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As I wrote last February, I traveled then to St. Paul to tape three episodes of a PBS series about aging titled, Life (Part 2). As their website describes it,

“Each week, Life (Part 2) offers ideas, insights, conversation - and of course, humor - on aging vitally and vibrantly. Each week’s episode will explore issues facing the 26% of the American population who are 55 and older. Hosted by actor (and backgammon champ) Alan Rosenberg, guests and contributors bring smarts, humor and experience to the art and science of aging.”

You can find out more about it at the PBS website which is still being created, and get my immediate reaction to the tapings in this post from February.

This is an important series with a wide variety of topics and viewpoints from some fascinating folks about getting older, and I’m not saying that just because I appear on it or because the producers are old friends of mine.

The series begins airing this week on throughout the United States, but it is broadcast in different cities on different dates and at different times, and may not start until later in the summer in some places. There is a Zip Code search to find out when and where you can find it in your town.

More cities are being added every week so if you happen to see it and have something to say, please come back and post a comment.

Shameless plug: Although there are about 12 or 13 episodes in all, the titles of ones I appear in are:

Adapting to Change
Men vs. Women

I’ll be posting more about the series in the near future.

[We live in a vastly mobile society and today at The Elder Storytelling Place, Ian Bertram writes of the value of stories to our understanding of one another in Stories Can Change Our Lives and the Lives of Those Around Us.]


It's Channel 2 in Boston. Marked my calender.

Boo Hoo! Channel 6 should carry it, but it will not be airing in the next two weeks. No information on when they might schedule it.

It's not airing in the Los Angeles area -- probably because out here we're not allowed to get older!

Glad to hear about this program. The potential for reaching an even greater audience with the aging issues discussion is encouraging.

I, too, found L.A.'s PBS station KCET-TV does not have this program scheduled during the next two weeks. I emailed a query and comments to them.

The other PBS station, KOCE in Orange County, that I view doesn't have it scheduled either. I had to leave a phone message there as they didn't offer email contact.

When I learn the schedules I'll let others know. Meanwhile, I'll be alerting those in other viewing areas.

FYI I rec'd a form email from KCET saying my inquiry was being forwarded to the appropriate dept. I will expect to hear from that dept., otherwise I will phone them in a couple of weeks.

A real live person phoned from KOCE, left a message and phone number I could call. She said they schedule their programs two months in advance, that she had checked and "Life Part 2" is not scheduled.

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