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Guest Blog at Panchromatica

category_bug_journal2.gif Long before I launched Time Goes By, I met Ian when we both were members of fotolog.net, a precurser to Flickr.

For the next couple of weeks Ian, like me a few weeks ago, will be in the throes of moving to a new home and not have an internet connection for a short while. He asked if I would contribute a guest blog to fill in and how could I refuse - he had so graciously substituted for me during my move.

So today at Ian's blog, Panchromatica, you will find a guest blog from me about leaving the great, big city of New York - population 8 million - for my new home in Portland, Maine - population 64,000.

Ian and I would both be pleased if you stopped by.


Nicely done, Ronni. What goes around comes around. I take it you did not go to blogher this year.

Ronni, I loved finding this site, and am sending it to my mother straight away. I posted a long piece the other week about becoming okay with getting older and watching those ahead of me for clues how to do so with grace and vivacity.

I would love it if you could stop by and visit. :)


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