An Ageism and Blogging Clarification

Elderbloggers Rule

Nearly two years ago when wordsmith extraordinaire Elisa Camahort invited me to be on a panel at the SXSWi conference in Austin, Texas, she named the session “Respect Your Elderbloggers”. It was an Aha! moment for me.

For reasons discussed here in the past, I dislike the words “senior” and “senior citizen,” preferring “old” and “older” when used as neutral descriptions. But they lack pizzazz. So when Elisa coined elderblogger, I immediately knew it was just the right word for bloggers who are older than 50.

Since then, elderbloggers has come to be used in mainstream media - at least when I gently browbeat a reporter into it. Among others, The New York Times headlined a piece “Elderbloggers Stake Their Claim” and Retirement Living TV, on The Daily Apple show, titled an episode “Elderbloggers.” .

Blogging is divided into many subcategories. There are mommybloggers and daddybloggers and political bloggers and tech bloggers and cooking bloggers and so on ad infinitum. It is time for Elderbloggers to establish ourselves as fully as those other genres have and Kay Dennison of Kay’s Thinking Cap emailed me last week with a terrific idea.

She made these two blog badges that say it with just the right amount of subtle, tongue-in-cheek humor:



There is now a new permanent page here on Time Goes By where the badges can be downloaded to post on your blog. My badge on the sidebar links to that page and it would be good to link your badge to it so your readers can find out what it is and download one for themselves. And, perhaps, when mainstream media are occasionally moved to explore what older folks are doing online, they will click it too.

The criteria for posting a badge are few:

  • You must, obviously, have a blog on which to put it.
  • You must be 50 or older.
  • Anyone who is included on the Elderbloggers List on the left sidebar is eligible.
  • Anyone else may post a badge too, but it would be nice to let me know when you do so I can see if your blog fits the additional criteria for the Elderbloggers List.

Let’s let the internet know that elderbloggers are here, we’re old and we’re proud.

[Today at The Elder Storytelling Place, Jim Filer recalls a funny childhood event that explains several layers of Connections.]


Great idea and my badge is up on my blog.
BUT....on the page where you gave the URL, Ronni....I couldn't get it to work at first because you left out the "s" on badge. Got the link to work fine with elderbloggerbadgeS.
And thanks to Kay for a great idea!

Great, Ronni! And thanks for your kind words! It was great working with you! As soon as Blogger decides to cooperate my badge will go up! Sigh. Perhaps when I go get my new monitor all will be well. XP hates this lil' old thing.

Thank you, Terri. I've fixed the page with a different instruction because the URL printed out is likely to stretch beyond the margin in some browsers.

Great idea! Almost makes me want to be 50. Well, maybe not. I still have about a year to go.

Ronni -

You'll like the name of this new magazine and web site.

I read about this at Kay's and came right over to get mine!

Great idea! Done!

I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I can't get the badge to work. I've followed Ronni's instructions...but it won't work. Cripes!

We're old and we're proud?

You're joking right?
No wonder I like younger women

Hi Ronni,
I can almost agree with there being an age limit of 50 for the 'proud elderblogger' badge, but I can't understand why you would limit the use of the 'elderbloggers rule' badge.

That badge should be free for anyone to post anywhere.

Hi, Ronni.

I love the badge; in fact, I've put it on my blogs, both of them, although I have not figured out how to link it to anything yet. I'm working on that.

By the way, you said you'd add my blog "Never too Late!" (that's the title; the URL is above)to your Elderbloggers list, but I haven't seen it there yet. I'm certainly over 50 (74, to be exact).


Steve, you are absolutely right about the "Elderbloggers Rule" badge and I thank you much for pointing that out. I will make the appropriate changes to the badge download page.


Glad you like the badges. I update the Elderbloggers list every six or eight weeks or so and haven't had time to get to it lately.

I have posted my badge. My kids think I'm hopelessly "old". I'm fine about that. I do remember the 60s, though there are some blurry moments and not because of my age. My memory is just fine. Anyway, thanks for your work. You make me proud to be an elderblogger.

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