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41 Blogs Added to the Elderbloggers List

The Elderbloggers list on the left sidebar had not been updated since April, so I took some time over the holiday weekend and tediously, carefully and nearly going blind proofing the html (I want you to appreciate this effort, by God), 41 elderblogs have been added – alphabetically, as always.

Now you may ask why I don’t make it easier on myself and use such a service as blogrolling.com. I did that once upon a time, but there is a monthly charge for the additional styling services I want and to paraphrase Senator Everett Dirksen, “$10 here, $20 there and pretty soon you’re talking about real money.” There are already too many ten- and twenty-dollar monthly charges in my life.

There is now a grand total of 233 elderblogs on the list. That is nowhere near all the blogs in the elderblogging universe, but these have been vetted to meet the criteria that has been established for inclusion because they are recommendations – elderblogs I believe are worth your time to click on the link.

There are some whims. Chris Pirillo and Joshua McKenty are not yet 50 years old, but they both so strongly support elderbloggers that I want to include them. Two, Donald M. Murray and Milt’s Muse, have been grayed out to indicate they have died. Donald’s name links to a page about him at the Boston Globe where he was a columnist for decades, and Milt’s blog name links to his final post which is still available online.

The new listings are indicated by an asterisk before their names and I urge you to visit them. They are all terrific contributors to the world of elderblogging.

Have I made some mistakes? Undoubtedly I have missed many who ought to be on the list. Send suggestions, as always, and if they measure up to the quality of the 233 who are already here, I’ll add them next time, whenever that may be.

At the risk of inciting the flaming that erupted when I listed the criteria for inclusion in the April update post, here are those criteria again.

Also, there are two additions to the Other Elder Storytelling Sites list at The Elder Storytelling Place in the right sidebar.

[And today at The Elder Storytelling Place is a horror tale of 1930s permanent waves - that turned out just fine - titled Shirley Temple and Me.]


Thanks for your hard work, Ronni. I'm glad my "Never too Late!" finally made it!
Seniorwriter (Marlys Marshall Styne)

I have never been much of a groupie, but am honored to be a part of this growing list. It would be interesting if Library of Congress archived the blogs of those who passed on as part of preserving American History.

Just when I thought I had plenty of blogs to read!

Glad to see you added Marlys' blog -- I discovered it recently and she has a lot of good things to say.

So many blogs -- so little time.

I'm afraid I'm on the Elderbloggers list by default (kind of like my AARP membership). The hubby is 50 but I will only be 49 next month.

Thanks Ronni, getting on your list is like receiving a merit badge of sorts. I'm going to take some time to wander through the list again.

I'm very flattered to be added to the Elderblogger Blogroll. Thank you!

And I'd love to recommend my friend Shirley of Sketches of A Common Life. She's switched back and forth a couple of times between wordpress and blogspot, so her archives might not show that she's been blogging the required time criteria, but she's totally engaging.

Wow! Thanks! I love seeing my blog there, even though I've despaired many times that mine would never be as good as the blogs I visit regularly, including Ronni's. I kept hoping I could learn, though, so maybe it did rub off, and good enough is good enough.

Thank you again....and I'm over there reading my way down the newest arrivals.

You go to so much work for us! Thanks so much for all the new suggestions. I'll be up late tonight!

I'm honored to be included in such good company.

Ronni, thank you for including my blog.

Your blog and that list you've compiled are amazing! I look forward to reading more and clicking on all these intriguing links. I appreciate your hard work and commitment to helping elders talk out loud using this wonderful technology. We're lucky this happened in our lifetime, don't you think?

Blogrolling has been free for a long, long time. No $10 here, there or anywhere! ;)

Actually, I'm only 48 --
49 in November. I just blog older. ;^)

I'm honored to be included in your blog role. I'll be sure and check out the other additions.

I do my blogroll "by hand" laboriously too. I find that this forces me to make sure the places on my sidebar are still posting -- and to think about all those blogs --a pleasure.

What a great list, I look forward to checking them out.

Ross Rader: Actually, some of the functions at blogrolling are available only to contributors.

But, like janinsanfran, as much as I complain, I like doing the list by hand. I usually tweak some other things on the blog at the same time and can check out blogs that - with such a long list now - I don't visit as often as I would like to.

When I "made the cut" last spring, I felt as though I had been admitted to the college of my choice or was hired for the proverbial dream job. Or won an Oscar. Thank you again for this treasured gift. With each entry I post, I aim for my blog to stay worthy.

As for your criteria, I thought long and hard about the item on far right-wing politics and Bush administration supporters. I even drafted a comment. Yet because I respect you and the TGB community so much I thought extra hard before posting it. And then didn't — because others covered the gist of my thinking and... it is your blog. You get to make decisions (and change them if you want). You are neither my puppet nor a spokesperson for all my ideas, stances, dreams, or even fantasies.

On your blog and via your list, I have discovered far more than "just" elder's issues and related initiatives, challenges, and discussions. The TGB community you have spawned addresses (with an absence of prejudice or bile) often unpopular, uncool, unheard views and experiences. And if prejudice or bile show up, they are, well, shown the virtual door.

I continue to be honored & flattered to be included on your 'ElderBlogger' listing, Ronni.

Kudos for all your hard work!

Ronni, may I suggest The Boomer Chronicles to consider for your honorary roll? Rhea does a very consistent and interesting blog on varied topics. After vetting the 41 newbies, you probably want a little break!

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