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Blog Post No. 1000

According to my host, Typepad, today marks the 1000th blog post on Time Goes By. Who knew I had that much to say about getting old.

A couple of dozen are guest posts from fellow bloggers who filled in so well when I have been away. And more than a hundred are the Timeline photo biography that was re-posted and somewhat edited from its original iteration on fotolog.net in 2003. Most of the rest are essays, reports, meditations and some exhortations on various aspects of aging.

Round numbers invite, even require, acknowledgement, so I thought it would be good to mark the occasion by mentioning some of my favorites. Not an easy proposition since I mostly forget them once their day has passed and I’m not about to re-read 1000 entries. A few do come to mind…

It’s hard to believe Crabby Old Lady wrote so much – 24 entries! - in 2005 protesting President Bush’s campaign to privatize Social Security. Crabby would like to take credit for defeating the president’s misbegotten proposal, but even she doesn’t have that much ego.

I’m still proud of the “mom series” about caring for my mother full time during the final months of her life. It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever written, and I’m glad I did it even if it did take 12 years to happen.

The first post is titled “40 Versus 62” which, it appears from an editorial note, I wrote in September 2003. Obviously, I was a slow starter since the next post did not appear until March 2004.

Here is a story from 11 months ago with photos of my morning walk along Casco Bay. I should do an update soon. Also, there is this silly fantasy from last summer about the plants in my deck garden. I’ll need to update that later this season since there are many newcomers to the fold and it was such fun to write.

And that’s about all the blog nostalgia I can tolerate. On to the next one thousand posts.

[There is a note from moi today at The Elder Storytelling Place about the pleasures of slow reading.]


Congradulations, Ronni! What a wonderful accomplishment & at your age, too! LOL. One thing is for sure......we're never to old to learn.....even tho' recall is sluggish. Dee

Indeed Ronni....

Congratulations are certainly in order. I especially appreciate your dedication and passion on the issue of age and will continue to look forward to many more commentaries on the pros and cons of aging.


1000 posts. Well done.

Congratulations! I've been away from blogging for a while for various reasons including computer woes and see that there is quite a lot to catch up on here. Thanks for the support and information system you've provided.

Congratulations and thank you! Daily posting can be a real challenge as I've learned since I've made the commitment to myself to do so. You have my utmost respect that you do it so very, very well! Here's to a 1000 or so more!!!!!

Congrats! Onward and upward.

Kudos! I only wish I had known about your blog when you first started. I'm glad I finally found you and appreciate being able to catch up by following your links. I just looked at your morning walk on Casco Bay and am envious. I no longer walk in the morning, but when I did I had to content myself with the fronts of townhouses that looked just like mine. So boring; no wonder I gave it up. We do have fantastic sunrises here, though when the whole sky turns from vermilion to salmon color. It is cool in the desert in the morning, but we know the 110* temps are soon to arrive at midday.

Hip Hip Hooray. One thousand posts is quite an accomplishment.

Ah Ronni, what a pro you are! I have not yet reached the triple digits in blog posts myself, but I applaud your diligence and commitment and you remain my best role model. Congrats!

1000 posts! That is quite impressive and quite a lot of work! Congratulations, Ronni!

Now what can you do for an encore? I hope there will be thousands more posts! Congratulations, Ronni!

Wow, 1,000 posts. Definitely a milestone. :)
Congratulations, Ronni.

1000 posts? Unbelievable! You are a champ. I've been blogging since way back in '02 and am still shy of 600.
You make the rest of us look like laggards. But lucky for us that you're so phenomenally productive. Hearty congratulations. Here's to the next 1000!

I just read your mom series. I need time right now to catch my breath and to reflect on what you shared. The piece is signature you (as I am coming to discover you through your blog self): honest, witty, unsentimental, smart, sensible, grown up, aware, loyal.

Congratulations on being here, on the 1000 posts, and on the mom series. If you had written no other piece in your life, this one would be more than enough.

Bless you for letting us into your remarkable world of thoughts and deeds.

Congratulations, that certainly calls for a celebration! Wow, 1000 posts!!

I took a look at your photo biography and love that picture of you getting a bath. What I saw was a wide eyed adorable baby.

Keep those posts coming.

That last comment was from me.


Your "mom series" was what attracted me and the promise of more like it is what keeps me coming back.

Ronni, you are an inspiration.
I used to think blogging was an overrated pastime until I came across you and TGB.
I hope not to miss any of your next 1000 posts.

Congratulations! Your writing, thoughts, just keeps bringing me back despite myself. Hope you continue for many years to come.

Hi Ronnie,
Your biography was great reading.The beautiful pictures of your family are terrific.Thanks for sharing.Love,Vera

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