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Time Goes By Shuts Down

category_bug_journal2.gif As of this post, Time Goes By is over.

The decision to do so has been building for the reasons below and other related ones, but response to today’s post – and it’s only 11AM here - tipped me over the edge. Isn’t it odd how often decisions are made on small events.

I can’t tell you which of half a dozen emails telling me that 60 isn’t old or you’re only as old as you feel or age is relative or whatever other excuse did it. It’s all bullshit. Old is old. The Crabby Old Lady in me is finished arguing that, along with all her versions of old-is-as-worthy-as-every-other-age.

Too many people want to slice and dice the language and proclaim their youthfulness in other ways unto the grave and if that is your position, this or any blog is unlikely to change your mind.

But all this age denial (the negative ones never publish publicly; they just rant in emails to me) before noon has made the decision for me. I’m out of energy to move forward with this.

In addition, I’m tired of asking for story submissions for The Elder Storytelling Place. In the past when the backlog ran short, I posted an editorial comment begging for stories. I don’t want to do that anymore either. The stories that come in as a result of today’s post at that blog will be set up to post automatically over the next few days and then that blog will drift away too.

It doesn’t make much sense to me, but it is so nevertheless - another one of those small incidents that pushed me over the edge is that as of a couple of days ago, Blogger blogs (owned by Google) no longer allow people without Blogger or Google accounts to leave their blog address on comments, instead supplying a link to sign up.

I’ve lost the heart to argue against that too, but I will not allow myself to be forced to join the Google Army bludgeoning its way toward world domination.

Please keep up your work on S.1959. I will continue also, privately now. It may become the most important thing we will ever have done.

Over four-plus years of this blog, I’ve made many good friends and I love knowing each and every one of you. I’ll be in touch. Now, however, I’m shutting down and intend to find other ways to explore and proudly live out my OLD AGE.


Oh, I'm very sad to hear that!! When the annoying, irritating things outweigh the pleasures... Thank you for the many years of Time Goes By, Ronnie, and wishing you all the best in every way, including the next project (I'm sure there will be one.) As for Blogger, I noticed the same disturbing thing.

Shit - I'm sorry you're not going to blog anymore. I see your blog as a valuable resource. I would have never found out about the Thought Police legislation otherwise. You've brought my thinking up to date with respect to aging and ageism. I've also found some other wonderful blogs while trawling through your list of other bloggers.

Thanks for all the blog entries. I'll miss this blog. I'll miss Ollie and I'll miss Crabby too.

Of course you are right: young is just young and not immature, and old is just old and not decrepit. Old is a neutral term.

I truly wish you would rethink your current decision.

Still, if final, I do want to say your blog has been a wonderful lively source of information, communication, and provocation. You have instilled in me new ideas about how to grow and be old.

I am sooo sorry to hear this. Please let us faithfull readers know if you will be expressing yourself and sharing yourself somewhere else. We want to come along.

So sorry to hear of your decision, Ronni. As a long-time blogger myself, I know how frustrating it can be. Perhaps a hiatus and a new venue in the coming year? If so, let those of us who have thoroughly enjoyed your writing and viewpoint know where we can find you. All the best and much holiday happiness to you and Ollie.

Uff Da!!!!

There are no words to tell you what your extraordinary attention to the things that means so much to us all have meant to me.

You have a die-hard fan in Minnesota who will miss TGB in a huge way.

Very sorry to see you go, Ronni, although I understand such decisions do not come lightly. I'm 34 and read your blog every day even though I'm not an elder. :-) Your thoughts and convictions were a help to me--my company specializes in Internet marketing to 50-plus audiences, and many times we feel like we are having to make a case for what we do and why it's important. So I can relate to the frustration. Luckily, there are those who get it (and those who never will).

You will be missed, and know that the blog world is worse off without you.

Oh.No! You are irreplaceable. Please rethink and reconsider your decision to stop writing your blog. Your absence will diminish the Internet severely.

Ronni, My first and last reactions (the latter due to denial) are that this is a December Fool's Day joke. I am heartbroken to hear that our fearless leader and champion of all that is reasonable, helpful, wise, and insightful — THE address for "What it's really like to get older" is shutting down. How can we, your community, the one you built, post by post, give back to you the support — the gift you have been giving us for a lifetime? I am so terribly sad to hear how hard your path has been. It is no wonder, and that is no consolation, that a pioneer, a person who takes on the trite, tired, conventional, self-interested parties would suffer their slings and arrows. I wish we could have helped shield you from them or have deflected the shattering hurts and disappointments. Please call on us jointly and severally and let us know how we can support you appropriately today.

