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Protecting Vulnerable Elders

On a residential street not far from my home there is a traffic sign: "Deaf Child." On a nearby corner where a retirement community is located, there is another traffic warning, "Elderly Crossing." (I would prefer it said "Elder Crossing," but that is a different issue from today.)

Society routinely makes allowances to protect children. We place guards at school crossings so that kids, apt to distraction, get to class in one piece. Megan's Law and other legislation help keep predators at bay. And based on the fact that they as yet lack experience and judgment, minors are not allowed to enter into contracts.

But aside from arrangements elders make for themselves such as living wills and durable powers of attorney, there isn't much concern for protecting people at the other end of life. Old people are, after all, adults.

A recent story in The New York Times attempts to think out loud about what protections might be needed or should be allowed. Building on the (lengthy and unnecessary) details of how a man came to give away all his substantial nest egg to a grifter, the writer quotes Sharon Merriman-Nai of the National Center on Elder Abuse:

"Figuring out how to protect senior citizens from victimization, even when it's caused by their own mistakes, is one of the most important issues facing us right now. If we don't solve this, millions of older people will suddenly be reliant on their families and the government.

"But we also have to figure out how to balance our desire to protect vulnerable seniors with their rights to autonomy."

Elders are more frequently targeted in fraud attempts than young people because the con men aren't stupid - old people tend to be more trusting than younger people, they have a lifetime of savings and may be too embarrassed to report being duped. In addition, declining cognitive ability can impair decision-making. As much as we each like to think our mental faculties will remain intact, there is no guarantee we won't become dotty enough to cave into swindles or other forms of fraud.

But most of us will not need protection and therein lies the difficulty. There are bad people in the world and I believe we, as a society, have an obligation to protect those who are vulnerable. But as long as I've still got all my buttons, I'll be damned if I'll allow anyone to tell me how to spend my money or require a test or whatever else a bureaucracy might think up to judge my capabilities. As 78-year-old George Tomer, quoted in the Times piece, says,

"If you look at how seniors are portrayed, it's demeaning. We travel all over the world. We're as active now as we were in our 40s. But the only old people you see on television are buying adult diapers or scooters. It's frustrating when some salesman treats me as a child."

"Frustrating?" I'm not as kind as George. I want to whack the kid - it's always a kid - who treats me like I'm an idiot because I'm old.

Nevertheless, as the number of old people as a proportion of the population increases in coming years, there will be more who, due to declining mental ability or just stupidity (you don't get smarter just because you get older) will need help. We must develop means to do that without infantiziling elders and that won't be easy.

"We know that, statistically, seniors are at enormous risk for fraud," said A. Kimberly Dayton of the Center for Elder Justice at the William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul. "It's foolish to ignore that. But there's also a huge dilemma in determining when someone is just being eccentric, versus someone who is a victim of undue influence."

[Hat tip to the dozen or so who emailed me this Times story.]

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Lia recalls the joys of women-only day at the community swimming pool in Subculture I.]


If our friend Duck had not thought he was in a docked cruise ship, taken a walk, and been brought back by the police, he would have been sent home. He wasn't safe at home at all. But there he would have gone.

Yes, we have to have have help for elders......but there needs to be some compromises to the existing laws.

Other cultures are so different from ours. The other spectrum is the asian cultures where elders are so respected that the youth are inhibited and restricted. I think our youth would be glad to have a shift but the independence we have created via social security and other safety nets means more isolation and more isolation means more misunderstandings.

Elders and youth should be more entwined. Then cross-conversations could happen to strengthen both spectrums in the age-arc.

I realize that some elders are naive. I think this seems to apply more to women who are widowed and who had let their husbands handle the finances. They are more trusting and are more prone to becoming victims. There should be some method of educating the widows and widowers who are not wise to the ways of the world. Their families need to keep in close contact with them also.

There is no perfect solution. I am not sure there is a legal way to protect the innocent or those who are suffering from dementia aside from cracking down on the perpetrators. The criminals should have to pay restitution to those they victimized.

'Elderly Crossing'? I am still laughing because the ghost of a long-past English teacher yelled in my ear - NO! That's WRONG!

She was most emphatic that food cannot be healthy - but - it can be healthful. This woman was one person that I oh-so-wanted to forget but alas. Every commercial seems to bring that dear soul to mind, much to my amusement and dismay. The passage of nearly a half century has not silenced her. She, despite my failings, did her job well.

I have no doubt she would be very quick to point out that a crossing is an inanimate object therefore it could not be considered elderly....

Despite her best efforts, I sometimes try to cut my wood with a speckled ax...(another of her well-honed sayings...)but - there is NO WAY I call any food HEALTHY. One F from that woman was enough for me.

