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Elderblogger PhoneCon Update 2

Most everything you need to know about Elderblogger PhoneCon on Tuesday, 24 October (two weeks from today) is here. Read that over and if you have any questions, let me know by email or comment.

Further Information
TIME: The event begins at 8:30AM eastern U.S. time. That’s 1:30PM in London, 2:30PM in Paris and 5:30AM in California. PhoneCon will be live for six hours, until 2:30PM eastern U.S. time so people in a lot of time zones who want to participate can join in when it is convenient to them.

HOSTS: Elaine of Kalilily Time has graciously agreed to spell me for an hour or so during PhoneCon because six hours is a long time to sit.

I will rely on whoever is on the phone at other times to take up any slack when I disappear. I use a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telephone service, which, unfortunately, is not yet a mature technology: sometimes the phone just goes dead and it takes ten or 15 minutes for the electronics to recycle.

If anyone besides Elaine would like to volunteer to host for an hour or even 30 minutes, send me an email. There’s not much to do but play traffic cop if it gets busy.

TELEPHONE NUMBERS: On 17 October, a week from today, I will post the telephone numbers for the conference – one for the U.S., one each for ten countries in Europe. There will also be a conference ID number which you will be asked to key in to join the conversation.

The numbers and conference ID will also be posted at the top of the Time Goes By home page on the day of the conference.

ENTERTAINMENT: As mentioned before, Frank Paynter of listics will lead us in a rendition of Old and in the Way. Kate of Katethoughts has promised to bring mimosas and Joe’s Screaming Stuffed Jalapena Poppers.

Anyone else got something to bring to the party? Food, drink, song or story they would like to schedule? Perhaps Jeneane Sessum of Allied (who started all this PhoneCon stuff) will fold laundry for us again.

More updates next week. Once again, here’s the badge for your blog that can link to this page.


5:30AM in California

Whoops. What was I thinking. Thanks, Barbara. I've now corrected it in the post.

I'm quite willing to help, good time for me in Paris

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