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You’re Never Too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll

Remember back in 1977, when Saturday Night Fever opened in theaters and Wow! John Travolta as Tony Manero burst onto the screen, bopping down the boulevard in Brooklyn to the awesome BeeGee’s theme of Stayin’ Alive. It is still the best movie set up ever. By the end of the opening, you know everything you need to know about Tony and he hasn’t spoken a word yet.

This version of Stayin’ Alive is, in its way, just as awesome. Here’s what you need to do right now: pump up the volume on your computer, stand up, get ready to dance in place and then hit the Start arrow (3:59 minutes):

These old folks call themselves the Young@Heart Chorus and the group (with different performers over the years) has been making all kinds of music together since 1982. Although they have performed around the world, they are poised now to become an overnight sensation - a documentary about them, Young@Heart will be released in theaters on 9 April. It won the audience award for Best International Feature at the Los Angeles Film Festival and was a hit at last week’s SXSW conference in Austin.

The current group ranges in age from 72 to 88, many with professional and semi-professional performing credits in their pasts. Their website contains a short bio of each member along with other background information. Over the years, they have performed many kinds of music; the documentary is all rock ‘n’ roll.

Here’s an interview with some of the Chorus members (3:01 minutes):

YouTube has the movie trailer and a whole lot more music video clips. These will get you up and moving, and reminded that you’re never too old to rock ‘n’ roll.

[At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Celia Jones recalls her introduction to college at one of the most politically active school in the U.S., in Initiation to UC Berkeley Circa 1966.]


Ronni you put a smile on my face this early morning.
I can feel just so so - and put on the BeeGees, Eagles and Roy Orbison music and immediately my spirits are lifted. I am dancing around the house.
I am attempting to start a blog.

My Brooklynite daughter Elizabeth tells me that the early working title of the song was "Buried Alive," which was deemed too dark.

From a 60+ standpoint, it seems ludicrously too dark. Young@Heart makes me smile!

My toes are tapping and I cannot stop them. LOL Delighted.

They Rock! Wow - makes me want to hit the keyboard again (not the computer one) and my day has started out with joy. Thanks for the video.

Great Post! Sometimes I think that our sense of humor decreases with the onset of middle age but here's living proof that it's not always true. My dad warned me about taking things too seriously and especially not taking myself too seriously and here you've found some folks that don't.

Great music Ronni! Makes me wanna boogie... :-)

Ronni, nicely done! The beauty of music and dance comes through loud and clear. It takes a passionate heart to deliver a performance at any age! Rock on!

I always knew that aging rockers had absolutely nothing to do with rocking chairs.

What an awesome video and story about some incredible people. Thank you once again, Ronni, for bringing us only the best.

I love this too, but it brought tears to my eyes. My mother, who died in May at 90, absolutely loved John Travolta's "Stayin' Alive."

Sorry, but, are you serious? You really thought the Disco BeeGees was good music?

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