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Elders Dancing in the Street

Anton, who lives in the U.K. and goes by antnhec at YouTube, alerted me to one of his videos which he titles, Blinking Ballet. I found it mesmerizing, almost-but-not-quite surreal and lovely to look at. Perhaps you will find it so too. The music is from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet.

Anton tells me via email that some of the dancers were booked specially for the video shoot and others are passersby who stopped and asked to be included.


Hi Ronni,

You might try Steve Garfield with help on the video problem. You may be able to contact him through Millie or his website.

Steve Garfield Video Blogging

Me again...

Not sure why the link is not working. Here is the URL for Steve's website.

In the html, change the value for width and height in both places. If you change just the width and delete the height, then it will reduce the size proportionately.

You might try the tiny people at
Seems to work well though I've used it only once.

Ah, nothing to it with your instructions, M Sinclair. Thank you so much.

that was a great video. I am always amazed at the diversity of what is on UTube. It takes a lot to sort through for the gems like that one. A good way to start my morning

Thank you for this, Ronni!

This was a lovely way to start the morning. The beauty of dance and the joy of sharing in it shines through the entire piece. Thank you for sharing this.

I love that piece of music! It is the theme music for my husband's favourite football (soccer to you guys) team. They play it before the boys run out onto the pitch at every home game. For this reason I am VERY familiar with it. "March of the Knights" The dancers were great too. I think there was some Scottish country dancing steps thrown in there for good measure. Thanks for the laugh.

Thank you Ronni! I smiled thru the whole thing.......lovely. Dee

You described this perfectly, Ronni. It was indeed mesmerizing and certainly brought a smile to my face along with an over-all good feeling. Thanks for sharing it. I enjoyed it a lot.

Lovey, thanks

Wow. That just filled me with good feelings about people. Thank you.

Just lovely!

Pretty darn cool!

Well, I finally got up nerve to sing on my blog!So you see, you are getting through. By the way, I took the liberty of linking your blog to my East of Eden Blog. We both read you faithfully each day. Keep it up!

What a fascinating piece! I was completely captivated. Thank you.

I enjoyed this ballet, video and music -- refreshingly different.

If you become aware of any more such unique videos, hope you'll post them.

Nice to have a break from so many serious issues in the world though I'm not suggesting we forget them.

Oh, this is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing it. Amazing how such a simple thing makes one feel so good!

I wonder how they did that?
thanks Ronni

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