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Ronni Bennett at Gnomedex 2007

Early this year, Chris Pirillo invited me to speak at his Gnomedex conference in Seattle and on 10 August I did just that with a presentation on Elders and Technology.

I wrote about my experience in this post and joared of Along the Way watched the live video feed and produced an excellent recap, even capturing some of the live chat that took place during the presentation.

Now, for those who care to see it, Chris Pirillo has posted the video at his blog. He has written a really nice introduction with a good overview of elders and technology. And he even made the video available to post elsewhere - like right here.

Chris | Live Tech Support | Video Help | Add to iTunes

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Norm Jenson tells a delightful fantasy about all those brilliant words that get lost sometimes on their way from brain to page in Mexican Wine.]


I thoroughly enjoyed this Ronni. How beautifully you handled everything...with such humor, grace and ease. What a great advocate we have in you. Great session.....Thanks so much sweet lady. ~Joy

Thanks! I finally get to see your presentation!

I read Joared's recap and already knew the nuts and bolts, but to see you in action is the full monte!


Way to go, my friend!

It was great to see and hear you. Well done. Now I don't feel so bad about peerng at the screen - but, touch wood, the old fingers are still working OK.

It's really great to see you in action, Ronni. I am going to link to this video on my French blog for my English-speaking readers and on Blogging in Paris as well, if you don't mind. Very informative and you did a great job.

Wow! What a great presentation! You did us so proud, Ronni! Thank you for being our voice!

What a wonderful presentation. You are truly our advocate. Thank you!

Much to my surprise I was able to understand most of what you said. As you know, I am hearing impaired and am rarely able to understand what is said on a video. Your enunciation is perfect enabling me to hear your talk. I had trouble with the questioners, though. And a weird thing happened at that point in the video. My screen went blank for a second and when it came back the video was on UTUBE. It was a larger screen and would have been terrific except for the fact that I could then hear the sound from both screens. Of course I couldn't understand either on from that point on. Talk about crazy technology.

I had to laugh when you used the term "Holy shit" That was my grandfather's only swear word and when he took his dentures out it came out as "Oh thit." I picked up the word and have used it lavishly ever since when things go wrong.

That was truly delightful. Thank you.

Me, too, Ronni. Great Job! You and the 'kids' have me all fired up to see what my Dad (84) is up to on his computer.

Hi Ronnie, Saw you on Alan Rosenberg's show Life(part 2) this morning. Fascinating to me. At 73 and full of energy, I conceived an exercise program for all, but mainly seniors called Conductorcise(R) A SOUND Workout for Mind, Body and Soul. I am a professional musician and have been for 57 years playing clarinet at the Met. Opera for 36 years and conducting on 2 continents, blah, blah,.....Would love you to look at web site It is a very unique and one of a kind program. So much research in this area of movement and mind stimulation. Just had a meeting with a Dr. John Ratey, of Harvard Medical School who really loved the program and its multi-benefits as described in his books. Would love to hear from you and hopefully meet and demonstrate the program. It is fun, joy and a wonderful way to stimulate mind-body for seniors. Have other material if you wish. Many thanks, Peace and Love, David dworkin

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