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category_bug_journal2.gif There is no Silver Threads today and not much of a post except to announce a semi-hiatus until 1 August.

I do this reluctantly. For more than two years, the daily post due here each morning has ordered my day, organized my thoughts and revealed to me, after a lifetime career as a generalist, a topic on which I can be fully engaged, eager to learn more and become more deeply involved and passionate as time goes by.

With the move to Portland, Maine, I put on hold a sizeable project, a professional obligation the deadline for which looms, along with several smaller chits I owe people. I expected, once the move was complete, to catch up. But I didn’t account for either the time involved or the interest I would have in making all the purchases and arrangements to turn this apartment into a comfortable home.

Nor did expect the lure I feel to be out and about exploring not just my new neighborhood and city, but also the coast of Maine, similar in many ways to the northern coast of Oregon where I grew up, and many other places of general, historical and specific interest.

In addition, I was not prepared for how such a dramatic move – from a city of eight million to a town of 64,000; from a tiny, Greenwich Village apartment to a much larger home with more ways of being in it; from a place where all things can be done by walking to another where every requirement and desire involves driving – would change how I want to live.

It rains a lot here, much like where I grew up in Portland, Oregon. It appears, from what people say, that the amount of rain since I’ve arrived is not usual for this time of year but because of it, I have discovered I like to sit outside on my (covered) deck during storms. I like to listen to the rain, watch it, smell it and while I’m there, check the pots of geraniums and lemon balm and thyme that Mary Lee of Full Fathom Five brought by to welcome me to Maine. That uses up more time than I would have guessed.

There are people who love walking the streets of New York City and I understand them; there is something new to see with every step. But I was never one of those people. As much as I walked that city, I always needed a purpose and destination to get my body in motion. But that has changed now.

The Eastern Prom – a trail of several miles along Casco Bay – is just two blocks from my new home. It has already become my habit to be out there walking it early every morning. And now, I’m sometimes being drawn there for another walk in the evenings. More time.

Both of these activities – walking, sitting in the rain – beget quiet thought which leads to more ideas for Time Goes By on aging and related issues that I want to research and write about here.

And because of the move, I missed the two-year anniversary of Time Goes By. I think two years is a much more interesting point to mark in regard to blogging than one year because of the dedication it involves and the development it implies. I want to the time to explore and write about that for TGB.

Most of all, I want a day – regularly - during which I have not a single obligation, nothing I have promised others I will do and no plans or chores or errands of my own. Just wide open, empty hours to use as whim might dictate from moment to moment. I have never had or taken this kind of time. I want to give myself the space to see what bubbles up. What else, besides what I already do, there might be that – like my interest in what it’s really like to get old – I’d like to spend time learning about, knowing and doing in my elder years.

The attraction of these and other notions is sometimes impossible to ignore, but then I feel guilty because I’m not finishing those projects I owe other people and I don’t relish the idea of pulling several all-nighters to meet those deadlines.

And so, the semi-hiatus from Time Goes By. My reluctance is that I relish, every day, the community that has grown here. I didn’t plan it and would not have predicted that it would grow as it has. It came about because you, readers of TGB, created it over the past two years and I now rely on your intelligence, thoughtfulness, humor, kindness and good will in response to what’s posted here each day. I’ll miss checking in with the frequency I’ve become accustomed to each day, but clearing my desk of those other obligations requires that I back away for a few weeks.

During the next month, I’ll post here now and then, but not on a schedule – only when I have something I feel compelled to say. The result should be a clean slate for me and a fresh perspective for TGB when I’m no longer feeling guilty about letting other projects slide.


Hi Ronni,
It's fun to read how you are settling into your new home.

You know, we're going to miss you if you stop blogging.

Think about making shorter posts. You don't have to write a fully formed article eavery time.

For example, when I do videoblog posts sometimes I take up to seve hours to edit a 2 minute piece, that's in addition to the time it took to shoot hte video.

On the other hand, I also sometimes put up a moments showing type of video, where it's just a short clip of something that happened, unedited.

Think about doing that. Post a short note about something. Maybe a link to something you've come across on the web that you'd think we'd enjoy. Or just a photo. How about an audio post during a walk.

Post a cat photo. Blog readers love to see cute cat pictures.

It goes without saying that I will most definitely miss my daily dose of Time Goes By.
But I certainly understand, Ronni. You've embarked on a new adventure and you need all those moments in a day to savor them, acknowledge them, breath them in and contemplate on them. I can only imagine the enormous amount of time each one of your entries must take, due to your incredible research.
So yes,I'll miss you a lot, Ronni. And I was very glad to hear it's only a "hiatus" and not permanent.
So rejuvenate yourself, get your projects done, enjoy every single moment and I'll be waiting for your return.

Ronni, I would suggest taking not just one day for yourself, but two. I've recently started doing this and I've discovered, hey, there's a reason sane people take weekends off! Best wishes to you on your hiatus. No pressure to keep us entertained, informed or otherwise amused!

Ronni, your blog starts off my day, so needless to say you will be missed. As a recently retired teacher I have had the opportunity to explore and dream. I will miss you, but I understand your desires. Keep smelling the roses!

Good Morning Ronni,

Although I have only been a regular visitor to TGB for a very short time, I have sincerely enjoyed the topics and associated interaction with you and your other visitors. And I applaud you for your decision to take “some time away” because we of the elder class should enjoy the time we have left in pursuit of joy and happiness in the autumn of our lives. It is more than obvious your love for TGB based on the time you dedicate to it. But you have a new life of sorts to settle in to and certainly a new world to explore. I personally envy you that. As far as your professional obligation, I am sure many of us still have those from time to time.