This is a blow, Ronni. Take a walk, take a long bath, pet your cat. Reconsider. You're an important voice. Don't cut yourself off.

Ronni, while I'm sad that you've decided to "pull the plug", I'm happy for you if it puts an end to the less pleasant aspects of the process. As someone who pulled the plug on her own blog (almost a year ago to the day, as it happens) I well remember the feelings of sadness *and* relief that I felt on that day.

Enjoy your OLD AGE, Ronni - as a former "Honorary Elderblogger", I can tell you this - when I reach the age at which I drop the Honorary qualifier, I will enjoy my elderhood so much more, because of all that I have learned from you.

Be well, and be happy! Namaste.

I too am going to miss you and your words, Ronni. Can't this be a short time out instead of the end?

I am sorry to read this that you won't continue blogging but I do understand. I quit blogging once before and came back to it a few months later after a break. I hope you keep up this blog, if your system allows it, as I'd hate to see someone else take the name and I know how many people come onto blogs that are old to get knowledge that doesn't go out of date. If you decide to blog again in the future, keep my email address and let me know. I will be interested in your opinions on any topic.

Ronni, I have really enjoyed your blog, and have found a lot of good information in it. I'm sorry to hear that you are shutting down, but four years is a long time to maintain a blog. I find myself getting tired of coming up with something new to say, and I've only been at it for two years. I hope you'll let us know if you decide to start another blog somewhere, sometime in the future. Best wishes to you.

I have been reading your blog everyday as I went from 60 to 62. You have influenced me enormously, enabling me happily to claim my new role as an elder. Thank you so much for your wonderful work.

Dear Ronni -- this is devastating. I am so sorry. There have been a few blogs that truly inspired me: Jeanne d'Arc's, Steve Gilliard's, Billmon's, yours -- and now you are all gone.

At least you are still around. Don't let the bastards get you down as you go on to other venues. We don't have that option.

Ronni, we are all going to miss you terribly.

I've been a regular reader for several years, and having you go offline is very sad.

Best of luck (and many thanks) to you!

Oh my God!!!!!!! I don't know what to say! I do understand your frustration and the toll it can take. You have been a wonderful leader for us elders and I don't want you to go. This breaks my heart and I hope you will reconsider. Like Rain, I hope, that should you decide to start a new project, that you keep my address and let me know. I will continue to rage against S. 1959 on my blog.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the friendship and encouragement you've given me. I probably never would have continued had it not been for you and I think a lot of others feel the same way. You have done a great thing here, Ronni, for those of us who are old. You gave us confidence, strength and a sense of community that doesn't exist for us elders in this big ugly world.

I am crying now and I don't think it's going to go away too soon. Then again, I always weep when I experience loss.

Please reconsider, Ronni.

Yours was about the only blog I read on a daily basis. You kept me informed of very important issues -- issues of importance not only to us older people, but issues of importance to all Americans. Your reach went far beyond what your metrics might have shown. I know that I forwarded many, many of your columns on to others -- young and old alike.

Yours is a voice of reason and must not be silenced. Please do not let the nay-sayers discourage you and drive you from your forum.

Add my voice to the others who ask you to continue "Times Goes By." This country needs you!

Gee, I am at a loss for words.

You're my rock, TGB a daily habit. But, I surely do understand your decision, sad though it be to your readers.

I am sure I speak for a lot folks when I say we wish you much happiness and success with whatever adventure awaits.

It's a long way to Tipperary,
It's a long way to go.

Thanks for what you did. I hope you will continue to share your ideas.

So sorry. Very. Sorry.
Just to let you know; you will be missed. And I must not forget...Thanks!

Thanks for providing an inspiring public presence for elders. I have enjoyed your writing - from my home in the Bush in Far North Queensland, Australia. Good on ya!

Really appreciated being posted on your Elder stories website. I have hundreds I could write so already have a good start on my third book about my caregiving journey.

I am also producing a film of 30 minutes or less on my journey through caregiving. I hope I can last through the time-consuming grant process.

