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category_bug_journal2.gif Due to a slight technical glitch – no ISP connection the first morning in my new digs – there was no post here at TGB yesterday. By the time my computer was hooked up in the early afternoon, there were too many things to do and too many places to go to write about getting old.

And old is what I feel. There is a significant difference between moving at age 42 (which I was last time) and age 65. Somewhere in the intervening 23 years, I lost the knack of being on my feet for 14 hours straight. Or of carrying heavy objects up a flight of stairs more than three times in quick succession.

The upside is that I haven’t slept so soundly or for as long – a full eight hours – in a year or more and I haven’t felt this much energy after waking in a long time either.

But here’s the best part: when you have been separated from your “stuff” for three weeks, opening cartons is like the biggest birthday you never had. “Oh, wow. I’d forgotten about that sweater.” “What a terrific-looking bowl.” “Why haven’t I been using that quilt in the past couple of years.”

At the packing end of a move, the point is to throw out what you don’t want and get the cartons filled as quickly as possible.

But at the unpacking end of the move, there is time – nay, necessity – to slow down, ponder where each item goes, polish it up a bit before putting it in its new place and then to change your mind once or twice about where it should go.

All that standing and walking, bending and stretching for a long day at age 65 is more wearying than I had anticipated. But the excitement of a new home, new city, new experiences makes up for it. It’s a huge pleasure filling an empty living space; turning it into a home. It just takes longer this time than it did before.

Give me another week of hasty or skipped posts while I settle in and then I’ll get back to what really matters about getting older.


What really matters at the moment, is getting settled remembering that you are NOT 42 any longer, and slow down. If you take more than a week or two, we, your readers will still be here!
How does Ollie like his new place?

I echo Claude completely and utterly. Including, "How does Ollie like his new place?"

Isn't it so satisfying to savor each item as you unpack - to polish, to remember where it came from, to find just the right placement for it as you build your new living space. Take it easy, take it as slowly as you need and enjoy these days of creating your new home.

I love that opening-presents-but-they're-already-mine feeling! I'll be unpacking in August and simply can't wait to have all of my stuff finally in one place. And I have to agree with everyone else--take your time ;) It's not every day you get to put everything exactly where you want it!

I think you are writing about what matters when you get old by showing that at any age people can change where they live, adjust to differences and, even if it takes longer, still get the jobs done. It's neat to read here and be able to share in your new beginning

Pack rat that I am, it would truly be like a birthday to go through all my hidden away stuff...

Have fun!

Take your time Ronni and savor and enjoy each new day unpacking your treasures and creating your new home! After all you've been through in getting there, you sure do deserve some time to unpack in an un-hurry! Congratulations and I'm so happy for you!

I echo Patti's comments about being a packrat. I think it comes from teaching career - never know what you might need. I think I'm at a point where I need to pretend to move, but I'm not sure how much my 62 year old body can take of that. Take it slow and relish your "gifts."


I liked you saying:

"It’s a huge pleasure filling an empty living space".

It reminded me of a blank canvas, all white, just waiting for the first brush strokes of color and form.

Take your time and just do the essentials for now.

Oh-my-gosh, don't rush to unpack. Take your time and really enjoy settling in! It's a pleasure to read about your adventures and what is really such an exciting time and move for you! There are many, many months ahead to write about aging again; enjoy, savor these fresh moments of change.

ENJOY! And tell us about Ollie.

I don't care how long it takes you, Ronni, to unpack at your leisure, am just glad you're there and all is well.

This was the first time since I started visiting this blog, there wasn't a new daily post. Must admit a bit of anxiety as to why that might be; but trusted it was for the reasons you finally were able to post.

Pattie and Karen, I surely do know that pack rat syndrome, but have sworn to myself, that by the time this year ends, if not sooner, I will part with many items of only symbolic emotionally loaded value.
I simply will be more selective about the ones retained. Some are bagged and ready to go as I write this. Have to start somewhere, sometime.

I had to ask myself, if something happened to me tomorrow, would I want to leave my grieving loved ones the added burden of sorting through my residue?

You've, hopefully, many years to complete the task of unpacking, Ronni. Luxuriate in stretching out your "birthday" celebration. Glad to read that your move has gone so well. Wunderbar!


take your time, it is good to have you "close" by.

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