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[EGO NOTE: Tonight, beginning at 11PM ET (8PM PT), Miki Davis will interview me on her Mountain Mama Radio show (don't you love the name). Miki is one of us, a 71-year-old elder, and you can listen at her website or at the internet radio station's site by clicking the "Listen Live" button on either home page. An archive of the show will be available in a day or two.]

Part of the rainy weekend (thank God it wasn't snow again) was spent adding 27 new links to the Elderbloggers List. There are now 274 blogs over there in the left sidebar, an increase with this update of about eleven percent.

The newly listed are identified with a bullet ( • ) in front of the blog name and well worth your time.

As an educated guess, there are hundreds of thousands of elderblogs and many additional elders who read and comment but do not keep blogs themselves. Obviously, this list does not come close, nor will it ever, to being representative, but each is carefully selected for quality and I recommend them all. They are as different in design, style and topics addressed as people are different; what they have in common is excellence in presentation and thought.

Blogging is an ideal pastime for elders, even more, I think, than for people of younger ages. It keeps our minds sharp, allows us to share our stories - of yesteryear and today - and expands our social networks at a time in life when it's not so easy to meet new people. After five years of blogging, about half the friends I hold most dear have been met through blogging, and physical distance does not make them less so.

In the past couple of years, the word "elderbloggers" has become almost mainstream, used to reference us in media stories and as much an identifier as mommybloggers, political bloggers, food bloggers and tech bloggers. You can help spread the word by posting an elderblogger badge like the one in the right sidebar on your blog. Badges and instructions are here.

This seems a good time to remind everyone of the Where Elders Blog feature where you will find photos of many elderbloggers’ workspaces. It’s a load of fun to click through and see where people you read and comment with create their posts, and the photos add a little to our knowledge and understanding of one another.

It would be terrific to have some more photos and I'm sure your blog friends would like to see your computer area. Here are instructions on how to to add yours. It's easy - you email the photo; I do the rest. Commenters without blogs are welcome too.

Frank Paynter of listics felt a bit embarrassed about how messy his desk was in the original photo he sent. Since then, he’s cleaned up and recently forwarded a new photo so we can see the before-and-after effect.

You can always find a link to the Where Elders Blog section on the right sidebar under TGB Features.

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Sharon McKinney explains how she endured an airport delay in It's All About Attitude.]


Thank you for the link, Ronni. I enjoy your posts each morning with my delicious first cup of coffee.

Much as I enjoy your blog, Ronni, and those of a few other elder bloggers, this craze of seeing what one's blogging station looks like reminds me of the 1950s. In those days, as a teenager, I was bemused by the QSL cards that I received from other amateur radio operators that bore photos of the ham's "shack". I didn't understand why the other ham thought I should be interested in what his/her radio setup looked like then and I don't understand those who use webcams or wish to show what their blogging station looks like. It takes all kinds, doesn't it? *chuckling*

Thanks Ronni, I'll be listening for you tonight.

Where Elders Blog has been a really fun feature of TGB. I love trying to spy little bits of personality around those spaces, and get a vindication high knowing that other bloggers lives can be just as hectic and discomboobulated as mine.

I sent my photo in a while back. When I was in a period of relative control of natural tendancies.

Good thing, too, because some Rat has moved into my room and made such a mess. Papers are in piles on the bed, warm-blooded sissy plants from the patio are covering up the window seat and in front of the patio doors, books are stacked anywhere there is an open spot, and boxes saved for when I open my eBay store (anyday now!) have begun spilling out from the closet onto the carpet. Even great grandmother's old oak dresser is groaning with the indignity of postcards, photos and pink posty notes stuck all along the mirrors edge. A second cousin's face peers back at me through the generations from a yellow newspaper clipping, wanting to know just exactly when I intend to ring him up on the Ouija Board to get the scoop on his WWII POW story. He doesn't have all eternity you know...

And just who invited that Rat?

Last evening, glancing at same said mirror out of the corner of my eye, I caught a brief glimpse of the rude rodent sitting at my computer! That Ratty-face looked eerily familiar...

Note to Ratself: suck in that belly and unslouch those shoulders, you're venturing very close to the smarmy seedy underbelly of fatdom. Oh, and get yourself some new glasses; squinty-eyed-face-to-the-monitor makes your neck extend like a turtle in a foot race.

On pondering a bit more about this phenomenon called blogging, I wanted to add something else.

Elderblogging is unique in ways far beyond the obvious. Older people have a new place, a new way to contribute, to be viable, to connect. Some of us are housebound, some of us have physicial limitations, or some just have few opportunities to interact daily with other people.

You may think a computer and a keyboard are poor replacements for real life relationships. I don't see blogging as a replacement at all; I see it as a new tool, a new horizon in communicating.

When we send silly photos of ourselves, our blog hidey-holes, or whatever, we are sending a spark out that lights up avenues, connecting.

To put it in today's youth lingo, we "hook up" to a network of new and old acquaintances. Ideas fly, thoughts grow exponentially like fresh spring onion shoots, and suddenly our little personal garden plots feel revived, envigorated.

Blogging has been a joy, an occasional burden, rarely a frustration, but always ready whenever I am to reach out, leaping across miles at unimaginable speed with a mere click.

Humans are more curious than cats. Voyeuristic? Sure. Nosey? Oh, hell yeah. But more than all these combined is the pleasure we derive from "putting a face to a name". Gives substance, and feels like a well-worn red vinyl booth in a little small town cafe. Comforting, nurturing, and filling emotional and intellectual gaps.

A nice little joint - Time Goes By. Along with other terrific and special corner spots around the globe, we drop by for a cup of joe, commiserations, and a chance to participate. We laugh, we cry, we beat our breasts with frustration, and we interact.

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world..."

Some of us picked TGB.

Well put, Cowtown Pattie. I'm just not visually oriented. I come for the ideas and comraderie. In my mind's eye, you are a beauty. Why would you want to spoil that with a ratface? *grin*

I was thrilled to see my link over to the left, but I have some terrible news to deliver...I am 40 not 50. Since I am a rules sort of gal, I thought I should let you know so that you are not sending people my way under the mistaken notion that I am an Elderblogger...I am just a wannabe...still learning the ropes from the Masters...just an apprentice at this point. I am an often silent visitor here every day, soaking up your wonderful blog and your audience's insightful comments. It pains me...since to be on the list to the left is a goal of mine...but unlike Hillary, I play by the rules.
Love you and all that you do...

CopCar - awww, ain't you swell!

Me, a beauty?

You think beautiful girls'll
stay in style forever?

I should say not. Any minute now
they're gonna be out. Finished!

Then it'll be my turn!

Naw, I'm no rat unless you count PackRat. Of that species I excel in membership.

Thank-you so much for adding me to your blog list. I started blogging 4 months ago and quite like it. I just started a weekly series of how my husband,me and our 2 sons started out without any material things. We have tried to live debt free and do things our way, including building our own homes without any mortgages. I wasn't showing it to brag but to help young people see what hard work,working together, and determination can accomplish.

Could you please add Cheerful Monk and Transforming Stress to your list? I'm 68 and have been blogging for about a year now. Thanks.

Oops! Didn't type the extra / for Cheerful Monk. This link should work. Sorry!

Thanks for choosing me for one of the elderbloggers. I was always picked last for games in PE. No one wanted a skinny girl who could not dribble the basketball. However, I was always chosen first for Red Rover...I could never break through those arms!!!
Thanks, Ronni...

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