I already have seed money and hope that will grow to be enough so that I won't go broke producing this film.

I will include the Raging Grannies that I sang with for several years,
footage of Homage on the Hill, a film honoring older women, my standup comedy OPEN MIKE appearance, dancing in the living room with my husband waving his arms in rhythm, singing a song I composed for our 50th wedding anniversary and going with my husband in his wheel chair to art museums, plant nurseries, family dinners and the like.

I will include our health aides, a visiting acupuncturist and dentist and physical therapist. I will show my husband getting out with the help of his electric lift out by our front steps and show his getting around with his walker, falteringly.

I do hope I can complete this journey into film production in a year or so as my husband is already 89 and I do want his and my journey to be remembered.

Anyone who knows of grant sources let me know. I will begin with our local neighborhood grants in Seattle and local community colleges etc.

When I get my book and film completed I am getting my own website along with millions of other people I suppose.

Thanks again for the outlet on your web, Ronnie.

Your blog was inspired, one of the very best in the blogosphere, and I deeply regret your closing-down. Your great spirit though endures. All best!

Ronni, say it isn't so! I'm in denial that you're really shutting down TGB.

Ever since I found TGB, I've been inspired by your words. I've learned so much from you.

You have made and do make a difference here. I used to be one of those who recited platitudes like you're only as old (or young) as you feel; never thinking of the implicit connotation that old is bad and young is good. I get it now, thanks to you.

So, even if you stop TGB - and I do understand your reasoning, despite my feelings of denial - I hope to read you somewhere else. Please let us know if you start something else because I'll be there.

Dear Ronni,
I respect your decisions with all my heart. What a loss for all of us not to have your blog. Oh dear! Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.
I am holding you in my thoughts. You were my first and only real blog mentor and showed me much kindness.
Tamarika (Tamar)

I'm very sorry to hear that we won't be able to hear from you any longer. I am also a young reader (23) with no connections beyond relatives to the elder generation. I just love to hear the perspectives and stories, and also to gain wisdom in how I should age. Nonetheless, writing for pleasure, should be just that. I'm sorry that the pain now outweighs the benefits.

Ronni, I understand, been looking in the mirror lately (61 years old)wondering why it as to be this way? Only been here a few months, really wish I could have known you better. Best of luck in whatever you do..Please keep my email and if you need to vent...write me and swear, it's alright..I do it all the time.

Dorothy from grammology..I think about giving up as well...

Sorry to see you go. I am hoping to see you turn up again in some other form. You are too good of a journalist and advocate not to write somewhere.


You're my daily fix. You're my continuing education. You're my inspiration.

Thank you. I do not blame you - daily negativity has to be extremely frustrating. Please know that I am deeply appreciative of your work.

I hope we can meet for lunch one day. I'm not that far from you.

Wow, I am so surprised! I never thought I'd see the day. Thank you for your good work. You've opened my eyes on aging, that's for sure.

The other day my stepdaughter went on the Elder Storytelling Place blog. She is 21.

I sent her there. She read about her step-grandmother. She told her friends. She sent the link to many.

My son went. The story was about him.

Hearing the 50-year old generation writing about the 70-year-old generation, the 20-somethings were impressed. They have their own place to speak, it is a very different place. But they also come here. We’re older, yes. But they can relate to us in a new way---because they too know that stereotypes no longer work.

There are 20-somethings that are ruling the business world.

There are 50-somethings that are just starting new careers.

There are 60-somethings leading companies.

There are 70-somethings that are fitter than their decades-younger counterparts.

There are 80-somethings that are traveling the world.

The groundbreakers, the rulebreakers, the new generation. Of all ages.

We are powerful. We don’t let old stereotypes get in our way. We empower the younger generation by our example. We don’t give up.

I hope you won’t Ronni. You’re one of us.

I am very disappointed to read you are leaving before I scarcely got to know you, only weeks ago. And in that short time, you were a kind help to me. I don't understand all that has caused you to feel so disillusioned, but I'm sorry for it. Like the others, I do hope you will have a second incarnation. Please do let us know should that happen.


Thank you for all the words and ideas. I'm really going to miss you!

