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Elderblogger PhoneCon Update 3

One week from today, 24 October, at 8:30AM eastern U.S. time, Elderblogger PhoneCon will begin. It runs until 2:30PM eastern U.S. time. Earlier that morning, instructions will be posted here on how to call into the conference, and I’m posting them today too:

Austria: 0820.4000.1556
Belgium: 070.359978
France: 0826.100.260
Germany: 01805.00.76.13
Ireland: 0818.270.025
Italy: 848.560.160
Netherlands: 9006.454.545
Spain: 902.886029
Switzerland: 0848.560.183
U.K.: 0870.35.204.78
U.S.: 605.990.0150

I’m not sure there is anyone who stops by Time Goes By from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands or Switzerland. But there are readers from the other countries listed and perhaps this will be a truly international party.



  1. Dial the telephone number listed above for your country

  2. When prompted, enter the Conference Access Code. Be sure to include the hash mark (#) at the end of the number

You will then be in the conference room, able to hear and participate in the conversation. Katrina Espinoza of tells me that it helps to tap in the numbers of the Access Code slowly and firmly. If something goes wrong and you don’t reach the conference, hang up and dial again.

You may join and leave the conference during the six-hour duration as many times as you want. To leave the conference, just hang up.

RECORDING provides a recording service and the conference will be recorded – or at least, I will attempt to record it. Jeneane Sessum of Allied couldn’t get that service to work during her PhoneCon a few weeks ago, but we’ll give it a whirl and see what happens.

Anyone. It’s called “elderblogger” PhoneCon because that’s what we do at Time Goes By, but bloggers, non-bloggers and people of any age are welcome. You can read more here and here.

Think of it as a telephone party line (that's a joke for those of you old enough to remember party lines). Maybe you just want to laugh at Cowtown Pattie's Texas Trifles twang. Or you have a story to tell, or a song to sing. Or a joke. Or maybe you want to say hi to all the bloggers you've been reading. We might even discuss something serious too. So pull up a chair, pour a cuppa and let's invent Elderbloggr PhoneCon together.

Below is a badge you can add to your blog if you’d like to be sure others know about Elderblogger PhoneCon. You can link it to this page.


You can count of me and hopefully I'll have recovered from my jetlag! I am still in a daze ;)
I'll be happy to meet people I haven't met yet and hope to talk to some of the people I have met recently!

I can't tell you how much I look forward to this event. Though I'm not a blogger, I've commented on so many blogs, that I feel as though I know some of these bloggers. I look forward to hearing some of their voices. Not sure what time of day I'll be able to call in or for how long, but I surely will make every effort to do so.

Thanks, Ronni, for making this possible. I feel as though I'll be participating in a unique precedent-setting experience.

I am learning to enjoy Blogging! I look forward to the 10/24 Elderblogger Phonecon!

Jessica Mejia

this sounds fun! I will participate if I get near a phone...

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