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category_bug_politics.gif Remember last week when Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfled told the media and the nation (that’s you and me) to “back off”?

As columnist Eugene Robinson put it yesterday in response to Rumsfeld:

“There, in just two words, you have the Bush administration's approach to the war in Iraq. Indeed, you have the Republicans' theory of government:

“Back off...

“The Republican majority came to Washington claiming a populist mandate but has ended up governing with the same breathtaking arrogance that Genghis Khan, I mean Donald Rumsfeld, let slip the other day. Congress is all about lobbyists, earmarks and pork.”

- Washington Post, 31 October 2006

Now recall the story published here on Sunday about the Congresswoman from Colorado, Marilyn Musgrave, playing musical chairs with the timekeeper at a debate with her opponent so she wouldn’t catch sight of Michael Shiavo seated in the audience.

It turns out her nasty bit of stagecraft was not a one-time anomaly. Take a look at this:

We can’t get rid of George Bush and his incompetent cronies, such as Mr. Rumsfeld, this year, but we can dump all the Congressional incumbents next Tuesday - every last contemptible, disreputable one of them.

Remember, we elders vote in larger numbers than any other age group. Let us lead the way in demanding a government that is responsible to the people.


Every challenger is better than the incumbent??? On what planet?

Got the message --- VOTE :)

Good citizen journalism. Thanks for sharing.

"Every challenger is better than every incumbent?" Almost certainly not; but in almost every race I'd bet there is one challenger who would work harder for his or her constituents than the incumbent has.
Incumbency is a "go along to get along" culture that's all about staying in office and currying favor with party leadership.

Ronni, thanks for the visit and the birthday wishes. No matter being late - I'm just glad you got here at all!

I wish that when I met Rumsfeld just before the war started I had known what would happen. I might have locked him in a closet somewhere!

The YouTube vid is more evidence in support of Network Neutrality. Without it our ability to share unfiltered information with each other might be severely curtailed by the big businesses and politicians who would rather we stay uninformed.

If all Democrats vote out their incumbent and the Republicans stick with theirs, you will end up with Bush still having a veto proof majority. He will continue merrily on his way and who knows to what. How does that make sense? I am no fan of Democrats but right now we know Republicans will vote with Bush. The only hope is change the House and mayb even the Senate-- and then work toward a third party! There is no time for that between now and November 7

I am convinced that GWB will can Rummy a few months after this election. He has become a liability and fresh blood is needed as Secty of Defense. He knows his days are numbered no matter what Bush says.

Remember, "You're doing a heckava job Brownie" a few weeks before Brown was fired.?

Besides Bush needs someone to blame for the Iraq failure.

I hope Chancy is right that Bush will dump Rumsfeld, but whoever is appointed to replace him will likely be of the same ilk.

Wonder who Rumsfeld blames for the Iraq fiasco? Heaven only knows there doesn't seem to be anyone in the current adminstration to acknowledge the error of their judgement, much less take responsibility for same.

Think the idea of needing to vote to insure the current political party loses their seats in Congress is vitally important. May need to wait to unseat those in the minority party next time they are up for a vote in order to accomplish this, as Rain suggests.

Rain is "right on" with her comments. The goal must be to stop this Administration and it's policies and the only way to do that is to vote for a Democrat, whether he/she is an incumbent or not. The power this Administration has siezed for itself is breathtaking and it must be stopped NOW!

Can someone please tell me what the Democrats will do that will solve all of these problems and make the world perfect? I keep hearing some people saying "Vote Democrat and get the current evil administraton out." But, they can't say how or what their solutions are. Anybody?

They can't get him out, Susanne, and as I have said, I don't like what the Democrats have done either but what Democrats can do if they get in power in the House is begin to get real information on what has gone one. They will have committee heads and can force votes on various issues for the floor to vote on instead of seeing them bottled up. So something like upping the minimum wage would have to be at least voted on rather than blocked to protect members who don't want to admit they are condemning some to live on virutal slave wages. I don't see it leading to impeachment even if control of the Senate was gained because that was so destructive when it was done with Clinton. Bush might deserve impeachment but I am afraid it'll be history to judge him. Right now we just need to stop him. Not to mention stop him from getting a fifth far right judge on the Supremes which if someone dies the next 2 years, he could get with a Republican majority of enough size. He might anyway given they don't think the Senate will turn over.

sigh. Here in Ohio in our Senate race, the challenger is just as bad as the incumbent. And almost all the Republicans running -- incumbent or otherwise were in bed with Tom Noe & Bob Taft -- the first sitting governor of Ohio to be convicted of a crime! The Democrats are all career politicians & have been feeding at the public trough far too long! Heck! In the district next to mine, we have a guy who was just convicted of a sex crime running for the legislature! What's a girl to do? I served as county coordinator in 1980 for John Anderson when he ran for the presidency as a 3rd party candidate & most people told me I was crazy. To be honest, I think it was one of sanest things I've ever done. My usual speech began,
"We think its time to end politics as usual in this country." Would that make me ahead of my time? All I know is that I have no idea what I'm going to do on Tuesday. I've lost my taste for choosing between Tweedledum & Tweedledumber
The trick is figuring out which is which & I'll be darned if I can!

Thanks for sharing this video, depressing, depressing though it is. Keep up the great work, Ronni. The world and the blogosphere need you. I appreciate you.

I don't think the Democrats would have ever gotten us into this mess of a war and I give them credit for that. Although I do hold it against the ones who voted to give Bush the blank check for invading Iraq.

Here's a great quote from a piece called "Insulting our Troops and Insulting our Intellegence" by Thomas Friedman in the New York Times today:
Everyone says that Karl Rove is a genius. Yeah, right. So are cigarette companies. They get you to buy cigarettes even though we know they cause cancer.

Anyone from Massachusetts here?

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