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Real or Memorex – Part Deux

Elders and Seniors

category_bug_ageism.gif Following up my post from Tuesday, Chris Pirillo, writer of the bLaugh cartoon, asked about the difference between elder and senior on his blog a couple of days ago. The first comment left me more than a little piqued, so I wrote a fairly restrained (for me, anyway) response rant which turned into a TGB manifesto of sorts.

Perhaps you could stop by Chris's blog and join the fray.


Hi Ronnie,
I tried to navigate Chris's site and find your comment. Couldn't! So, I'm back here to put in my 2 cents worth. I do prefer elder. I think it indicates wisdom (the tribal elders). One friend also wanted to bring back the word crone for elder women.

nancy and others: Clicking the "Chris's blog" link above will take you to the page containing the entry in question. Scroll down past the Google ads to find the Comments section.

hmm, I see the comments section but only one comment (Matt's, and almost certainly the one that annoyed you) and a form. I can't see any discussion at all.

I put in my 2 cents worth, Ronni.

Hmmm. I left a comment. Better check and see what happened.

I see your point, everyone. Depending on how I enter the site, I can see my comment or not. Maybe Chris will see this discussion and explain what we're doing wrong.

Problem accessing site must have been corrected when I got there, as had no difficulty finding all the comments. I was able to leave mine.

Your comment, Ronni, was right to the point, as usual. The reference to the Google ads makes the case for what I agree is stereotyping. There just might be other products of interest to elders, but typically we are inundated with these.


I like 'elderbloggers' and I was wondering if there was a logo we elderbloggers could display?

We are lucky in that we have free choice to how we see ourselves, and as others have pointed out that depends on how we each interpret the words and labels, and those who prefer one word over another are quite free to do so.

I see elder in the traditional and tribal sense; but then I see elderly not as it should be, simply referring to elder, I see it as frail and aged in appearance.

But what about that logo? What do you think? We could link to a central list - or am I reinventing the wheel, is there somebody already doing it?

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