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Happy Father's Day Redux

Last Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day here at Time Goes By and at The Elder Storytelling Place. Since not one of you pointed out that it was not Father's Day, you are either as confused as I am or remarkably polite. Or perhaps because so many of us here are old enough that our father's are dead, we don't pay as close attention to Father's Day as we once did.

Whatever the reason for last week's error, we are celebrating again today with not one, but three father stories - worthy repeats all - at The Elder Storytelling Place.

If I have the date wrong again, please do let me know...


Heh! I got confused last week after seeing Father's Day advertising, so called my father to wish him a happy Father's Day. He had to tell me I had it wrong. Guess I'll call again today, although it will seem a bit anticlimactic.

Thank heaven you cleared up the matter. I followed your cue last week and wrote a father post and was very surprised this morning reading through my blogline list that everyone was celebrating today.

You're all wrong. Here in Australia it's not until early September.

Well, I scratched my head, a bit; then, decided that you were just anxious to get the posting out. It didn't occur to me that you (or anyone else, for that matter) was confused. (See how confused I was?!) And after all of that, I dithered about and failed to get the card in the mail to my father-in-law soon enough to assure that it would reach him today. Let's hope USPS outdoes themselves on that envelope! (Pop will be 97, this fall, and lives in St Louis--a 7-hour drive. I plan to see him next Thursday & Friday.)

Well, I thought it was a little early when you put 'For Father's Day' next to my post; but I assumed you were just starting early and had more entries in mind for the this weekend. Hmmm....I guess one should never assume...

Under your inspiration, I actually posted a father's day post last week that made both me and my father proud; then I realized I was a week early. It didn't matter. My daddy still loved it.

Truth be told, Ronni, I thought it was all your years in broadcasting at work--that you wanted the Father's Day stuff out a week ahead of time to give it a better chance of having been read by the time Father's Day actually rolled around.

So much for my analytical skills...

I thought you were just amazingly on top of things and wanted to be early! ;)
Off to read the stories!

I always find all this quite confusing! France's Father's Day is the third Sunday in June. That's tomorrow, I think.

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