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Today's Elderblogger Laugh

I'm becoming a big fan of Chris Pirillo's and Brad Fitzpatrick's bLaugh cartoon - "The (un)Official Comic of the Blogosphere." It's barely a month a old and they've done at least two entries about elderbloggers. We are a fast-growing segment of the blogosphere and I love it when the "kids" of the blogosphere pay attention to us. Here's today's entry:

Senior Netizens

Be sure to click through to the bLaugh site for the commentary on today's cartoon. Now if I could just get these two talented guys to refer to us as elders instead of seniors...


Elders? Noted. :)

I don't really mind the term "seniors" because I've been in school all my life in one capacity or another, and it brings to mind being in the top grade after years of hard work and fun as I passed through the stages to get there. We've earned our place no matter what we're called.

I love your blog and having you as a visible voice for our generation. Thanks for all the thought-provoking posts, pictures, and glimpses you provide us!

Thanks for the link Ronni...

I left a suggestion about using "Elder" instead of "Senior" on the cartoons. I agree, they are clever.

I noticed that Steve, and Savadotty and Lucy had also left comments :))

Thanks for this link as sure welcome good humor, creative wit, drawing skills.

We have a senior members computer club in Grants Pass, OR with a membership of nearly one thousand. We're proud to be called seniors and don't need the term elder.

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