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Getting to Know More of the Elderbloggers List

There was an enthusiastic response, a couple of weeks ago, when I posted a story asking readers to “review” the Elderbloggers List on the left sidebar. Lilalia of Yum Yum Café made the excellent suggestion that I give readers an opportunity do this once a month or so. But there was a problem…

…the reviews get lost on an old post never to be found again. Since then, I’ve puttered around looking for a solution and came up with one.

There is now a tilde (~) in front of the name of each blog on the Elderbloggers List that has been reviewed. The tilde is a link to the review in the comments section of the post where it resides. (The name of the blog still links to the blog itself.)

This is not an ideal solution in that the link is tiny, but if you have trouble clicking it, you can increase the text size in your browser which will make it easier and I'll keep working on a better idea.

Meanwhile, even though a month hasn’t gone by, I’m inviting you again today to review additional elderblogs. With more than 250 on the list, I can't read them all every week, let alone every day, and it is terrific to have some pointed out to me that I hadn't seen in a long time. Other people seem to feel the same, so this will give us all some good reasons to get to know more elderbloggers. Here, again, are the instructions:

  • Choose a blog from the list that you have never visited or have not visited in a long time and that has not been reviewed

  • Take a look around the blog, read some new and some old posts, check out the features, get a feel for it

  • Then come back here and in the comments section, tell us about the blog you chose

  • Keep your “review” to about 250 words or fewer so the rest of us can be sure to have time to read them all

  • And be nice. These should not be critiques so much a kind of report to give us a sense of what the blog and blogger are like

To give it some form and ease of reading, we’ll create a format. Start your review with a header that is the name of the blog in bold and is also a link to it. Here is the html to do that:

<strong><a href="URL goes here">Blog name here</a></strong>

Copy and paste the html into the top of the comment form and fill in the two blanks. Be sure to not lose any of the carets, slashes and quotation marks – they are necessary. Then hit the “enter” key twice for some space and start your review.

I will add the tilde links to the blogs that are newly reviewed as soon as I can after they are posted.

Blog Housekeeping Notes

  • In order to link directly to specific comment reviews, I had to figure out how to link to individual comments which has not been possible before at Time Goes By.

    After much gnashing of teeth and a few unmentionable words, I worked it out and now you can link to specific comments anywhere on Time Goes By either from your blog or in a comment. Just click on the date and time at the bottom of the comment and copy the URL that appears in the browser address bar.

  • If you haven’t checked it lately, the Where Elders Blog feature has some new photos. And if you haven’t sent yours, we voyeurs eagerly await a chance to see where you read and write your blog. Instructions are here.

  • A few more blogs have been added to the Elderbloggers List. They are indicated by an asterisk which, unlike the review tildes, do not link – they just help you find the newest additions.

There were about 25 Elderblog reviews last time we did this, but with about 250 on the list, we have a way to go to include everyone. If you reviewed two weeks ago, you are welcome to do another, and another…

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Pat Temiz shows how much a chance decision, even a small one, can change the course of our lives in How I First Came to Turkey.]


The demijon Blog

This name attracted me because I half wondered if it had anything to do with winemaking.
It didn't, but I enjoyed reading through the posts. Demijon usually writes about ordinary, everyday life experiences but in such a way that you are drawn into his world. His style can be profound or humorous - or a mixture of both. Well worth a visit.

Bitterroot and Bergamot

This is a photographer's blog. The photos are of pristine places, most places in Wisconsin and Montana where the bitterroot and bergamot grow.

There are several years of posts of lovely shots of nature. They might be big scenic views or tiny focused shots of leaves or seeds.

The blogger, Bitterroot, also has photos on Flickr, but here, there are descriptions of where they were taken that add a bit to the understanding and enjoyment of the photos.

Never too Late!
I visited Marlys' site today. The book review of When Old Age Hits You Can Either Fall Down or Hit Back will probably send me to the bookstore or the internet to purchase the book.
I especially enjoyed her post on finding a volunteer position that she enjoys.
I'm looking forward to visiting her blog more often.

Maya’s Granny

I was attracted to the Maya’s Granny blog on first sight after reading the blurb at the top,

“This is where I share the wisdom that a granny, as an elder of the tribe, accumulates in her journey through life. The reach of my mind is wide, and sometimes even a little deep. Sometimes, like Whitman, I contradict myself. Sometimes I wax eloquent. Sometimes I fall on my face. Why not do it in public?”

This description of the blog is truly what you get when you read the daily (or more) postings. There is every sort of topic to tickle your funny bone, as well as warm your heart.

Maya’s Granny is stitching together a great document, which hopefully, Maya will treasure in years to come, as much as we get to enjoy in its making.

Crone Meanderings

I read all of Maggie's posts and found them interesting. She has the same attitude on aging that I find here. She poses questions that we all have. She gives glimpses into her life as a single woman in a relationship. I definitely will go back

I had no idea you had added The Crone Speaks to your blogroll. Thanks for the link, and you will note that I have added you to my "Crones that Blog" section of the blogroll.