Ronni Tears in my eyes as I read your decision.
I have only been reading your post for several months as I am new to the blogging world. But your sharing has been what I needed to hear. I felt as though I had met a new and what would become a dear and close friend.
Please take care. You have too much to give just to stop. Maybe do not give as much. I would welcome even a monthly letter from you. Something but please do not let there be NOTHING.

Words can't express quite how bad I feel to know you're quitting. Because of you I had just about made the decision to let my natural hair color grow in, and to quit fantasizing about eyelid lift surgery that would make my eyes look too tight (!). But your lessons and example aren't lost. Like the other commentors, I hope you'll take a little time out and re-center yourself and come back. Your voice is too important to be silenced.

What they said--don't go, Ronni.

It's been great for us all, having you speaking truth to power. That's a selfish reason on our part--but won't you miss, even a little, being that loud public voice on our behalf?

Hey Crabby--thanks...

Say it isn't so! I know that blogging can get tedious, and some people can be very negative, but we elders have to persevere. Come back when you're ready.

This is a terrible shame. I will really miss your blog and the good contacts and information. Thanks for all you have done and if you do start something up again, please let me know.

Thank you smart lady for it all.
If it isn't good for you to continue than you shouldn't. It's not easy to make that decision. Too few do it. Good for you.

"The fundamental things apply, as time goes by..." For giving us the fundamentals, for giving us your wisdom and your spirit, for giving us a sounding board, I thank you. The Irish have a saying when one leaves on a journey and returns home; they say, "Safe home." Safe home Ronni. All will be well for you.

I am heartbroken to read this. I only recently discovered your blog and it has been a breath of fresh air to finally read voices I could identify with and that wrote with enough life experience and wisdom to discuss and think intelligently about issues important to me and others my age. This is a gem among the internet drek. While I sincerely understand and am facing the same decision, I wanted to add my voice of support for all that you've done here. It's incredibly valuable, top quality and very much appreciated.

Ronni, please reconsider. I'm sorry I didn't get here earlier today. I understand your frustration, but don't let them win! Take some time off and then come back to us, please?

I'm almost at a loss for words. I can wish that you might reconsider your decision, perhaps after a respite away from the blog, or with less frequent blogging, even mellowed intensity.

I realize you cited a confluence of many factors as the cause. I am tempted to refute them one by one as justifiable reasons for ending TGB. But, most important of all is doing what is best for you, what gives you pleasure, so I respect your decision, as I selfishly experience an intense sense of loss.

This is a real shocker. 4 and a 1/2 years is a long time. So it's understandable that you want to shut down this operation. Heck, this is your website afterall. In any case, we will miss your opinions and insights. Best of luck in your future endeavours and thank you so much for your years of hard work!

I understand burn out. I am only sorry I have been too busy painting in my own world, and have not been reading you on a regular basis. So I have not been supportive for you. I for one have wanted to find euphanisms for being old, but because of your blog and Rain, I have written and illustrated a book for my grandchildren. In it I refer to myself as Granny and paint dreams of when I get to be older. I wish you well and hope to hear of you again.

I'm adding my voice to say that even though I just discovered you a few months ago, I feel the same way as the others. While respecting your decision to do whatever you need to do, I too, will miss your unique perspective on this journey. Thank you.

I, too, am very sorry to see you go. I will miss your insightful comments, your sense of humor, and yes, your outrage at things that are outrageous. I've enjoyed getting to read your blog and knowing you, and I hope that you may still have (or may resume) some presence on the 'net, even if it isn't this one.

I have been reading you for several years and will miss you. I hate to take the link off my toolbar! You have been a daily inspiration but even more you are one of the wisest bloggers out there. I feel like you are a friend who stops by each morning. Thank you. And I hope we hear from you in the future.

Ronni, I'm sorry you're hanging up your hat for purely selfish reasons. Yours was one of the first blogs I started reading and I'll miss reading it. Enjoy your old age!!

I go to only 2 blogs everyday...yours is one. If you start again please let me know. How will I know if you ever end up in the other Portland? Thanks for all you have shared.


I'm shocked, sad, upset and in tears to learn that you are closing down your blog. I will miss you very much, I feel like I grew up with you and am losing you now. Another lose -
Be sure to let us know what you will be doing now. You put so much of yourself into this blog - I'm sure you are going to get involved will something that you will give your all to, like you did with your blog.

You have to do what's best for yourself but from where I sit, I will miss you very much.

