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category_bug_oliver You’ve packed up your entire household of belongings and shipped it to another state. The new home is twice as large as the old one, so you spend a lot of time searching for new furniture and waiting for delivery.

It’s been only three weeks since you moved in, but it feels like ten and you’d like to settle into a routine before winter. Because it will be at least a couple of months until the bookshelves are built, the 50-plus cartons of books are stacked in the guest room along with assorted detritus that tends to accumulate on top of the boxes.

It is disorderly in there. A catchall room for now. Chaotic and offensive to the eye.

So when the new box springs and mattress arrived – even sans headboard and nightstands - you found some sheets, scrounged around for a summer quilt and even managed to locate the matching shams. At least one end of the room can be tidy and there is satisfaction in the semi-orderliness.

On hearing unfamiliar sounds from the room, you check them out. In place of the nice set of pillows you fluffed and plumped an hour ago is a messy nest only a cat could love. Caught red-pawed in the process of further pillow rearrangement, said cat looks skyward: “Who? Me?”



Cats(pets)(kids!) are great at letting us know that we are not in control of things.... least of all, our own house!!

What a wonderful photo of Ollie! Great catch, Ronni!

That's cute. I love cats :)

Cats! You have to love them. The nest looks a lot like the ones my cats build on my sofa for the winter months. I finally gave up straightening the pillows and just cover them up with old towels to catch the fur.

I enjoy your blog. It has been a daily read for over a year now.

There is nothing so innocent as a cat that's been up to mischief! Our two delight in devious little things and try to smooth it all over by bringing in a mouse or shrew as a present. We, of course, accept it with high praise. You will soon be all snuggled in and then, let the snows fly and settle in with a good book and a nice cuppa. I've enjoyed reading all about your thoughts as you move and learn about your new home.

But Ronni, didn't Ollie explain that everything that you call "yours" is actually "his?" It's in the fine print on the "Sell Your Soul to Your Cat" contract.

Andy, Mike, and Dorey (Rana's feline keepers)

Neat blog! Just what breed of cat is Ollie?

Ollie is drop dead gorgeous.

Hehehe. Such cute innocence, there. And the bed is lovely - even after having the pillows disordered, though I can imagine it looked even nicer before that happened. :)

Very happy to see that Ollie has definitely settled in and taken over, as is his cat right.
Great photo...and just love your hardwood floors!

Roger/Citrus: Ollie is a Savannah cat, a relatively new breed that is a hybrid - 85 percent Bengal and 15 percent wild serval from Africa.

Good catch with the photo. It's funny how animals try to make you think "It wasn't me" when you catch them red-pawed. I have a miniature poodle who, when confronted with evidence or caught in the act, will look all around the room in an effort to convince me that there is another dog in the house and he did this deed. I do enjoy your blog. Can't wait for your tour of the neighborhood.

*wagging my finger* Take a lesson from Ollie, Ronni. Relax and enjoy. It will take me more years (we've only been in this house 6 1/2 years!) to get furniture into my front room. Actually, I like the space without its being cluttered with furniture. Oh, well. Just this once, I suppose, you get to do things your way, in your home! *evil grin*

Awww, give him a break, mom. He's trying to get used to the new digs - in his way....LOL

He has the MOST gorgeous coat ever!

I just came to your blog for the first time. How lovely to find someone of my generation who loves cats and books.

what an absolutely beautiful cat! I'm in love. (The quilt's not too shabby either)

I love your bedspread and I can see a wicker chair in the background I love. You and I have similiar tastes, Ronni. I'm not a cat person per se these days, but my dog is the love of my life.

I love the quilt and the messed up pillows and I love seeing Ollie so proud of his work. What a great cat!

I just love the photos you include in your blog. Your neighborhood and apartment are wonderful. I like that area and am so glad you're enjoying it. There's so much to explore.

This picture of Ollie is priceless.

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