Blogging in Paris

I try to read Claude's blog every evening. Her photography often has a theme that I can relate to, so it delights me. She takes photos of sites in Paris and on her trips around the area.

The site's masthead contains pictures of Claude over the years, much like Ronni's does.

The blog is updated often so there is much to read any time I visit. I especially appreciate her revisits of the past as she learned of it through old photographs.

She's a wonderful example of an engaging elder.

Other Plans
Zenyenta's World

I love the blog name Other Plans, but the blogger last posted there 26Dec05; because of excessive comment spam s/he has moved to Zenyenta's World, a Blogger blog that permits comment moderation.

Scanning recent blogposts I see that Zen Yenta posted a good number of pieces in August but has written just once per month since. That's a shame because I find the blog layout reasonably attractive and easy to navigate, the posts clearly titled and labeled, and more importantly, it's just well-written. The blogger writes about politics and has also talked about ageing, technology, media, etc.

I would remove Other Plans from the blogroll and add Zenyenta's World. I can definitely recommend visiting (and encouraging) this blogger.

I'm so glad that EasyDiverChris has written about Claude's blog. It's one of my favourites but as the rules say 'choose a blog you don't know' I didn't review it. Hopefully, it's not cheating to put in an additional bit of praise. Claude has a wonderful eye for photographs and a terrific writing style. You would never guess English was not her first language. She writes a blog in French as well.
P.S. Thanks, Ronni for deleting my comment with the error.

Re: blog review.
If I were to review Hurlmere, I would rave about its literary worth-whileness, its curmudgeonly good humor, and its capacity as a source of interesting information about an area not too many of us know about.
Alas! There has not been an entry for about a year, after they had appeared with decent frequency since December, 2005.
Although the blog accepts no comments, I tried to get in touch with its author, John Morrison, of Cumbria, United Kingdom. I was unsuccessful, and I'm sorry. It was one of the few blogs I really looked forward to reading.
How long should it be before you drop a blog from the list? Periodic culling might not be a bad idea, given some rules of thumb for doing so. It would keep the list from being inconveniently long.


Thank you for the information on Hurlmere. In regard to pruning/culling, I do prune when I know a blog has been abandoned. But with more than 250 blogs, I can't visit them all frequently enough to be perfectly up to date. I'm dancin' here as fast as I can.

I doubt the list will get any shorter; I find a new good elderblog almost every day and get a lot of requests to be added too.


I didn't use a gold pan but just clicked anywhere on your list, Ronni and came up with Nuggets, and really liked it. It's full of tidbits as Howard surfs in places where I obviously have never been. He even surprised me with a flickr discovery of his, a group called Faces in places, which I fancied immediately because he chose such an interesting photo to illustrate his point.

Then he has a regular feature that I like, which is called Things I Just Don't Need Fun and varied, good-looking site. Love it! Added to my Netvibes!

Tasting Rhubarb

This Too still exists but the author just recently began posting instead at a new site she calls Tasting Rhubarb.

From the first I was an admirer of the photographs at these sites, but I had a little trouble getting into the prose and finding the person. I was afraid there might be too many differences between Jean, a sensitive and introspective Londoner, and me, an uncouth West Texas cowboy. I felt a bit inadequate to do a review.

When I get interested in a new blog I always like to go back to their very first post. In this case it turned out to be Jean's version of the poem "Where I'm From." We will remember Fred forever for this gift to blogging! For some reason this seemed to make her words so much more accessible and I began to read forward from this point, finding many points to which I could relate.

It seems to me that Jean's blog has been a catalyst for change in her life. She's made friends and become more self-confident. I was amazed to learn she only first picked up a camera about the time she started the blog. She has advanced her craft a lot in such a short time.

I recognized several familiar names on the blogroll and in the comments, so I am surprised I have not run across Jean before. I am going to make a point of checking back in.

This is a great idea, I enjoy hearing about about new blogs, The review will save me clicking on blogs I have nothing in common with.

Dorothy from grammology

Marja-Leena Rathje

Last time I reviewed a blog from the ElderBlogs list I chose Marilyn's Family Blog which comes right before mine on the list. This time I chose the Marja-Leena Rathje blog which comes right after mine. What a wonderful blog. Here is a quote from an interview Marja-Leena did which describes her blog better than I could.

"Finnish-Canadian artist Marja-Leena Rathje is a blogger's blogger who uses her blog as an online showcase for her exquisite prints, a past/present blend of the organic and archeological, with personal reflections about culture and artistic process."

Not only is Marja-Leena's art stunning but her prose is wonderful too. I especially love the blog she recently posted about taking her 7 year old granddaughter to her first symphony. Marja-Leena's description made me smile and feel good. I can definitely recommend the Marja-Leena Rathje blog.

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