I'm so very sorry you made this decision. Oh, I understand. Passion can wear you out. It's like pounding your head on an ironing board. Waving the flag can get tiring.

You made a community, and we are all sad that you are withdrawing. We will miss you in our lives. Please consider just taking a break then coming back to a different kind of blog. Let us know what you do. Hugs at you.

I have recently started reading here and I have to say my heart skipped a beat when I read this will no longer here. I understand how hard it is, but you have taken me from reading about young moms (making me feel worthless) to feeling empowered. Please rest and come back...

Dear Ronni,

Please reconsider your decision to close your site.

You know we need you.....



Dear Ronni,
I am very sorry to hear that. In the short time I have come to know you and your blog, you have inspired me a lot. Like the voices here, I also hope that you will take a break and then reconsider your decision.

Again thank you for all that you have done at TGB.

May you have a relaxing and stress-free holiday season.

Wishing you the BEST

I'm so sorry to hear that you're closing up shop, but I do understand the banging-one's-head-against-the-wall feeling . . . I'll miss reading your blog, and hearing your distinctive voice. (And Ollie, of course.) And I hselfishly ope you'll decide to return to blogging.

Stupid Blogger! Ok, I know it wasn't jus that, but a lot of things. I want to beg you to keep writing (TGB is the first thing I read) and also want to say "Do whatever makes you feel alive, even if that means I don't have your insight and example to inspire me." I was/am working on my first story for the Elder Storytellers! I found this post this evening rather than tomorrow because I was doing some fact checking on S 1959 for my latest post. I let out a howl of dismay and sadness that my husband heard clear down the hall.

Add my voice to the dismay of your closing up shop. Yours has also been the only blog I regularly read. You will be sorely missed and I would like to be contacted if you decide to write later and/or elsewhere. Thanks so much for the memories!

Ronni, I'm writing this with tears in my eyes. I started blogging three and half years ago and yours was the blog that made me do it. I even stole your top page timeline from you. And to think that I didn't even know you had decided to quit, when the first thing I do, every morning when I switch my computer on, is click the TGB link in my browser and won't be doing this any longer, and to think that yesterday was quite busy and I didn't have time for blog reading at all and I missed that decision.
Unlike a lot of your other commenters, I won't say that I understand it. I understand the fatigue, the anger, but still think that even if you need to be silent for a while, you shouldn't quit altogether but give yourself time. Time to think it over. Time to reconsider. And mainly, time to rest. Who is going to fend for us elders, now?
I wish I were around Portland to be able to come and visit you and Ollie, or that you could come for a visit to Paris. What I'd like to be able to do at the moment, is hug you. Not only in words.

Yes!! Yes!!! Ronni, you make my heart soar--and sore, as well. At first, I wailed like a lost child. Then I envisioned you as a butterfly, shrugging off a chrysalis that had grown too small, too confining to contain a growing, evolving, human being who knows who and where she is, who knows that inevitability does not equal surrender, who realizes that life is whatever you make it, at the exact age you are at that moment.

If this part of your life has become a burden, then I am overjoyed that you choose to care for your self in this way, choose to seek other environments that can better satisfy your soul.

You have succeeded where few have done so. You have created a world in which human beings are challenged to open their eyes, be more aware of themselves and others and how we could all make the world a better place.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the exquisite example you have set for those of us who seek to live an authentic life.

You'd better stay in touch :)

Thank you for all you've done to teach me acceptance of myself as I age. I'll be 50 next year and have no fears of it whatsoever. Partly because of what I've learned from you, I was drawn to doing pet therapy work with elder people and I find I learn so much from them as well. You've drawn me into a whole new area of service in my life.

We need our wise elders. If not you there will be others to teach me, but I think of you in many ways as one of the wisest women on the Internet.

I only hope someday I can reach as many people as you have here, touch as many hearts and lives and make such a huge difference for others.

I respect your decision, but regret its effects for all of us as your readers. We will miss you, and as many here hope, I as well hope you may return here or in some other place with your powerful voice.


Pleeeeeeease Ronni, don't stop.
Have a short rest maybe. Enjoy the end of year festivities and come back in 2008.
All power to your elbow.

