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Elder Comedian - Mrs. Hughes

[EDITORIAL NOTE: There is a Q&A interview with Mrs. Hughes here.]

A long time ago, we had Phyllis Diller to feed us one-liners about getting old, but that genre of comedian mostly stopped with her. Not so anymore. Cowtown Pattie of Texas Trifles sent me a video clip from a performance by Mrs. Hughes.

Apparently, Carol Hughes has been doing her standup act for a some time, but I hadn't run into her and she restored my sense of humor yesterday after shoveling my car out of what felt like ten feet of snow.

And so, ladies and gentlemen - Mrs. Hughes...

There is a Time Goes By interview with Mrs. Hughes here.

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Tamar explains how she was blogging decades before blogging existed in Child Bloggers.]


She is hilarious. Would you consider asking her to do an interview?

Thank you for making my day. I haven't laughed so much for ages.

An interview would be great!

Glad you posted Mrs. Hughes. Her timing is just perfect. I've watched this clip about 6 times, and each time I laugh out loud.

I think she may be funnier than Queen Phyllis!

Too, Too Funny. How much nicer it is to laugh at aging and ourselves than to whine and moan. Thanks Ronni for starting my day with a laugh.

that was very funny. She nailed a lot of things!

Great stuff. Thanks for posting it.

Great comedian! Thanks for posting this. I like seeing women, and especially an older woman, doing comedy.

I needed this! Thanks! Dee

"So, why did you have me then?"

"Well, we didn't know it was going to be YOU."

What a great line! And what a terrific delivery she has.

Thanks for introducing us to Mrs Hughes...

That was wonderful! I laughed out loud. Thanks for posting it.

I'm so glad to know other women are becoming like their fathers. I used to worry I'd turn into my mom. Some things are even scarier!

Go girl,

I won't let anyone but another great female call me "girl." Imyself but only on the OPEN MIKE stage.

You can read my article about Senior Standup here on the elder blog.

It is time that we age-integrated the comedy stage. People need to see us oldies as people with all the feelings of any other human being.

No need to sit in a rocking chair wearing polyester slacks anymore.
We can enter the mainstream of life and I do all the time.

Cheers, Georgie

1. Why are you shoveling snow? Get a kid or a plow...
2. That was too funny - Mrs. Hughes is great!!!
3.Thank you so much for my daily laugh - vitamin L.

She's funny!!!that was funny about hot flashes and global warming...maybe that's what it is..all us boomers having flashes...
I think I will watch this everyday.

I would love to see her in person. Does she go on tour or have her own website?

This lady is hysterical. Is she on the big time circuit or a local talent? She is wonderful for those of us with kids and husbands and grandkids. Keep her going. Thanks.

Please keep me informed of where this wonderfully funny comedian will be playing! Also, Is there any thought of putting together a DVD? I would purchase one in a heart-beat! She is refreshingly funny, and touches on subjects everyone can relate too!

Mrs. Hughes is GREAT!!! When I need
a good laugh I watch Mrs. Hughes.


She was very funny. My wife and I are going to look for her shows.


Mrs. Hughes is absolutely wonderful. I've watched the video several times and each time is just as funny. My friends and I would like to know if she will be coming to the Cincinnati area.

omygosh shes funny! where can we see more of her acts? shes terrific!!!

Where are Mrs. Hughes videos
available in Canada

Eleanor: As far as I know, the videos (actually, I've seen only one so far) are available only online.

Mrs. Hughes is a breath of fresh air! Making us laugh and love ourselves, spouses & kids in a refreshing way. Thank you.
Would she consider coming up to ND and speak to our annual Farmer's Appreciation dinner?

I have had such a boost from Mrs. Hughes. I am even preparing an Open Mike Standup routine in November
at the Comedy Underground in Seattle.

Comedy is the most difficult thing I have ever been involved in but the most rewarding as well.

I am 88 and I intend to age integrate the twenty-thirty something comedy club. Younger people need to know what old people go through as well as what they go through so we have empathy for one another.

We need more Mrs. Hugheses in our lives. I am not one but am a wannabee.

Mrs Hughes is the best medicine I have had ever..laughter!

I would like to know if she is taking her act on the road. She would be a breath of fresh air for our Woman's Group at First Bonita Presbyterian Church, Bonita Springs, FL. We would have standing room only. Think about it!!

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