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Contrary to claims of some people who must be, I suppose, classified as age deniers, if you live long enough there are liable to be some physical problems. Although many conditions and diseases can occur at any age, elders statistically rack up more arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer's Disease, stroke, heart attacks, etc. than younger people.

I will have more to say about that another time. For now...

Yesterday a skin cancer was removed from the back of my left leg, the hole repaired with a graft from my groin. The pathologist says all the cancer cells were removed and there is nothing left now but to heal. Nothing, that is, except for the fatigue I was not prepared for.

So, today, instead of a new post, I am linking to a golden oldie. Given the unpleasant blogospheric events of this past week, I think it is a good idea to give readers a better idea of who one of the unfairly indicted participants is. (I wish I had some past posts on the others.)

These days, Frank Paynter blogs at listics. But when I wrote about him in the summer of 2005, his blog was called Sandhill Trek. Give it a click - all the links there still work - and meet the real Frank Paynter.

Me? I'm going back to bed. I'll see you soon.


Oh my gosh Ronni! Best wishes for a full recovery. Pamper yourself for a few days o.k.?

I hope you feel better soon. Heartfelt wishes coming your way.

Sorry to hear about the skin rearrangement, but you're still breathing--just sore--so count your blessings.
Seems like a good opportunity to pile up in the bed and watch some good movies... and rest. (I hear sleep in the new sex!)

Take good care of yourself, Ronni. Warmest good wishes.

Blessings upon your healing. Stress really fatigues us and having that dealt with surely falls under that category. Peace.

So glad that's taken care of. Rest well Ronni...thinking of you always.

Rest & take care of yourself Ronni. Hope you are back to the blog soon. BTW, fatigue is my major irritant nowdays!!!! Dee

I have been meaning to check in and say hi, but I wish unhappy news hadn't been the spur to get me to do it. Anyway, I hope you're reading this several hours after it is written, after having kicked back and taken it easy all day. Anyway, as the greeting cards say, get well soon.

Keeping a good thought for your complete and speedy recovery, Ronni.

I'm sorry you've had such a scare but relieved to know it was caught in time and all the cancer cells were removed. Take care, get plenty of rest and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Good to know that you woke up and went back to sleep, dear Ronni. Surgery IS tiring, except, I guess when one is really young. So get a lot of rest. It's good for you.

Oh, my. I am sorry you have to go through this, Ronni. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Chin up m'dear. Get those zzz's and make Ollie clean up the house. Won't hurt him to help out.


Glad this thing is behind you. Do take good care of yourself - zzzzz. Lots of good posts from earlier that are very pertinent today for me to read.

Have been visiting Frank first at "Sandhill Trek," then his present blog at "listics" after first learning of him here. Have always found some really interesting topics and comments there, along with enjoying his "take" and sense of humor about issues.

Ronni...Tell Ollie it is his turn to wait on you.

Feel better soon.

Speedy recovery, Ronni. Good to know that all things evil were removed.

Hi Ronnie.Sorry to hear about your Leg.I never heard of this kind of cancer.How did this Happen?I'll remember you in my prayers tonight.Take care and may God bless Vera

Hi Ronnie.Sorry to hear about your Leg.I never heard of this kind of cancer.How did this Happen?I'll remember you in my prayers tonight.Take care and may God bless Vera

Having had eight skin cancers removed I can empathize with you. However, I have never had one so deep that a skin graft was necessary. I hope it wasn't a Melanoma. Do take very good care of yourself and slather on that sunscreen when you do feel like going out. Heal quickly, Ronni, and don't come back until you feel like it. We will all wait for you. (You're definitely worth waiting for.)

Just wanted to pop by and wish you a very speedy recovery. Be good to you, rest, relax and get well very soon!
All the best, Ronni.....

P.S. to my comment. I just popped in to 'listics' and will become a regular visitor. I loved the video about the little girl and her Pug. I have a friend who has a matching Pug and sent her the video. She will love it too.

Hope your leg is feeling better today. I had a small skin thing removed last year which was precancerous but didn't require any grafting, just left me with a small scar. You are right-- we need to be careful about our skin and years of sunbathing left a lot of us vulnerable

My mom, age 96, had a melanoma on the calf about eight years ago. While she didn't go the grafting route, she fared, as you can deduce, very well. That said, for me, while it's great hearing of other people's healing from health crises that sound similar to mine, nothing beats witnessing my own healing. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and thanks for your blog (one on my short A-list)!

Oh, dear, sorry to hear about that! Take care of yourself, Ronni, and get better quick! Good vibes coming your way...

Ronni, mr. kenju had that same thing done about 4 years ago, but without the skin graft. I hope you will recover quickly. I think the fatigue may be from anesthesia (at least it always is with me). Hope you feel well soon!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Ronni!!! You are, as always, in my prayers!!!!

I am sorry to hear that you've had rogue cells! I'm glad they're gone now. I hope this never happens again. Rest easy Ronnie!

Yep, Ronni. Prop that leg us and take it easy for a few days and give that spot a chance to heal. Rest is a good cure.


Me, too, Ronni. Blessings for a speedy recovery.

I had the same thing, squamous cell carcinoma, removed from my nose and covered up by a graft from my shouldner. I called it having my shoulder stapled to my nose. I actually had to give a speech with a white puffball on my nose that was holding the graft in place for a week. But I was so glad to have the cancer removed that I didn't care!
Get well soon.

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