Florida Scott-Maxwell, writing in her eighties, said "All this is very tiring, but love at any age takes everything you've got". Passion for a cause, speaking out for what you know is right, trying to break through walls of denial that seem to get thicker and stronger - that's tiring. It's bloody tiring. Especially when someone does it day after day after day, as you have, Ronni.
Many of us know the feeling. Call it burnout, call it what you will, there comes a point where you just feel so defeated that you stop and say "That's it. I've had enough."
That is what is true for you today. It may also be true tomorrow. Who knows? The phoenix has to go into the flames before anything else can happen. Like your hundreds of other loyal fans, I'll be sitting patiently by the fire for a long time, watching and waiting.
Love, Marian.

Va?!?!? (as they say in Sweden)

Well... ditto to all the above comments. Your day has just made a dramatic change. But you have impacted the day of hundreds of other people, too. Those of us who want to know what you’re thinking about every day, that is.

Be sure to keep a distribution list of all of us who will want to know what you decide to do next, because – we WILL want to know.

Aw, damn. But thanks.

I cannot help but think you will return if not to blogging in some other venue. You will feel that pull and need some outlet. Until then, I hope that this next part of your life is rewarding.


I will miss you. Yours was the only blog I read regularly. You have taught me much. I am sorry, I was just a lurker, and did not provide positive feedback when I had the chance. I wonder how many others there are like me, who read regularly, but seldom if ever commented? Thank you Ronni for all your hard work, dedication, and humor. When the path to aging was starting to look dark, I found a wonderful, shining light that I could follow. You have been that light.

What Nikki said. We'll miss you but I respect your decision. Go do what makes your heart sing.
Thank you.

Broken hearted, devastated, and in shock are understatements of what I am feeling now. I guess I thought your Blog would always be there like the air I breathe. I agree with everything that has been said and can especially identify with getting my morning fix by visiting "Time Goes By". I think I will have a good cry.

I do understand the toll it must take to write so beautifully on the myriad of subjects as you have done. The stress has to be a killer.

Yesterday there was no e-mail from "Time Goes By" in my box and I didn't have time to Google it in. This is the first time when I wasn't sick that I failed to click on "Time Goes By" and I guess it spared me one day of anguish. I sent a story to the "Story Telling Place" instead of visiting here so am late with my wishes for your continuing journey into the elder years.

I hope we can keep in touch via e-mail until you decide what new venue you wish to pursue.

Thanks for all the wonderful blogs in the past. I will miss them terribly.

Please just keep me on your list for later.

Take a break. Go play.

I have a feeling you'll be back...I hope so, anyway. You will be sorely missed.

You always spoke for me. Who else will express my thoughts and ideas so eloquently? We all need you. Please come back in another incarnation, or as people say, reinvent yourself, and let us know who Ronni Bennett becomes.

Thank you for this blog over these years. It has been an amazing ride, but on even amazing rides, you need to get off to get your balance back.

Enjoy your time off and your freedom to explore life without this responsibility.

Dear Ronnie,

I had to read the post twice because I didn't believe it at first. I am so sorry and will miss you sorely. Yours is one of the first blogs I started reading daily and the first I bookmarked. I visited every day and often read your blog to my mother as she checked her e-mail and played on her computer which is next to mine. Yours was the first blog on which I finally got up the courage to post a comment. Because of you I finally got up the nerve to start my own blog. You were always informative, often entertaining, and I loved Crabby. Someone really needs to tell the unvarnished and irritating truth without the need to be polite to those who really don't deserve politeness.

Thanks, and God I will miss you,

Mary Walker

Gosh, I'm going to miss you & your silly cat to say nothing of Crabby! Be well. Our loss.....perhaps temporary....fondly, Dee

Blessings on your head, dear lady. Thanks for all the wonderful work you have done. May you find peace & comfort in whatever shows up next for you. I've wondered about how you have really fared with you in your warrior role. You went to battle for us for a very long time.
Thanks SO much for that.

And now, your efforts will continue tp bear fruit. Each of us in our way will carry what we've learned from you into the world. Some of us will blog, some with challenge stereotypes, some walk with more pride, and all of us still hold those little pieces of you that you shared so generously.

I am so grateful for your presence here, and so happy that you have chosen to seek more joy & less turmoil.

