Thanksgiving Day 2006
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One Last Turkey Story

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Crabby Old Lady has posted a story, Why Elders Are Needed, at Blogher.]

category_bug_journal2.gif The day after Thanksgiving isn’t much of a blogging day. Except for bully bosses who force people to work (have they no soul?), half of America is recovering from overexposure to roast turkey with all the trimmings, and the other half is at the mall.

The latter have more tolerance for crowds than I do. Me? I’m hoping Home Depot isn’t a big-time gift destination; there are some hooks and a special kind of door stop I need that I should have picked up last week.

I know you've had enough turkey, but as one last gasp of the fowl season, here’s the lede to a story in the local Portland, Maine newspaper that amused and still puzzles me:

“Cindy Kaiser was driving on Mackworth Island last spring when she ran into trouble: a tom turkey blocking the road and guarding a dozen hens.

“Kaiser, 58, threw her car into reverse, but the turkey followed it. She steered the car down a side road, but the 20-pound gobbler stopped her there as well. The bird darted at the silver station wagon and began pecking it from all sides. Kaiser ducked under the dashboard and hid. After 20 minutes, she peeked through the windshield.

"’He was still standing right there,’ said Kaiser, who works as a cook at the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf on the island. ‘It was very intimidating.’”

Intimidating? A 20-pound turkey up against a 5,000-pound passenger vehicle? Oh, come on now. Who’s kidding whom? Did someone make this up on a slow news day?

Still, I like the image of pissed off turkey taking on a stationwagon…


Here in Boston we've had wild turkeys roaming the streets. They have come out of the woods and are now walking down busy streets in my neighborhood. I have to say, they are kind of intimidating. They're taller than you'd think!

Fun story. We have wild turkeys around here and it sounds like the tom saw the reflection of himself only it was another tom to him. He was taking no chances on that bird stealing his harem. We have had them fall in love with bumpers on our trucks... also had a goose appear from out of nowhere who loved the french door and couldn't be convinced it wasn't a potential mate... well eventually he gave up. Birds are... well bird-brained :)

Mine is not a turkey story but one about a tiny Cactus Wren. He (she?) got in my house and I thought I would never get that stubborn critter out. I had all the doors open and tried chasing that pesky bird out with a dish towel. All to no avail. Back and forth across my living room that little monster flew leaving a trail of bird poop en route. I guess I literally scared the stuff out of him. Yes, he eventually found the open door and zoomed out like an SST. The last I saw of his rapidly flappping wings was of a small missle heading North.

The woman intimidated by the turkey could always have followed the approach taken by this guy

Darlene--What a wonderful tale. Talking about a "tiny" wren is a bit misleading, if one doesn't realize how large a cactus wren is. We don't have them around here; but, when I lived in Albuquerque, we had one "trapped" in the atrium of our office building. It was huge compared to a house wren--more in the order of a house sparrow or house finch, for size, aren't they? They are cute!

You're right Cop Car; I was using the small size of the Wren relative to a turkey.

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