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Ronni Goes on Vacation

Early tomorrow morning, I am off to Gnomedex in Seattle. I’ve been looking forward to speaking at this conference for months and I expect to meet a lot of people I’ve come to know through email, along with others in the blogging and tech communities whom I know by reputation.

Chris Pirillo, who runs Gnomedex and invited me to speak there this year, says the Gnomedex presentations will be streamed live online. I am scheduled to speak on Friday at 2:30PM Pacific time. There will be a reminder and link at the top of Friday's guest blog in case you would like to watch.

On Sunday, I’ll travel to the town where I was born, Portland, Oregon, to spend a few days with my brother whom I haven’t seen since 1992. This will be my first vacation – a trip of more than a day or two - purely for pleasure in a decade.

That’s not to say that Gnomedex won’t be a pleasure; it will. But during my time in Oregon I won’t need to “perform” (public speaking does not come easily to me) and I have no obligations there other than those to myself to eat lots of salmon, Dungeness crab and razor clams.

The blog will not fall silent. Some extraordinarily good writers with strong personal voices graciously agreed to fill in here while I’m gone. You will enjoy their contributions – I know, I’ve read them and it occurs to me that Time Goes By could profit from my going away more often. I know you will welcome them with open arms and lots of comments.

There will also be daily stories at The Elder Storytelling Place. As usual, there will be a note about the day’s entry at the bottom of the TGB blog. But because of the three-hour time difference, the day's link may be delayed and you will need to go to The Elder Storytelling Place and click on the title in the left sidebar. I will add those links when I can.

If you have been considering sending a story to The Elderstorytelling Place, it would be nice to return home from my journey to a bunch of new stories ready to place in the queue. (hint, hint - especially to those who have not contributed yet.)

The eve of this trip seems a good time to express my gratitude to you for the thriving community you have created here at Time Goes By proving that there is a large audience for participation in things elder. So many of you have become friends and it has been an additional boon to have you all at the other end of the ether, particularly so during my first year in my new town. I would have been lonely without you and your daily presence here and on your blogs has made all the difference to me.

Along with that, I look forward every day to the lively discussions and conversations that go on in the comments. Even on days when my posts are far less compelling than I would like them to be, even when my mind is mostly blank and my post is a piss-poor example of sentient thought, you run with it as though I actually wrote something worthwhile. Thank you for your patience on those days and for making the lesser posts better than they are with your thoughts, ideas, stories and jokes.

Now I am going to go pack and take care of last-minute details for the trip. See you again on Monday, 20 August.

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Marti tells how she has been green for years in Shopping Locally Done Outside My Back Door.]


Bon voyage, Ronni!!!!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful time!!!!!!

Am so glad you're having a long overdue vacation, visiting with family and blogger friends.

Can't think of anyone other than you I would want to represent my elder interests. I hope those at Gnomedex hear your voice, know you're speaking for more and more of us.

Please let them know, that as a blogger, I just want my interests considered, valued and supported as I do those younger people that will be in attendance at that convention.

Tell Chris I've had lots of laughs from his cartoons!

It's about time you took a nice vacation...enjoy every minute of it Ronni. Good Luck at Gnomedex!

Have a comfortable, fun and satisfying trip, and a safe return.

Bon Voyage, Ronni! Best wishes for fair winds and following seas, and for a safe return.

Have a wonderful, safe and easy flight. Treasure every minute and know that your friends are thinking of you. We will welcome you back with open arms (well, with open comments) when you return. Enjoy!

Ronni have a lovely time and enjoy yourself !

Have a great trip, and we will see you when you get home.

And the kitty. . . Who will feed, cuddle, and coddle the kitty while you abandon him? (Not to spoil your holiday yet that is how they feel!) Of course, a trained sub skilled in the art of cat worship works wonders. Who will play this role?

Signed by one who is seeking such a sub as I ramp up for my many-month sojourn in Tel Aviv.

Tamar: A terrific young woman named Avery will stay here with Ollie while I'm gone. She knows and likes cats and he's met her several times so it's not like a stranger would be here or having to stay in a dreaded kennel (where I always think they'll catch some terrible disease).

I hope you'll have a lovely time, Ronni. I leave tomorrow too, but for a more mundane location...LOL

What took you so long?!?!? Have a good one!

Hope you drive out to Lake Oswego for a look at how much it's changed. Enjoy!

Ronni I'll have a story by mom for your return, promise!

I left a week or so ago, and with part of the family still here, mind you, and three of my cats have not let me forget it.

Its like having feline suckerfish attached to me!

Have a great trip.

I hope you have a great time in the Pacific Northwest. It's funny where life takes us. I was born in Portland, Oregon also and always thought I would return when I retired. Instead I find myself in the desert southwest.

When I visit I also want Olympia oysters as well as the salmon and Dungeness crabs.

If you're talking about elderblogging at the conference, I'm particularly interested in whether people think it'd be feasable to find a way to enable those without internet access to join in the movement somehow. I hope you have a sunny time on the Pacific Coast!

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