I had a busy out-of-house day yesterday and didn't get to read blogs. So yes, like so many others, I was quite shocked to come here this morning and find the doors closed, so to speak.
You were such a beacon to all of us, Ronni. We may not have always agreed with you, and nothing wrong with that. But we certainly admired you, respected you and applauded your incredible intelligence and diligent research on aging that you then went on to share with all of us.
I've been blogging almost 3 years and you were one of the first that I found and made me realize that blogging, which I knew nothing about, could be a very powerful medium for sharing important facts, for promoting awareness on a variety of issues from health care to aging.
I now applaude your decision to do what's best for YOU. Because in the end, that's all that really counts. But I will miss your wise words and wisdom very much. You were our leader that gave us wake-up calls on all that was important on our journey.
The winter solstice is approaching...perhaps it's a time for you to sit back, contemplate, go within,rest...and then come back refreshed and revitalized and share your profound and brilliant thoughts with us once again.
I'll miss you....wishing you all the best always.

thanks for everything. yours was the first blog I found that was worth reading--not just the topic, but the writing itself. Best wishes. - Mary


May I suggest that you start a blog dedicated to your observations of living in Portland. I really enjoyed those posts about life here especially the contrasts you draw with living in NYC, where we also come from.

In any event, I hope we do not miss your voice for long.

I crazy day kept me from coming by yesterday. I had no idea when I came here this morning that I would find this kind of post. I'm torn. I don't know what to say. I think the only thing that makes me feel better about your decision is that YOU feel better about your decision.

Everyone has said is Ronni. I can't say more than has already been said. You must feel how much you are loved and will be terribly missed.

You nudged me into starting my own blog over two years ago. Like everyone else...I don't want to lose you or your beautiful voice. But honestly, if this is what will be better for you at this time in your life....then I want it too.

As you can see...there are a whole host of friends that want to keep track of what you will be doing. Please let us know what is next in your life when you can my dear friend....

I shed tears of Joy....literally.

Always with love.... ~Joy

Dear Ronni:
You certainly have good reasons for doing this, but nevertheless, it is very sad news.
I am not a blogger myself, but ever since I was introduced to your blog, I liked visiting and I did it regularly, always with great pleasure, and I don’t think anything on the internet will ever replace what you were doing here. But as I say, you probably know why you want to quit. Still, seeing all the comments that were posted in the wake of your decision, I can’t help hoping it might make you reconsider.
If not, I will miss you as many others will do too.
I wish you all the best.

I'm not sure how I stumbled onto your blog, but it is the only one that I have actually subscribed to. I have copied your posts to send to others MANY times. The one about how you are no longer in a hurry and can let the water from your shower run all over you in the mornings was one I sent frequently since I just retired and can relate.

I really hope you have provided a valuable resource to all of us by your words and the sharing of other bloggers that would be hard for us to find individually.

Hey Ronni,
Don't surrender.

The last time you decided to stop blogging I suggested that you think about blogging in a different way.

Share moments. Share photos. Share links.

Don't let the naysayers get you down.


Dear Ronni,

You have touched thousands of lives. As we move deep into our later years we lessen the burdens of age by what we give the world outside our skin. Jung, Maslow, Erikson and other luminaries who have deeply studied the aging spirit talked much about that. Erikson called it "generativity." Maslow called it transcendence of personal need in service of personal growth. Jung called it "letting go of the ego" on the way to self-realization.

In a sense, we our lives are our own only in the procreational years of our lives. Beyond those years it is in our genes to move beyond the self on behalf of the next generation, the village, the species.

In touching so many as you have, you have given more than you might know. I have recommended your blogs to countless people, a number of who say that they start the day with them.

Many people will suffer an unwelcome, discomfiting void in their day should your decision remain in place.

In all candor, Google's actions through Blogger are outweighed in importance by your gifts to all of us -- not a reason to part company with us. Please, Ronni, do not take from us what you have so selflessly given until now.

Fondest regards,


Ronni, don't go. I love your blog and will greatly miss it. Stand tough and stay.

I've been a lurker here for around three years and visit almost daily. You will be missed immensely! I've enjoyed your posts, the recommended Elder movies list, the great blogs linked on your sidebar -- well - everything. So very sad. I wish you the best and thank you so much for enriching my life.

MAY GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU - Thank you for bringing your blog to me this short time -
I have learned in life that you have to do what you have to do...

The extraordinary quality of your writing, then your humanity and finally your topic - those were the things that drew me to your blog.

