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Elderblogger PhoneCon Success

Today – Join us at Elderblogger PhoneCon

UPDATE AT 2:30PM: The first Elderblogger PhoneCon has ended. Watch this space for a "review" tomorrow.

UPDATE at 8:30AM: Elderblogger PhoneCon is now live. Join in by following the instructions below.

It’s here! At last. After weeks of anticipation, hype and expensive promotion, today is Elderblogger PhoneCon - the event of the elderblogger year.


Even if it is not quite all that, do please join us any time or many times from 8:30AM until 2:30PM eastern U.S. time. It easy and it will cost you only a long-distance call within your country.

Austria: 0820.4000.1556
Belgium: 070.359978
France: 0826.100.260
Germany: 01805.00.76.13
Ireland: 0818.270.025
Italy: 848.560.160
Netherlands: 9006.454.545
Spain: 902.886029
Switzerland: 0848.560.183
U.K.: 0870.35.204.78
U.S.: 605.990.0150

Just dial the number above assigned to your country. At the prompt, enter the ACCESS NUMBER: 405966#

Don’t forget the hash mark (#) at the end of the Access Number.

If you're uncertain what Elderblogger PhoneCon is, you can read more here and here.

Looking forward to meeting you “in voice" today...


I tried, via the Skype to the US number. Sorry to say that the conference access number I have been dutifully entering with accompanying # is not being recognized. I keep getting "your entry is being cancelled." I usually use Skype to the US at least three times a week, so I know that works.

Tried to send you the funny domain names I mentioned on the phone, but your mailbox is full. Will try again some other time.

Thank you Ronni for initating this vibrant and wonderful elderbloggers Phonecon today. To read someone's blog is special but to actually be able to hear the blogger's voice, have a conversation, share knowledge and laughter is such a gift. We all have been joyfully blessed with this "airwaves" conversation and I look forward to many more.

For continued chats among friends,

I had a good time Ronni! Wonderful to hear everyone...and the laughing...especially when Lucy made her visit. What a hoot that lady is! Thrilled for Joared for starting her own blog. Loved hearing you, Claude, Pattie, Buffy, Elaine, Stella, Marty and Melinda in the time I was there; which was much longer than I anticipated. Thanks Ronni for putting this all together...I'll be ready for the next one.

Thank you for setting this up!
It was great talking with you. I do apologize that I disconnected without checking out. My cell (handsfree, of course) cut out on the way to work, and I just didn't have a chance to call back in once I got to the office.
We could do this again sometime?

I had the best time! Great idea. How fun it was to put voices with bloggers.

Certainly was a success. You were a great hostess - even without refreshments!

Hi Ronni,
Marti here again. I tried to email you with some information about the organization that I mentioned in our phone conversation. My email came back with a mail delivery error indicating that your mailbox is full. Let me know when I can send you this info and again thanks for a great day.


so heartbroken to be unable to participate-
Sorry I missed all of you :(

Sorry I couldn't hang in there a bit longer - but had a plane to catch. Still, it was fun to hear a few of you very briefly. Super, Ronni! Thanks for organizing it.

that was fun! hoped to get back later but life intervened. fascinating idea...thanks! -naomi

Congratulations on pulling off a great first eldercon. I'm ready for the next one right now.

Adding my thank too, ronnie. It was great fun and I can't wait to do it again. I don't how you stayed on the phone for seven hours. I had a headache after 20 mins. You are some woman.

(major light goes off over head....)

Pattie.....that was COWTOWN PATTIE I was talking to! Well, DUH! How slow could I possibly be! When I read her blog, I don't hear the accent. *G*

Ronni, thanks for setting up today's Elderblogger PhoneCon. It was wonderful to hear you all, and I'm looking forward to the next conference call!

Sorry I couldn't make it today. It sounds like it was a lot of fun. Flu shots took precedence.

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