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A Year Older? Already?

UPDATE: Oh, wonderful. Look at this from those clever fellows at bLaugh - just for Millie's birthday. I'm so jealous; I want my own cartoon from Chris Pirillo and Brad Fitzpatrick too. Millie - you should frame it.



It is Millie Garfield's 81st birthday today. That's "Thoroughly Modern Millie" who blogs in both text and video, appears in newspapers and magazines about elderbloggers, promotes blogging to other elders and was a star at the recent Blogher conference in San Jose.

She smart, she's funny, she tells great stories and proves every day that getting old is as good an adventure as every other time of life. Ollie the cat and I are proud to be her friend.

So get yourself over to My Mom's Blog today and wish Millie a big, fat, wonderful 81st birthday.


thank you, ronni, for alerting elderbloggers about millie's 81st. your flowers and claude's collage are perfect. what a community!

Beautiful, Ronni.

Hi, Ronnie....Just thought I'd let you know that my daughter's blog (Day to Day Life of a Very Lazy Gardener) belongs in your honorary elderbloggers group. She's just a punk kid!

Thanks, M.E. aka Gran

What a lovely flower arrangement, Ronni! Does Ollie like munching one your plants? Mounir doesn't but one cat I had before was a plant killer.

I feel honored to be included in your Elderblogger list...especially since it was you who inspired me to start a blog !It was the very 1st blog that I'd ever read!Blogging keeps me occupied...mentally and in the kitchen ..and it keeps my writing prowess going.Thank you so much, Ronnie.God Bless!

Hi Ronni

Time does fly when you are having fun and I sure have had a year of fun. And the fun continues.

This morning my door bell rang and it was a florist delivering flowers to me from a wonderful friend by the name of "Ronni Bennett" and what do you know, they look exactly like the ones you posted on your blog this morning!!

Thank you so much for the flowers and all you did to alert my fellow bloggers that it was my birthday.

You know what, the older I get the more I enjoy my birthdays and it is because of you, Ollie and all my blogging friends.

What a lucky person I am!!

Thanks for everything!

PS: Just got a call from the florist and they have something else for me sent by the same person, will deliver tomorrow. Wow!!

That comic is just wonderful! I added it to my post. Just couldn't resist. Did you notice that they are using 'elderbloggers'?

I missed "elderbloggers", Claude. Isn't that terrific that Chris and Brad did that. As I keep repeating, language matters.

Beautiful Ronni!!!! What a lovely tribute to lovely lady whose blog has got to be one of the best on the net! Reading her posts always makes my day as do yours!!!

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