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In the two years since its first conference, BlogHer has become a phenomenon of the blogging world. The organization’s praises are sung far and wide for raising the general consciousness that women bloggers are out here in equal numbers with men and doing a fine job of it. No disagreement there.

Blogher '07 BlogHer has grown in membership and prestige so much in a short time that this year they planned two conferences, one held earlier in the year in New York and another upcoming in Chicago over the weekend of July 27-29. The BlogHers who are attending have been atwitter for months about their eagerness to meet one another in person and they should be – I had a fine ol’ time at Blogher ’05.

Still, there are times when Crabby Old Lady gets testy about the insularity women can take on along with the whiff, sometimes, of victimhood in women’s organizations that can be tedious.

That is not to say that there is not more to do in the equality-with-men arena. After centuries of patriarchy, a mere 40 years of gains has not finished the job. But sometimes the earnestness of women in groups wears thin.

All of which is why Neil, who blogs at Citizen of the Month, had me rolling on the floor with this recent post:


Be sure to read the comments – it is all a wonderful hoot done with great, good humor.


What a hoot!!!!! And yes, sometimes we gals take ourselves too seriously.

Is the "recent post" link pointing to the right place? All I see is the graphic and comments. ???

GoingLikeSixty: It is the correct link.

Are women welcome at BlogHim '07? Maybe I should go there instead of considering Chicago and see what it is that men do better than women.

Yes, I feel the same about BlogHer... I experienced that change, too.

Now with my children gone and empty nest, the name "MotherPie" might not be indicative of my older status.

I find the most provocative conversation to be that with the elders.

Ha - Neil Kramer! He says it so well ... always!

The comments about "hard pecs - as in implants" and "hating it when men have bigger breasts than I do" are hilarious.

Oh, Neil's satire is too good! I had to post the image of the Marlboro Man at TT.

Hilarious. That cracked me up!

I think anyone who was a part of BlogHer since '05 senses the change, Ronni.

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