Elder Movies II
Your Mission Today: VOTE!

Announcing: The TGB ElderMovie List

Last Friday, Time Goes By readers were asked for suggestions of movies about elders, films that enhance and contribute to our understanding of what it’s really like to get older. We began with the list from Ziv Schteinberg and WOW!

What an excellent and valuable list of good ElderMovies you came up with. They are now compiled into an alphabetical list which can be retrieved from the new blog section titled “TGB Features” on the right sidebar where The TGB ElderMovie List is now permanently available.

Each title on the movielist page is linked to its listing in the Internet Movie Database where there is voluminous information on each one. If Crabby Old Lady were writing this post, she would tell you: “And you better damned well appreciate it because it took her many hours on Saturday morning to retrieve the links, write the html and create this page for you.”

But that's Crabby Old Lady speaking; I, of course, would never be so cheeky.

Over the weekend, Portland, Maine felt the bite of its first below-freezing night of the season. Winter can no longer be denied and I think Crabby Old Lady, Oliver the cat and I will spend the cold evenings of the next few months working our way through this list from top to bottom. There are so many interesting choices.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and will contribute in the future to this fine list of ElderMovies. We did good. Please keep new titles coming as they occur to you or new films are released. Instructions for doing so are on The TGB ElderMovie List page.

Tuesday – tomorrow - is election day. If you have not voted by absentee ballot, please be sure your arrangements are in order to vote tomorrow. This is the most important mid-term election in most of our lifetimes.


This is excellent - thanks for your hard work!

thank you, thank you for this very useful list. hope Crabby Old Lady gets a bit of cheer from election results. fingers crossed, toes, and eyes too!

That was such an excellent idea, great looking list with so much information, and I will definitely be looking for the movies that I have yet to see as I love movies about elders.

Great job, Ronni. I know how much work that represents. I too am keeping my fingers crossed for your sake and ours, I guess...

Thank you, thank you for al your hard work putting together this very comprehensive list with links - yeah! I've added it to a list I keep of recommended films for whenever I need ideas. And good luck tomorrow!

For heavens sake, please tell Crabby I appreciate the list -- I appreciate the list!

What a great list! Thanks for all the work it took to make it a reality. I'm going to have to print it out so that I can carry it with me when I want to rent a movie.

On another front, I want to thank you for introducing me to Joy, of The Joy of Six. We have so much in common that it feels as though we are twins separated at birth. Thanks for providing a fascinating forum where things like this can happen!

Ronni, as ring leader you certainly did well. The ones I would have added are already on the listing. I'll have to really put on my thinking cap now.

Ronnie, thank you so very much for a job well done. I can only imagine the hours it took you to put this together. It is deeply appreciated.

It is indeed appreciated, and thank Crabby for indirectly giving me a good stock tip: after reviewing the list again, I think I'll invest in Kimberly-Clark, because I suspect that Kleenex sales will be going up.

Ronni, THANK YOU very much for your hard work in creating this great list of ElderMovies! Being a member of NetFlix, I'm going to carefully go through this list and find some real gems to see that I've not seen yet. Thank you again! Oh, and sorry it's turned so cold up North there in Portland; It's been in the high 80's and like summer here in San Diego, California! Well, that's one reason I moved here. :-)

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