Time Mag's report on older Americans. Just renewed my exercise pgm, now all I have to do is lock it into my sked, then the really hard part -- re-start it.

Last but not least. I've been enjoying "Mining Nuggets" blog since shortly after it came on the scene. Can heartedly endorse others checking it out.

I often hear the word, "neurotic" used in some most unusual ways. I would like everybody to subit their definition of that word (without looking it up in any dictonary.) Because it's so often used as a weapon to put somebody down.

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