Guest Blogger 2007: Marian Van Eyk McCain
An Elderblogger at Gnomedex


I did and posted a wish for her at my place!!!! Hope your day is the best and many more!

thanks for the reminder, kay. did it!

When we are kids, time goes by very slowly, when we are older is goes a little faster and now it just whizzes by.

It seems like it was just yesterday that I received some beautiful flowers from you and this morning I received some too.

Here you are on vacation and thinking of me. How very thoughtful of you, leave it to you, Ronni!
They are my favorite colors plus my favorite flowers - Sunflowers!!

And the good wishes keep on coming!!

I'm looking forward to reading about your experience at Gnomdex and your visit with your brother.

Enjoy and have a safe trip home.

Thanks so much for calling our attention to Millie's birthday. Her view of life delights us all.

Millie, my lack of expertise is really showing. I tried several different ways to tell you I was the Octogenarian who wished you a Happy Birthday and I am not sure any of them survived my ineptitude. Therefore, I am using Ronni's blog to relay the message. Sorry I goofed.

Happy Birthday!!!
Way to go rock.
I will be 60 soon....yoowhoo!!!

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