A Golden Oldie
Surgical Update and Elderblogging


Hope you're having a better day today...

Read the article. Did you know that peppermint also stimulates mental acuity??

Well done, ladies. Hope you are feeling better, Ronni.

Hurray for our side! I'm so enjoying the notoriety you elder bloggerings are creating. Hope you're feeling better each day, Ronnie. Dee

Hi Ronni
If I had a paid publicist I couldn't do any better than what you do for me! Yah Ronni!

All this notoriety has left me speechless, figuratively and literally. Right now I have larynigitis, can't talk but I can BLOG!

Hope you are feeling better today. Take care.

Excellent stuff!!!!!!!!

And Millie? Does that mean we won't have another Yiddish lesson until you recover? Take care, ny friend!!!

Just visited My Moms Blog and am adding it to my list. We 81 year olds have to stick together. Thanks, Ronni, for the information. I hope the leg is healing nicely and that you are resting up. Take very good care of yourself.

Hi Ronnie,I could'nt find the blog about "Millie and me." I hope your feeling better and wish you a speedy recovery.Love Vera

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