Kudos to you for your spirit and your authenticity.

As a 58 year old who feels all of my years and agrees with your sentiment about age ...I will miss your writing.

Bet you pop up somewhere else.. . so (despite your valid complaintre google) I am going to create a google alert re your name so I can discover you when you do reappear elsewhere.

For those reading these comments i rec that you do likewise

Happy holidays Ronnie!

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."
Anais Nin

There are years that ask questions and years that answer.
~ Zora Neale Hurston

Never place a period where God has placed a comma.
~ Gracie Allen

Opportunity is often inconvenient.

Remember the many
compartments of the heart,
the seed of what is
possible. So much of who
we are is defined by
the places we hold for each
other. For it is not our ingenuity
that sets us apart, but our
capacity for love, the
possibility our way will
be lit by grace. Our hearts
prisms, chiseling out the
colors of pure light.

The comments above -- AMAZING. Ronni, I salute your courage! I can't help but think of Dr. Gene Cohen's description of the "liberation" phase of life when that little voice in our head starts saying, "If not now, when? Why not? And most importantly, what can they do to me?"

Don't be a stranger!

holy *$#! Ronni! Do you realize you're leaving the door open for guys like J.J. to claim he's an "elder blogger"???

But, seriously, your voice will be missed. I understand your reasons--and will miss you nonetheless.

Will still be bugging you from time to time in other ways :)

Keep on keeping on....


Reading your blog has been an eye opener and an education for me. I didn't always agree, but that's the blessing of free speech.

While sad to see you leaving, I am much more content to see you leave with dignity.

Thank you for your insights, your elder wisdom and your humour.

Dear Ronnie:

Thanks for the time and effort you put into TGB. I enjoyed reading your blog and I learned a lot. You have been an inspiration and role model for me when I started my blog. Please know that.

I encourage you to reconsider your decision to shut down TGB. While a small negative event or experience can push you over the edge to stop, a small positive event can push you in the other direction. Activist blogging takes a lot of time and energy. Maybe you can resume TGB with a group of authors instead of one. I know bloggers who do this successfully.

I hope to see you at the Blogger Social event in NYC in April 2008. It is important to balance energy in vs. energy out; to balance work vs. play. While I know that you know all of this, achieving balance is far more difficult than knowing it.

I am sorry you feel so discouraged about your mission to change the way people speak and write about elders. You took on an enormous unending task that needs lots of allies.
I believe you influenced a lot of people who will keep on spreading the word. Thanks to your blog roll I have met some more online friends.
I will miss your posts. I wish you and Ollie well.
Perhaps someday we could meet in Portland, Oregon as it is still my dream to live there someday.

I have seen other bloggers give up due to comments on what really is your free voice on the internet. If you feel compelled to write about your feelings, then there are so many in this community who will appreciate your words.

Support from a fellow blogger.

I am "sidere." That's French for knocked off my feet from a lack of comprehension. Of course, your faithful readers can respect this decision, but I, for one, really hope you will reconsider. Writing a daily blog is a lot of work. I wrote a blog every day while I was caring for my mom. Now that she has passed, I write my other blog twice a week. Wouldn't you consider a different rhythm? Let yourself take a vacation and come back in the new year, refreshed. There is no one who raises the level of conversation about aging -- wait, scratch that. There is no one online who provides such food for thought on the topic of aging. Whoops. Wait! There is no one who tackles the taboo subject of aging with such eloquence and sensitivity. The world needs you, Ronni. Please do not desert us! Please reconsider!

This is the ONLY blog to which I subscribe. I hope that conveys the profound esteem with which I hold your sane thinking about being old and our world. Even if The StoryTelling Place has not be as successful as you wanted it to be, I hope you will take a break and then resume Time Goes By. Whatever your decision, thank you for your writing, your wise thoughts and your contributions to sanity.

After not being in touch for the past nine years or so, it was wonderful to find you again on TGB. I was drawn by what you had to say and how you said it (I will never forget the letter about your mother and the doctor telling her not to buy any green bananas). Nor will I forget how you took care of her for ever so long.

You were a god friend long ago; you were that again through your blog.

Bless you. Perhaps the next time east in the spring (to visit daughters and grandchildren) I will try to find you in that town called Portland.

Bill Watson

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