For all of you former teachers that read Ronni, Kudos! You have made your mark and will live on!

A neighbour of my mother's is the cause of some concern. He's a nice man, a bit eccentric as he goes on about the desert and the things he's seen. He's fascinating if you are interested in old New Mexico but it's a bit hit and miss. Lovely gentleman but a bit weird.

I found him charming and interesting but even when I first met him I noticed that he went on a bit. Was maybe not all there. Many people might not be interested.

A young woman lives with him, half his age. She's less friendly than he is but pleasant enough. He's left her everything he owns. This is not trivial: a house in what is now a high value area is included.

Now at a glance, there's something "wrong" here. Various neighbours make snide comments: she's taking him for a ride. She's getting everything and why?

The fact is, he's sorted himself out. He doesn't want to pay for homecare and he's organised himself in such a way that he's being looked after (and, it turns out, he has Alzheimers and is slowly losing his mind) without paying a penny at the moment. She's happy to chase after him now, in return for a future.

The deal he's made works. But there's plenty of people ready to knock it down (especially now that he's becoming more and more "dotty") and claim that he's being taken advantage of.

It's made me think.

Great post. These are things we need to consider. But we can't look to government for help. I find I am victimized by every government form or application I have to fill out. They play with my mind and always bring me to the brink of hopeless confusion. Nothing is ever written in plain straight-forward language. I more readily and clearly understand the language and intent of solicitors (scam or otherwise) than Government Document Diction.

Would you expect anything less from the government, who has been less then truthful for as long as I can remember? Aren't we on a need to know basis? Oh, and I forgot what we do know, is what they want us to know... (pardon the English, however, I think you know what I mean}.. I can't get started on our government it makes me sad.

Although, I'm laughing out loud, regarding the sign. I love it. I needed humor tonight and I found it here..thanks.

Still mulling over this one. Not the fact of being targeted, nor the reality or declining cognitive abilities for some elders, but whether or not we really are more trusting or vulnerable than other age groups as a group. I know so many people who are younger than my 71 years who buy into the scams of spending their money on the lastest household or electroic gadgets, hot stocks, cheap roofs, etc. that I suspect there are the vulverable, unknowing, and foolish in every group. There may be a special concern for elders because we are seen as less...or more childlike?

I was brought up by a widowed mother who had Maine ancestors. I knew that she cared about me but there was no cuddling or kissing done in our household. We were taught to be independent and careful of strangers and look after ourselves or we might be taken advantage of.

Today I hold true to form when I get marketing calls. I simply say, "I never deal with anyone over the phone" and then hang up. I don't even take advantage of the free vacations in Las Vegas that are offered on the phone periodically.

It took me a while to be able to realize that I was in the city and that it was not like the small town where we said hello to everyone passing by. That is a sad situation. However, I have alligned myself with many social and other groups where I do have close interaction. It is imperative for anyone, especially when one gets older.

This elderblog is another way to network. We elders appreciate this opportunity to share ideas.

I gain sustenance from my church people and all the people I mingle with in my YMCA Arthritis Class and other groups that I attend. We network and look after each other.

My mother was victimized by a couple con artists who approached her in a store parking lot. She said these people were so smooth and slick and persistent that she felt compelled to do as they asked. She withdrew an IRA to help them out, with the bank people not bothering to ask questions about this strange transaction.

I think all bank reps ought to be trained on how to politely ask (snoop) into unusual or large transactions done by elders and that scammers who take from retired people ought to be severely penalized and pay restitution somehow to their victims who have no chance to save or earn back their losses.

A week or so ago, here in Vancouver, two 60-somethings were struck dead by buses. I think both accidents were in an hour and a few blocks away from each other.

There's been a call for the police to do *something* about this, but the thing is, in both cases the victims were jaywalking or walking against the light. This was at night, but in quiet urban areas, and at intersections where buses went by frequently.

The media called it an elder issue, but the victims weren't *that* old, and I figure it's more of a person-jaywalks-for-years-and-eventually-gets-unlucky as opposed to something having to do with age. I saw a younger adult fall under a bus and die while trying to chase it, and others nearly struck when not looking where they were going when crossing streets. In none of these times were the bus drivers driving incorrectly or not being attentive. I think in general a lot of people don't look out for their own safety.

I guess my point is, when is it an elder issue and when is it a people issue and coincidentally involving elders? Isn't it being ageist to make the former assumption?

I'm with you on this Gillian, and I am an elder with a keen sense of ageism. But the "vulnerable" label of elders as opposed to the vulnerability of all people at particular moments feels like labeling elders as weak and to be protected. There has been a lot of attention to elder women as vulnerable to sexual assault lately, yet the group most often sexually violated are young women.

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