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Leaping the Generational Divide

There was something else on the agenda for today’s post, but this is just too good not to pull together all in one place.

Even though increasing numbers of elders are blogging, the press and the culture at large still believe it is a youth activity. That creates a divide between generations that too often comes up in the media as: “Oh, dear, blogging is dangerous and when it’s not, it’s just those young folks being young. But aren’t those old folks cute trying to keep up with the kids.”

Those of us who are out here doing it every day know better, and in the past few days, an event has occurred that brings two widely separated ages together appreciating each other. Follow along now and I promise you’ll have a great laugh even if you have seen all or part of this before:

It started with Millie Garfield’s 81st birthday last week. Chris Pirillo and Brad Fitzpatrick of bLaugh created this terrific cartoon to help Millie celebrate:


With the cartoon, Chris and Brad included this list of things Millie can’t open:

  • a new checking account
  • that bag of dried prunes
  • her left eyelid
  • for Beyonce Knowles
  • the flatbed scanner lid
  • an airplane seatbelt buckle
  • fire
  • this page in a new window
  • unordered list tags
  • old wounds

Millie, with the help of her son, Steve, countered with this video:

Chris Pirillo then posted this video of himself on YouTube reacting to Millie's video:

Now isn’t that a terrific series to start the day with, and a wonderful leap across generations.


Go ahead Millie ! :)

THANKS! I laugh so hard along with Chris I'm crying! Now where's a Kleenex? Susan

Yessssss! I had a good laugh too! Thanks Ronni

Fabulous! A great way to start my day. Thanks, Ronni!

A good celebration continues...

Fabulous! I loved the clever list of things Millie can't open. I loved her goodhearted response. And Chris' laughter was hysterical! Thanks for posting all of this!

I'm still laughing!!


Thanks to Millie's son, Steve, Millie's video is now embedded. Thank you, Steve...

I enjoyed it all and keep replaying the videos!

Wow Ronni I am still smiling.

I think Millie will be a media star real soon.


I think it's exciting to see the generational gap being bridged in the blogosphere. Life is so much more interesting when all ages interact with caring and respect for each other.

Wonderful to see Millie, the videos, the Blaugh guys -- humor does work wonders!

I want to be like Millie when I grow up.

I can hear Steve in Millie's voice and inflections, or vice versa. These videos are a whole lot of fun!

This is so neat! Love it! Thanks for letting us in on all this.

Millie is my hero!!!! You go, girlfriend!!!!

"what's going on in there?" spouse asked. then replayed it all for him and we're still smiling. millie, you go, girl!

I'm still laughing too! God, they were all hysterical! Having met Millie, I know her laughter is very infectious.
Age? When you have this much laughter....what's age got to do with it?
Thanks for sharing these video's, Ronni.

this was fabulous, ronni! i am still laughing! as i watched i wished my own mom, feeble and ill and millie's age, could be living an active life which still brings her fun and laughter.

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