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The Folly of Single-Issue Politics

4 x 4 Meme

category_bug_journal2.gif Do you ever just go brain dead in terms of your blog? That’s where I am today, as though I’ve never once had a thought about getting old or aging in general or much of anything else – as though it’s hollow between my ears.

So now, after years of having demeaned memes, I’ve finally figured out what they’re good for – days like today. I grabbed this one from Millie Garfield at My Mom’s Blog who got it from Claude at Blogging in Paris.

Four Jobs I’ve Had

  • Scooping ice cream in a snack shack on the beach

  • In pre-computer days, typing the same letter again and again all day with different addressees

  • Working for a match-making service before the internet came along

  • Writing product puff pieces for an in-flight magazine

Four Places I Have Been

  • Warsaw – the head of state kissed my hand

  • Tuskegee Institute – where the infamous syphilis studies were done on blacks without treating them

  • The Old City of Jerusalem - talk about timeless

  • The Island of Mustique

Four Favorite Foods

  • Steamed lobster

  • Cold, cracked Dungeness crab on a hot, summer day

  • Steak at Peter Luger’s

  • Onion Tart at Lutece, a restaurant which unfortunately no longer exists

Four All Time Favorites

  • Movie: The Third Man and Men in Black – I watch each at least twice a year

  • Band: Any group with Eric Clapton

  • Play: Angels in America and Our Town

  • Singer: too many to list

Anyone else want to take this up?

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Mort Reichek provides some strong memories from 62 years ago in My Introduction to India.]


Will respond this early morning.
Four Jobs I've Had
During high school - part time receptionist at 7-Up Bottling in Detroit, Michigan.
Secretary at Ford Motor Company in Detroit.
Office Manager for our family owned business in Tennessee
Radio station after my divorce
Four Places I Have Been
Canada on ski trip
Jamacia on many family trips
St Thomas on family trip
Puerto Rico after my divorce
Four Favorite Foods
Steak at Jimmy Kelly's in Nashville
Fresh Salmon
Fresh Vegetables out of my garden
Four All Time Favorites
Too Many Too Mention

Four jobs I've had: Waitress in an ice cream parlor. File Clerk in Douglas Aircraft. Receptionist in a Dental Lab. Secretary in a Real Estate Office.

Four Places I've been: Budapest, Paris, Rome, Vienna.

Four Foods I Love: Steamed Lobster Tail, asparagus, chocolate anything, artichokes.

Four All Time Favorites: Gone With the Wind, To Kill a Mockingbird (the book), Casablanca, All In the Family (TV show).

4x4 Meme

Four Jobs I’ve Had:
Sales Clerk at May Co. in Los Angeles (high school)

Typesetter in Advertising Department at NK in Malmo, Sweden

Secretary for the Department of State in Los Angeles

Customs Inspector at LAX and Mexican Border

Four Places I’ve Been:

Morrums Bruk, Vekerum, Sweden (living on a farm)

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen (where old women smoked cigars)

Bavarian Alps, Germany/Austria (“Sound of Music” country – breathtaking!)

Bolzano, Italy (Dancing the night away, charming memories)

Four Favorite Foods:

Scallops cooked to perfection (best on Martha’s Vineyard)

Malto Meal Hot Cereal with butter, cream and salt and pepper

Indian Lamb Curry at the Taj Mahal in Tempe, Arizona

Grits and Eggs

Four All Time Favorites:

Movie: “Love Actually” (Hugh Grant) and “Winged Migration” (Birds!)

Band: The Beatles (I saw them live 4 times – Beatles 4-Ever!)

Play: “Jersey Boys” (fabulous!) and “Evita”

Singer: Enya, James Taylor, Dan Fogerty, too many to list!

Four jobs I've had:
(1)Office clerk in Kuala Lumpur
(2)Librarian in London
(3)Arthur Murray dance teacher in Australia,
(4)Psychotherapist in Australia, California and England

Four Places I've been:
(1)Hiking across the Grand Canyon - north to south.
(2) Katmandhu
(3) Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef
(4) Hiking down the Samaria Gorge (Crete)

Four Foods I Love:
(1)globe artichokes
(3)white muscatel grapes
(4)fresh figs

Four All Time Favorites:
Any book by Barbara Kingsolver
Any song by Enya
Any music by Sibelius
Any of the Ealing Comedies

Yep, that's exactly what memes are for. I may even do this one. Ah, Lutece. What a shame. I am curious about the matchmaking service. Maybe you could write about that one day.

Jobs: chamber maid (age 12), library page (age 14), aircraft structures engineer (various levels--ages 35-66), Red Cross liaison to Federal/State/Local emergency management agencies (volunteer, ages 68-present)

Places: Edwards Air Force Base (witnessed 2 shuttle landings while there on assignments in mid-1980s), 20-30 aviation museums, inverted at 10,000 feet (solo aerobatics), and floating to ground from 10,000 feet in a parachute (4 jumps at age 40)

Foods: Snow ice cream, spinach, asparagus, home-grown tomatoes

Movie: Andromeda Strain or White Nights
Band: Paul Leval's Band of Renown
Play: Once Upon a Mattress Singer: Duet of Mama Cass & Julie Andrews

Enjoyed reading this! I went to Peter Luger's once with my in-laws, and didn't like it because my rib-eye had too much gristle. Now I am knows as the person who didn't like Luger's - the only one!

It's encouraging to know that even a thinking blogger like you goes into neutral once in a while!

We just watched The Third Man last night! It's a once a year type movie for us, too, but the zither really got on my nerves this time. I liked reading new things about you.

Ah, you start my day with a smile. Smiles are good things.

Four jobs: Bindery worker, theater lighting tech, counting money for the Federal Reserve, tow yard manager. LOL

Four jobs I've had:
1. Nurses assistant
2. Neonatal Nurse
3. Nurse manager
4. SIDS/Apnea Nurse
Four Places I've Been:
1. Mexico
2. Telluride, CO
3. Jamaica
4. Cape Cod
Four Foods:
1. Chocolate
2. Italian Spinach
3. Elfo Shrimp
4. Corn Bread
Four Favorites:
1. Movie..Out Of Africa
2. Band..Any with Eric Clapton
3. Play..Phantom of the Opera
4. Singer..Eric Clapton & BBKing
This seems too few of my favorite things. I didn't even mention babies, sunsets, etc.

My 4x4 is on my blog, with a link to you.
Thanks for the challenge! :-)www.sunnyschlenger.com/blog/

ronni -- when were you in the old city, jerusalem? and what brought you here? what thoughts did you come away with besides its age? warm regards from the new city, jerusalem (the old city i find less appealing... too many paths that lead i know not where...)

Ronni, I go brain-dead all the time and so much so, that I can't even remember doing this meme ;)
But thanks for the link anyway!
I love the scooping ice-cream job! Did you ever lick your fingers?

4 jobs: Kelly girl (2 summers)
ESL teacher, writing tutor to law students, researcher for author.
4 foods: sardine and onion sandwich with vinegar, mustard and butter; lettuce, tomato and banana mixed with Miracle Whip;
sandwiches made with cold boiled chicken that came out of chicken soup made with dill, very ripe banana sprinkled with salt on top of buttered rye bread.
4 places I've been: on top of Half Dome in Yosemite, crawling thru caves in Israel, crossing the Atlantic by ship (several times), Lake Louise in Canada

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