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Oh, my. Have dessert first and don't limit yourself to just one kind of pie. My kind of table!

Have a happy holiday Ronnie. You are one of the things I am thankful for here. Have fun with those pies too.

Forgive me it this seems inappropriate, but on this Thanksgiving Day I am compelled to share this poem from a local friend.

These Days

These days I keep a candle burning
through the dark hours
at the far end of the year.

A single flame burns
for mercy and compassion,
for truth and forgiveness;

for our endangered Constitution
and the land I love,
and for all the lands loved everywhere;

for our youth in prison,
in uniforms or gangs,
doing what they must to survive;

for all those left homeless
by earthquake, flood or war,
by indifference or greed;

for tiger salamanders
and polar bears
and ancient redwood trees;

for tender-tipped
green growing
in asphalt cracks beneath the cars;

for renewal and quickening
promised by apple bud and daphne,
by Persehone and Jesus.

Some days, the only thing I can do
is to keep a single candle burning
at the far end of an age.

- Larry Robinson


I think the poem is most appropriate - even more so now, two yeas after it was written. A single candle for all those and everyone...

Warm wishes to you, dear Ronni and to this blog's readers, for a good holiday — good company (starring Ollie the cat and Crabby Old Lady), good food (err... desserts), and good all else.

Isn't this a really neat 24 hours devoted to focusing on what we have versus what we don't have? Of giving thanks, not getting stuff?

Oh, may you have a festive time, or a quiet time, anything that is completely of your choice. And may your cat find good-pickings on the floor under the table.

Ronni, I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving, and if that table is any indication, I'd say you had a lovely one!

I hope that you have a happy holiday Ronnie !! :-)

I posted a video on my blog about Thanksgiving - it was filmed in 1939 - it's a Youtube video. I am curious as to other's opinions on this - the family went without turkey - wonder why - was it that expensive back then?
It's here: http://cathyknits.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/11/thanksgiving-vi.html

It's a bit nostalgic - wonder the thoughts of others on this video.

Ok, it clipped my link


Perhaps that will help.

Oh, I like that poem. I think I shall light a candle in a window as a way of beginning my holiday season.

Happiest Thanksgiving everyone, from Canada. Travel safe and have some green bean casserole for me!

I’m reaching a little far back here (I saw this Thanksgiving table and I couldn’t resist) but wanted to say hi & wish everyone a happy, healthy & safe Thanksgiving 2020. As much as I miss Ronni’s voice, her ‘Interesting Stuff’ and Peter Tibble’s music lessons (well, they were lessons for my illiterate ears!) I miss the contributions from her regular readers too. People like Annie Gottlieb, Cop Car, dkzody, Salinda Dahl... Bruce Cooper, I don’t know if you’ll ever see this but I think of you pretty much daily. I pray you’re well. Take care everybody :^)

Thanks for posting and calling my attention to this previous post from another Thanksgiving. Like you, Doug, I miss the comments that Ronni's posts would elicit from a variety of readers. Many times I didn't post a comment because everyone had already said it better than I could. So, from 13 years ago, here we are to say Happy Thanksgiving, and Ronni, we miss you.

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