Merry Christmas
Happy Christmas Day, Everyone

The Great Christmas Computer Crash of 2007

category_bug_journal2.gif That headline may be overstating it a bit; nevertheless, I've been in computer limbo since last Wednesday or Thursday and had little time to think about anything all day every day except downloads, setups, transfers, backups, glitches and missing software. So this isn't a real blog post today - just a minor whine because, you know, I'm the only person in the universe this ever happened to...

Who knew Outlook doesn't come with MS Office (only Outlook Express does). Not that it matters. Pretty much all the software CDs for this laptop have disappeared. Last time I remember seeing them was when I installed them in May 2006, and they seem not to have completed the journey from New York City to Portland, Maine, 18 months ago.

How could that be? Did a box fall off the truck? I tore this place apart to such a degree that it may not be in livable shape again until February. Well, that can't be allowed since guests are coming in January. But the missing discs will, I suppose, remain one of life's eternal mysteries.

I actually know what I'm doing in setting up computers from scratch once Windows is reinstalled, but that doesn't allow for lapses in memory - mine, not the computer's. I made a careful list of everything I would need to back up or have handy for the new installation, what new downloads I would need, what my settings are and the license keys for various programs. With the exception of the missing software, I was quite pleased with myself...

Until it came time to import Firefox bookmarks. Ahem - they were not on my neatly organized and printed to-do list, so I am starting from scratch. Years - maybe a decade - of collected and arranged bookmarks (including intended new additions to the Elderbloggers List), and now there's no telling what I won't ever find again. I'm sure there will be some painful surprises over the coming months.

Also, because the new Outlook won't be delivered for several days, I don't have my Contacts list with email addresses, nor emails from many of you that arrived in the two or three days prior to the hard drive wipe on Saturday morning. If I haven't answered, I'm not ignoring you - I just won't be able to retrieve those emails until Outlook arrives.

Even with all that, it's like getting a new laptop from Santa Claus. I know from previous experience that IBM ThinkPad T60s are workhorse machines and this one is now in pristine condition as though it just came from the factory, chugging along nicely like it had never been used before.

To all of you who suggested I buy a Mac (as opposed to stabbing myself) - that's not in the budget any time soon and this computer is working beautifully now. However, you are right and when the time comes for a new machine one day, it will be a Mac.

Thank you all for the commiseration and seasonal greetings. Today is Christmas Eve and for those of you who celebrate, I wish you a joyous holiday and that Santa brings you everything you wished for.

[Today at The Elder Storytelling Place, Georgie Bright Kunkel tells of a special Christmas present from 80 years go that is still shining brightly, titled The Red Plush Coat.]


Good to know that everything is -almost- back in working order.
It's good to do that once in a while as it gets your computer back into working order!
But one should never had to do it like this in an emergency!
Just a suggestion, that I have never followed myself, make a list of all the indispensible stuff to keep track of, including what you have missed this time!

Merry Christmas to you and Ollie, Ronni!

Nightmare! One hears that this is a always a matter of "when", not "if". I picked up a 320G external hard drive at Costco last week for $99. I ought to be able to easily back up my entire 40G hard drive and then some. Still have to actually do it of course.

The computer situation sounds miserable but as though you have handled it as well as anyone does when they lose something so essential to our communication today. I had things disappear the last time I had a moving company move us. They were odd things, like a fairy tale book, a pair of earrings I valued. maybe there are moving elves that abscond with things, you think maybe? *s*

Merry Christmas and hope your new year will be a great one.

As my father used to say, when I'd be in a swivet over something, "In ten years this won't matter," or "Some day you will laugh at all this." It's a wonder he didn't have teeth marks all over his arms!

Happy Holidays Ronni, and best wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2008 !!!!!!!!

So very sorry dear Ronni. We all understand. We all have lost everything more than once. When they invented online bookmarks, I leapt on the bandwagon with "," and all my bookmarks are now duplicated on their server. I've lost my address book so many times that I now keep email addresses in my paper appointment book.

Have a happy holiday and know you are much appreciated.

I share your pain, Ronni, having 'been there - done that' too many times.

Will I live long enough to see computers that are simple to use, reliable and that never crash? One can only hope.

Sorry this happened when you would normally be able to take a well deserved rest for a few days.

My computer has not been working either (monitor problem) so I'm sympathetic. Never knew it meant so much to me. Glad you're up and running again. I don't know enough about the machines to comment on the details. Best wishes for a lovely Christmas and New Year's.


Oh, Ronni, you've had more than your share of problems! I hope it all settles soon. Just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

I understand, Ronni!!! I just got a new computer and am still turning the air blue over the changes and vagaries of Vista! And I've GOT to get my old computer set up again because I didn't save everything I should have to a flash drive. Hint: I found a small crate meant to hold CDs and I keep it on a shelf by my computer with my program's CDs. It's saved me a LOT of headaches!

Happy Holidays and a great 2008!!!!

Ronni, there's a wonderful little third-party extension to Firefox called "Foxmarks." It's free for the download, and once you follow the easy steps to set it up, it will retain a copy of all your bookmarks (in Firefox only) online somewhere in cyberspace. It regularly syncs itself with any computers into which you've downloaded the program. And you can access your own bookmarks from any computer if you're far away from the home front. All my worries about losing my bookmarks are now gone. Here's the link:

All blessings to you this season!

Merry Christmas, Ronnie. Hang in there, you are not the type to give up without a fight.

Maybe, just maybe - Santa will fix the computer while you're sound asleep?! Have a lovely Christmas and my best to you for the new year!

I KNEW there was going to be trouble when you said you made a careful list and then “I was quite pleased with myself...”

Merry Christmas, Ronni!

And Merry Christmas to you and yours from Melbourne Australia

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