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Social Security and Medicare Blog You Need to Read

category_bug_politics.gif About once every week or two, a commenter who calls himself joe objective leaves a rant on a previous post about universal healthcare. He is anything but objective with slurs such as "shallow" and "loser", and without apparent understanding of it, equates universal healthcare with Marxism.

Joe's style of argument is not uncommon among those who don’t mind that one-sixth of Americans go without any healthcare at all, a style sometimes shared by those who would eliminate or privatize Social Security.

As an antidote, I would like you to know about a blog, entitled to know, which is an extension of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare against the forces – even within government - that would degrade, privatize or eliminate these two necessary and successful programs. The goal of the NCPSSM, which has been around for 25 years, is to

“…protect, preserve, promote, and ensure the financial security, health, and the well being of current and future generations of maturing Americans.”

Last Friday, the entitled to know blog pointed out the scare tactics members of the Bush administration are using to promote the idea that the United States cannot afford Social Security and Medicare, in this case by lumping together the costs of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid into one humanly incomprehensible number.

“This shock and awe approach,” writes entitled to know, “is clearly not designed to provide solutions. In fact it appears the end result is just the opposite…”

To the charge that Social Security will bankrupt future generation, entitled to know states:

“No solutions in sight? You've got to be kidding. Is that really the message being left by these Paul Reveres for reform? There are scores of Social Security reform options out there. Some more politically viable than others. Here's just one example from Robert Ball, Social Security Commissioner under Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. A simple Google search will lead you to countless more.”

Anyone who regularly reads Times Goes By knows I write about these issues frequently, but I can’t keep up as thoroughly and with as much detail as the people who write for this blog. I urge to bookmark entitled to know. It’s important stuff you need to know as we track the pressures against Medicare and Social Security and the coming 2008 election. You can also subscribe via rss or receive posts by email through Feedblitz as I do.

[Today at The Elder Storytelling Place, Jo Ann gives us an amusing tale of "Teenage Trials" that involves spiders in the bathtub and a revelation, years later, of her son's morning tiredness.]


Great title for a website: Entitled to know. We certainly are.

Thanks for a great link. Sometimes I think there's no sane voice out there...except here at TGB!


Do you know about I just heard about it yesterday, but I have barely checked it out. I wondered what you thought.

Thanks for this link. As for the scare tactics, that seems to be the operation hallmark of the group dedicated to eliminating any idea other than their own. Tragically, they've been systematically destroying our country from within.

I also get distressed by statements about what all those who currently have insurance coverage will lose if they support any plan to extend insurance to those without. I just think healthcare should be available to ALL.

As citizens of this great wealthy nation, we do need to re-examine our priorities. We need to demand that our government officials do the same.

Any of you who have read my rants on this subject know that Universal Health Care and the single payer system is my number one soapbox issue. Now that it is being discussed seriously we have our foot in the door. Please write and call your representatives in Washington and make your voices heard. The naysayers do not have the facts on their side; they use red herring bogus tactics. I am off now to read "entitled to know". Thanks for the link.

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