Dr. William H. Thomas – Part 2
The Bane of Blogs


That is so funny. Thanks for the laugh.
The village children here used to come round Trick or Treating when we first moved but last year I prepared lots of sweetie bags for nothing. I've got some ready today. It's not raining so we'll see what happens.

Wonderful! Happy Halloween, Ronni!

Ronni thanks for making me smile this early morning in Nashville.
A beautiful sunny day predicted here.
Happy Holloween

I am laughing out loud over the photo. Somebody had a great sense of humor. Thanks for sharing it.
Happy Halloween, Ronni, and all you commentators.

Oh, delightful. Thanks. :)

It's near midnight on the Pacific coast...Why is this just now appearing? Sounds like everyone else on the eastern coast saw it this AM....?

It's wonderful! Thanks for sharing it again since I missed it the first time if you did. It's on my list of favorites now!

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