The Great Christmas Computer Crash of 2007
Been There, Done That. What's Next?

Happy Christmas Day, Everyone

category_bug_journal2.gif Early bird readers of Time Goes By (if you're even here on this holiday) will note by the posting time on this entry that I slept in this morning - a rare occurrence thanks to Ollie the cat's daily sunrise exuberance. But today I fed him and went back to bed for awhile.

I'm giving myself the day off from blogging to catch up on chores and tasks around the house that were ignored during the great Christmas computer crash of 2007. But The Elder Storytelling Place is in its usual daily flowering with a holiday story from Darlene Costner titled, The Christmas Present.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


Merry Christmas, to you, Ronni. I wished you the same on my "Bethlehem Bound" post, in the section where I name my Christian loved ones, including the virtual kind!

Have a great day. My grandchildren will be with their Opa (my ex) for the next few days. My cat, Luna, is so grateful to see them go.


Where I got the idea that you were born Christian and not Jewish I don't know. Matters not a whit (except that I have corrected my post error...). We are all one human family.

Have a good day, and make some time for yourself. We appreciate you crashing or not. "Stay Safe," as my old cops say to each other.

So good to hear you had a good sleep in. We've had a wonderful chaotic day of friends, family, and lots of good easy living. I hope that your computer problems are behind you now. You take as many sleep ins as you need.

Merry Christmas, m'dear. Here's hoping 2008 is better for us one and all!

What Pattie said goes double for me!

I slept in, too, Ronni, since we did our celebrating yesterday. I hope you got all caught up in your chores!

We were at our kids for a 6 am frenzy of fun and food. Now we're home anticipating a nice lie-in tomorrow am with hot chocolate and cinnamon buns, a little peaceful music perusing our new books. It's our present to ourselves.

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