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In the summer of 2005, I attended the first Blogher conference where, at the invitation of one of the Blogher founders, Elisa Camahort, I spoke on a panel titled How To Get Naked with Koan Bremner of Multidimentional.Me and Heather Armstrong of Dooce. The panel was moderated by another Blogher founder, Jory Des Jardines of Pause whose mother's blog, Joy of Six, just happens to be linked in the ElderBloggers blogroll on the left sidebar here.

(We all know by now, don’t we, that six degrees of separation is a misnomer; it’s really two or three degrees most of the time.)

That 2005 conference was the first event of the then-fledgling organization which, in the intervening 18 months, has grown into one of the most influential women’s communities online. The website, is the largest directory of women bloggers on the web with more than 6,000 members. A major feature of the Blogher website is a collection of blogs written by some of the smartest, most well-informed, sometimes funny and always thoughtful women online.

The beats they cover range from art and design to business, feminism, law, politics, crafts, spirituality, sex, health, mommies and many others. Recently, Blogher blog posts are also being syndicated at The Huffington Post.

So I am proud to announce that beginning today, I will be covering the Elders beat at Blogher, thanks to an invitation from Lisa Stone, the third of the triumvirate of Blogher founders.

The addition of the Elders topic (listed under Life on the left rail) to a website as highly trafficked as Blogher is important because in most of the media, baby boomers and their (or, perhaps, it is the media’s) insistence on remaining young forever is what passes for public discussion of aging. So perhaps at I can help correct that.

The first Blogher Elders post will be familiar to regular readers of Time Goes By. It is a theme that runs through this entire blog: the importance of language and how it can be used either respectfully or to demean.

In the future, I will be covering many of the same issues we discuss on Time Goes By but with an emphasis on women and addressed to a broader age range than the 50 and older who are the majority of readers here. I’ll post a note at the top of the main TGB page on the days I publish at Blogher (Tuesdays and Fridays) and I hope you will not only follow me there, but take the time too to read those smart, terrific other contributing editors at Blogher. I’m pleased to be joining them.


Congratulations on the invitation to a new forum! I'm sure that Blogher will benefit from your contributions. I didn't realize that one of the founders, Jory Des Jardine, was related to Joy of Six. Thanks for the information.

I think I read that the next Blogher convention is to be in Chicago, my neck of the woods. Perhaps this will be the year I can attend.

Congratulations, Ronni. It's good for you, but it's also good for Blogher!

Congratulations! I've visited and read your excellent first article, and I only hope that your new gig won't interfere with this blog which I visit daily.

Welcome, welcome, welcome Ronni. What a wonderful partnership for both YOU and Blogher. I got wind of it a while ago since I've been working for Blogher as a Community Manager; and I'm so glad you finally announced it. I can't wait to read your posts Ronni...Congratulations!! -Joy

ronni, your debut adds to the week of good news for women--from the political to the blogosphere. look forward to your posting about the need for more interaction between younger and elderbloggers.

Congratulations, Ronni! The recognition is well-deserved.

Great gig, Ronni. Congratulations!

Congratulations Ronni!!

Good for you, good for Blogher and good for all your readers.

It seems to me that since you moved to Maine, lots of good things are happening in your life.

Yeah Ronni !

Wonderful news, Ronni. Looking forward to (more) great things from you. Congratulations!

So now we can get "More Ronni" each week.

Hooray !!!!

Blogher is important because in most of the media, baby boomers and their (or, perhaps, it is the media’s) insistence on remaining young forever is what passes for public discussion of aging. So perhaps at I can help correct that.

Yes! And congratulations on being picked, well done!

Great news - they picked the best.
Now since you're an insider at Blogher, can you see about correcting a couple of what I'd call problems there? (Okay, maybe they're only problems in that they bug the hell out of ME.)
1. The blogroll is waaay too general. For example, why are entertainment and books grouped together? ANd the worst, from my point of view, is "Hobbies and Crafts," in which a birder or a gardener must wade to find relevant blogs. One sees "Joe Blow's Blog" listed there but probably never clicks to learn more in this overbroad grouping.
2. In scrolling through the many, many pages of Hobbies and Crafts blogs you can't even choose a letter to jump to; page numbers are the only (useless) option.
3. In the forums, there's no way to include the URL of your blog (which we've come to expect in the blogosphere) but instead the commenters are identified only by their little Blogher profile, which tells almost nothing. I found reading it so frustrating I just stopped.
OK, I feel better, having vented a bit. Ronni, I'm counting on you!

Congratulations, Ronnie. You are such an articulate and interesting writer that I look forward to your posts. However, I'm beginning to feel like I am drowning in computer articles. Where does one find the time to research all of the good information out there? I agree with Takoma Gardner; there should be an easier way to find one's own interests.

Your first post at BlogHer said so well exactly what those of us who have been reading your Elder topics for a long time know your writings have been stressing -- the importance of language.

I'm just so glad your writing is the one to give voice to topics for elders. This aging older person agrees with so many of your perceptions, that I feel compelled to say to the generations who will be joining our ranks, they can do no better than to read what you write on the topic of Elders if they want to know what aging is really like.

I actually saw your first post on BlogHer Ronni. Well done. It is a great website with a broad spectrum of topics covered.

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