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Get to Know Even More About the Elderbloggers List

I’ve been remiss in adding new blogs to the Elderbloggers list, but it’s been a tad busy around here and I’m playing a lot of catch up. (Isn’t this time of life called retirement and shouldn’t I have more free time than I do?)

Until then, however, you can help other readers learn about more of the Elderblogs. We’ve done this twice in the past – here and here – when I asked and you graciously responded by telling us about the blogs you selected to write about. Those that have been reported by you are already marked with a tilde (~) which links to the report. But there are still many unreviewed blogs, so let’s go for it again.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose a blog from the list without a tilde, one you have never visited or have not visited in a long time
  • Take a look around the blog, read some new and some old posts, check out the features, get a feel for it
  • Then come back here and in the comments section, tell us about the blog you chose
  • Keep your review to about 250 words or fewer so the rest of us can be sure to have time to read them all

To give it some form and ease of reading, we’ll create a format. Start your review with a header that is the name of the blog in bold and is also a link to it. Here is the html to do that:

<strong><a href="URL goes here">Blog name here</a></strong>

Just copy and paste the html into the top of the comment form and fill in the two blanks. Be sure to not lose any of the carets, slashes, semi-colons and quotation marks – they are necessary – and don’t let any extra spaces slip in. Then hit the “enter” key twice for some separation from header and start your review.

As the reviews are posted, I will add the tilde links to each blog as soon as possible.

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Lia tells how she got A Second Chance to save a life.]


TravelinOma's Library

This is a very well written blog with lots of pictures, a variety of subjects and excellent writing.

Despite the fact that the writer is going to vote for Mitt Romney, I found the stories interesting. From items in her blog it's safe to assume that she is Mormon so I will forgive her for crossing over from a Democrat to vote Republican ;). There is something to be said for loyalty after all.


This is a blog with a difference. Virginia presents an idea and encourages her visitors to indulge in creative writing. The ideal is to post a comment about 50 to 100 words in length, but if you are inspired by the subject why not carry on elsewhere - your own blog maybe - and just write for sheer pleasure. Consequently the comments box makes for interesting reading too.

The Old Hippies Groovy Blog

Anti-establishment, just as you'd expect! Strandefer is blogging a lot about the primaries these days, especially concerning the fact that John Edwards is not getting media play. This old hippy definitely puts his opinions out in a strong way. Be prepared to cheer or be provoked.


It is a cold, bleak afternoon here in Ashland (Oregon). I have nothing better to do than read blogs, so why not review another one. Actually, I have visited Grannymar before, but not for awhile. She writes from Ireland about all kinds of things and there is always some post for a good laugh. The last two (as of Jan. 24) are about cats. Very amusing. She recently did a podcast with memories of her mother and the foods they ate. I loved it. She says she'll be posting about food weekly. The broccolie soup recipe sounded good.

I believe I, once again, screwed up the html and you will have to link to Grannymar from the blogroll.

By Bea's Bedside

Posting to this blog ended with Bea's death in December, 2006. Nevertheless, it is a poignant series of entries to read if your own mother has recently died.

I had to stop several times, take a walk around the room, and then return to the blog. That attests to its ability to evoke emotions with entries ranging from the funeral's participants' remembrances to Bea's own writings.

I recommend it.

It isn't current and it isn't being updated, but it's still relevant.


Mary Strachan Scriver is a powerful, well informed writer whose blog posts reveal fascinating perspectives on American life. I feel rewarded to have dug deep into the Time Goes By blogroll and discovered her. I am impressed by the range of interests reflected in her posts and her sensitivity to our shared condition.

Reading through some of Mary's back pages, I was delighted to run into Sharon Brogan (sbpoet) whose blog, "Watermark," appears in the blogroll here. I have sort of lost track of sbpoet in the last few years, so it was rewarding to pick up the strings at Watermark through this new (to me) blog, prairiemary.

If I may be permitted a small criticism, I wish Mary would make more use of hyperlinks. I know how to copy and paste into google, so it's no big deal, but there are dozens of pregnant references in her posts that could more easily be explored if the blogger provided the links!

Mary, thanks for writing so much and so well. Dog stories, porcupine recipes, tales of indigenous people, family reminiscences, and so much more. I'll be back now that I've found you. Ronni, thanks for actualizing this great idea, sending your readers into the sidebar to learn more about the people with whom we share this space.

A Garden Carried in the Pocket

I'm so glad I visited this blog! It's well written, and easy to navigate. The author calls it "a bookish blog." She writes book reviews on a wide variety of books in an entertaining way, and posts regularly.
I bookmarked it immediately!

Many thanks to Sharry for the kind words.

I have two elderblogs that I'd love to have added. I mentioned them months ago, but I understand you're swamped. Anyway:

Cheerful Monk:

Transforming Stress:

(I'm 68 years old.) Thanks for your time and for your great blog.

Perhaps I ought not post this here, as it is not a blog. It is a marvelous video of a talented elder musician singing, "I just don't look good naked anymore" in a nicely-spliced video at

Elusive Abstractions

A real world lives on Roberta's pages. Real thoughts, real passions, real issues. Sometimes her words are truly abstractions....talking to herself in bits that leave you smiling, or nodding in understanding, or even feeling a bit aside with no understanding at all. Then again, when her fragile Hub wandered off into the world, and there was nothing abstract about her passionate reaction to his vanishing.

Her friends and family report she is agreeable enough but an odd duck...I paraphrase. She never leaves home they also say, and she agrees. This isolation, this freezing herself away also leads to a dry, rich inner vision she shares with all of us inviting you in openly to view her prickles and poetic spaces.

The Three Rs - Reading, Ranting, and Recipes

I like this blog and think it's a clever idea. She includes just what the title implies and discusses books, offers opinions, and posts recipes with photos which is just the way to do it. I'll return and read this blog regularly.

What a great idea, Ronni! As usual, you've helped us get to know each other better. Thanks!

Pureland Mountain

Are you like me? There are always blogs that I want to visit but never seem to get there.

Pureland Mountain is one that's beckoned to me for a long time. I finally got there today and I was thoroughly delighted with what I found!

Bob Brady offers wit, wisdom and glorious photos in his "views from a Japanese Mountainside" and I spent a good hour or so there reading both new and old posts. I love his off-the-wall sense of humor.

His 2005 post called "My Part in the Downfall of Ferdinand Marcos" about a dining experience in the Phillipines, to me, is a classic and I was laughing so hard tears ran down my cheeks.

He writes often and lovingly of his grands and a recent post about "Ticklebugs" was absolutely wonderful.

His pieces on the state of the U.S. from the outside looking in are pointed and pertinent and explain why he has chosen to live abroad. It gives me pause that perhaps I should consider the same.

I highly recommend that you pay visit a visit to Pureland Mountain and, like me, you'll be back again.

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