So….good luck with your project and best wishes on your new adventure. I for one will simile each morning I wake up and see there is a blank page here at TGB knowing that you are out enjoying your new surroundings. I won’t be trying to think about the work part. And I will look forward to the many new thoughts you will bring back for our consumption and enjoyment – and certainly a photo or two.

Take Care…..Alan G

I just recently discovered your blog and enjoy it so much. Hope you will be back soon. Thanks for the great blog!

You certainly don't need readers' permission to get on with things that need attending to, but it is just like you to consider us first, instead of yourself.

Go, explore, refresh, clean that desktop. We ain't going anywhere.

I sure do envy you. Pea-green. And delighted in the new life you have ahead.

Go get it, girl.

Ronni, of course you need time off.
Blogging every single day is a full time job!
And I'm so happy to hear that you feel like walking. How about taking your camera along? ;) It's so important to get acquainted with your new surroundings.
And once in a while, this reader --and probably others, will be happy to see photographs.;)
I will drop by every day, though. I might even go back to posts that I've read too fast.
And happy blogaversary! You looked so proficient to me that I thought you were a much older blogger than me!

Hi Ronni,

You are changing your routine and mine will change too. Read you every morning, even before I have my coffee!

I liked what you wrote about not having a single obligation, no plans and no errands, I love those rare days.

With all that you have to do, shopping for new items for your new home and discovering the new neighborhood, that will keep you busy for awhile.

But the idea of walking in the morning, walking at night and just sitting outside sounds wonderful.

With all that walking you could have a side benefit, you could loose weight, if that's what you would like to do. That would be a great way to do it.

Sounds like Ronni is starting a new way of life! Good for you!

Have fun!

You'll be back. ;^)

Wonderful! I am thrilled for you that you are accepting the lead provided by Ollie. We shall survive--and look forward with eagerness to whatever time/output you can give us. Good for you!!

Ronni, far be it from me to even think an uncharitable thought about irregular blogging!
Your readers will be here after you've caught up on other stuff.

You are a blog I visit very regularly. Of course you deserve a break, so enjoy.

You certainly have a life started there that seems very interesting with a lot of possibilities to it. I think it's great you are going to take some time to grow it. I have never known how anybody does a blog the size of yours every day although I do enjoy reading those who manage it.

I'd been wondering when I was ever going to get around to reading some of your earlier posts written before I ever found TGB and you. Now you have provided the perfect opportunity.

There has always been so much going on here, links in your daily post, topics I just couldn't resist commenting about, there was rarely time to read previous posts and topics I had missed.

Truth be told, I couldn't always find time to check out all the links you provided in regular posts. Now, I finally get a chance to do some catching up myself.

I remember discovering Bleeker Street and Carmine Street, but then I never had a chance to fully and leisurely take those tours either.

You have some pretty current topics here in previous posts that some may even want to update with new information and comments.

Wouldn't that be a kick, if you started reading new comments on your own blog to jump start your morning, Ronni?? *grin*

Even though I admit to getting a tear in my eye, or maybe it was just an eyelash, when I read this post, I really do believe you are long-ng-ng overdue for lots of days that are just all your own.

I'll look forward to reading, seeing, whatever, whenever should you drop by TGB.


Yay, not on a schedule! Enjoy it. Catching up on nagging obligations, catching your breath, and above all just being and drinking in your new surroundings. It all sounds good, good, good. Happiness and stimulation breed creativity. I'll be here. Looking forward to it. Whenever.

Ronni, enjoy your break; you deserve it. What's more important than walking the Prom or smelling the rain, after all? Susan

I will be here! Wonderful things are happening for you. Hurrah!

ronni, once again you offer us a model: what changing spaces looks like after 60. following your process, from trying to find work to decisions along the way to today's post has been a virtual how-to and how-it-is. if it were a book, i'd find your story far more engaging than the flashy stuff in the stores right now. enjoy your shift whatever you do. yours, naomi

Dear Ronni,
I totally and completely understand your decision and the necessity for you to step back and take a break from daily posts to TGB. Please don't feel guilty about it all, we will all wait patiently.

One of the things that is so great about getting older is the ability to truly appreciate those long leasurely walks along the water or those lovely moments watching the rain from your porch, and it is very much worth your time to do so for those pleasures are so good for both your body and mind.

It will be interesting to see how TGB changes and progresses and grows in different directions as you experience and enjoy your new life in Maine - which is so totally different from the crowded city life of NY. I am so happy for you Ronni, you have made the right choice in moving, and your new home is so beautiful, spacious, warm and homey.


You are in my daily calendar, so I will definitely miss you.

Your move sounds like it was such an excellent thing to have decided to do. Your town sounds wonderful. I miss having a deck to sit on during rainstorms.

Lawrence Lessig is taking a pregnant pause, too. Maybe this will catch on. We might become a little more relaxed and European in our outlooks.


What, no post today? ;-)

Looks like I was outnumbered.

So happy to hear you're taking care. That's as it should be and will reenergize you for "clearing the desk." And your mind.
Life is new and exciting. Enjoy, Ronni dear. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Your plans for your time off sound fantastic. Definitely don't blog if you don't want to. To have absolutely nothing to do is divine!

Ronni, you taking space for yourself and enjoying the present moments of your day is just as inspiring as the words you write.

Thank you,

Oh how I love your idea of one day when you owe nobody any time or favours! It's so easy to say yes to everything and find yourself constantly running just to stay in the same place, feeling guilty about all you haven't done. Good for you!

And congratulations on two years of thought-provoking, funny, well-written, compelling blogging. We *heart* TGB!

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